Monday, September 13, 2021

Some Teen And Adult Drama

As I've said before, Covid is causing lots of anxiety and mental health problems, and exacerbating existing mental health problems - and there's lots of mental health problems to go around, especially in high school right now.

Let's take T/S for example.

T/S goes to my daughters' school and is in Leah's grade.

She's T/S because her actual name starts with T but she's recently decided she's a male gender and wants to be called S(name) or They as her personal pronoun.  Hasn't actually "transitioned" and this is instead a mental health problem writ large and one helluva way to get attention and be treated as a special snowflake.

If you dare call her by her actual T name you're apparently "dead-naming" her and that's bad.  The woke high school is apparently ok with this and going along with it and the kids have been conditioned to refer to her as "they" and her new gender name.  Rules of reality do not apply, and apparently you can call yourself Emperor of The Americas and everyone is expected to nod, accept it, and play along with your delusion.

Based on an episode that happened this weekend I'm just going to call her Little ShiT.

While Leah was with me on the  Mackinac Island trip, Little ShiT was with two of Leah's friends at the mall.

Little ShiT was seen by those two friends to shoplift at the mall, which freaked both of them out completely and they told her to stop, put the items back and what the hell was she doing? 

Little ShiT initially put the items back, but then shoplifted them yet again to the other kids' dismay, who wanted nothing to do with her at that point and didn't want to be near her.  One of the other kids actually went into a panic attack over it as yes, Covid anxiety and the fact her companion was thieving right in front of her caused that.

Drama at the mall does not stay at the mall.  

While Little ShiT apparently made a clean getaway, this didn't end the matter. 

She started accusing the kids who were with her at the mall of not being her friends and having a little text war over it.  In her texts, Little ShiT actually admits to the thefts even as she tried to gaslight her friends as to what actually happened and attacks them for hurting her feelings and betraying her and starts guilt tripping them.  No shit.

The group then dragged Leah into it Saturday night after we got home on the text chain and Leah  defends her two friends who were with Little ShiT and tells Little ShiT straight out that she cannot be putting this on her friends who told her not to steal and what Little ShiT did was wrong. Period. F'ing dot.

Little ShiT then apparently calls in some adult backup.  Hence the Adult Drama part.

Little ShiT gets her dad on the chat and Dad starts calling the kids on their phones screaming at them for daring to accuse Little ShiT of being a thief.  Funnily enough, Dad uses Little ShiT's "deadname" in his text and phone demands and the sky does not crack open.

Leah has not told either of us what is happening at this point, but Leak blocks the call.  Smart kid, but she should have pulled us in as soon as another adult starts dipping in, if not before.

But Dad does call and yells at two of the kids, including the one with the panic attack leading to another panic attack and to the other kid.  Real tough guy, yelling at kids for daring to do the right thing and telling his Little ShiT not to be a thief.

The panic attack child at this point is now worrying for her safety from both Little ShiT and Little ShiT's dad. Causing another panic attack. 

Other kid, whose mom happens to be an attorney, and mom hears Little ShiT's Dad yelling at her kid over the phone as it happens and takes the bullying of her child by Little ShiT's dad rather personally - as she should.  Fireworks ensue.

So far it is calm at school but Little ShiT is apparently rather pouty. 

I will continue to monitor and if Little ShiT's dad tries to contact or threaten Leah then I will come out to play. 


juvat said...

Nuke 'em from outer space, it's the only way to be sure.

Sound's like the acorn didn't fall far from the tree.

I'll add Leah to our prayer list.

Aaron said...

juvat: Thanks and that remains a possibility but National Command Authority has ordered a hold on strategic weapon deployment for now. Latest news is the school counselor is now involved. Leah hasn't been pulled into it at school yet but some of the kids present at the incident were pulled in. Monitoring situation for now.

DaveS said...

Rule # 68 - Don't hang out with crazy people. Don't talk to crazy people.

(And no matter how anyone else paints it - if you don't know if you're a boy or a girl, you're either in an incredibly tiny percentage of the population with screwed up genitals OR you're a crazy person)

Hope it all works out and that L can stay out of the BS.

Old NFO said...

Agree with Juvat. Don't touch them with a 10 foot pole, you'll get splashed!

Aaron said...

DaveS - Yep that lesson has been given. Downside kids keep being taught at school that such are not crazy and are perfectly fine - in reality they're not.

Old NFO: Yep its the keep your distance from crazy rule.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Schools are different than the work-place, but the ShiT would be guilty of creating a "Hostile Work-place Environment" in the world of work.

Consequences are severe and swift.

If schools truly are shaping young-people for the work-place, there should be zero-tolerance for the ShiT's behavior.

Furthermore, in the work-place there are allowances for Americans with Disabilities Act. A person who is documented with susceptibility is guaranteed by Federal Law certain protections.

I am not a lawyer but that is what our HR departments indoctrinated us with.

Aaron said...

Eaton Rapids Joe: These days unfortunately, schools are more about zero-tolerance and ADA in support of mental cases like Litte ShiT. After all, how dare one criticize this self-gendering/naming child who just happens to have a personal unapproved store discount program in addition to her other mental foibles? They seem to be learning over backwards for her to the detriment of others.

Murphy's Law said...

Engaging these people is not worth the time and possible trouble for you and Leah. Say the word and I'll get up there and handle it. I'm meaner than you are anyway.