Sunday, December 31, 2023

Last Range Trip of 2023

After arriving back in town on Friday night, On Saturday morning I got up nice and early and headed to the range to meet up with Tosh, Jason and Spencer.

Weather was cold but not terribly so but compared to where I had been it was kinda cold indeed.  So we got targets setup and commenced shooting.

We started off with handguns and I fired my Black Friday purchase for the first time.

A PSA Rock in 5.7 to compliment my PS90.

I had thrown on a Romeo Zero Pro (will be changing for a better optic shortly) and had it ready to go.

 First impression: Rather impressed. It came with two 23-round magazines, and was optic-ready right out of its very nice carrying case.

The firearm grip is not nearly as bulky as I thought it would be and it fits my hand well. Interestingly, the Romeo Zero Pro as installed was right on and required no adjustment to zero which was nice.

Spencer also had his new to him Smith and Wesson M&P 5.7 along for comparison.  We both found that the M&P 5.7's grip is more rectangular and feels like a 2x4 compared to the Rock's.   The M&P also carries one less round at 22 in the magazine.  The Rock's trigger was also better, and is better than a stock Glock.

Recoil on both was pretty much negligible, and the lack of recoil was made up for with rather loud and enthusiastic muzzle blast from each pistol.  Didn't time it, but Bill Drills were ridiculously fast as the guns simply didn't shift in recoil and stayed right in the A-zone the whole time while firing.

I'd say PSA got the Rock right and its one very attractive package both cost and functionally speaking for people looking to pickup a 5.7 pistol.

Fired 250 rounds through it with zero failures and big smiles from all four of us.

I then pulled out the PS90 and those 50-round mags got fired quickly and accurately by all, again with some big smiles.  Too much fun.

I also shot my IWI Masada, as I hadn't taken it to the range in a while, and it performed perfectly as expected.

We shot quite a few more handguns including Jason's new Beretta 80x and his new Stoeger STR9-F that he got for a steal of a price with its rebate. The Stoeger STR9-F feels kinda like a reshaped Gen 3 Glock, and at the price he got it for, it is one amazing value.   It was a nice shooter and had zero issues.

Since Spencer and Jason were going deer hunting after the range trip, they brought along their 450 Bushmaster rifles for us to try.

Spencer had a Savage in 450 and Jason had a Ruger American Ranch in 450. 

The 450 has lots more recoil than the 5.7, to say the least, but both were perfectly good shooting rifles with very smooth bolt actions.  Lots of fun was had by all hammering steel plates at a distance with them.

I then pulled out the Tavor and Jason and Tosh their AR-15s and we did some magazine changing drills on the clock.  Need more practice with that, but lots of fun.

It was a great way to close out the 2023 Shooting Year.

Monday, December 25, 2023

Whitmer and The Dems Give You A Tax Increase For Christmas, And A Mioney Giveaway Too

That sucking sound you just heard is $700 million in taxes being pulled out of your wallets for more Democrat government spending.

The Detroit Free Press: Michigan's income tax rate can rise in 2024, judge says

A Court of Claims judge this week dismissed a lawsuit from Republican state lawmakers and business advocacy groups asking that the default income tax rate in Michigan remain at 4.05% instead of 4.25%.

Barring a successful appeal, that likely clears the way for the state's income tax rate to return to 4.25% for the 2024 tax year, a change expected to bring about $700 million more into Michigan's general revenue fund.

That was Judge Elizabeth Gleicher, who tends to rule for the Dems,  and here she nullified one of the words in the statute, making the tax decrease for one year only rather than it properly being the baseline under the law subject to being raised by further legislation.

But not to worry, that revenue will be used to bribe you to buy electric cars and to benefit Democrat-supporting unions in this state:

Yahoo News: Michiganders could save up to $2,500 on a new car under Whitmer rebate proposal

Whitmer's latest proposal for a state tax rebate lowers cost based on the type of vehicle purchased:

  • $2,500 for a new battery electric or hybrid vehicle made in a unionized facility

  • $2,000 for a new battery electric or hybrid vehicle made in a non-unionized facility

  • $1,500 for a new internal combustion vehicle made in a unionized facility

  • $1,000 for a new internal combustion vehicle made in a non-unionized facility

So a nice boost to push people to buy union-made cars, and electric ones as well, and a rebate to new car buyers at the expense of, and paid for, by everyone else in this state that likely would have preferred top keep their money in their pocket rather than for these Democrat-agenda-driven rebates.

A $700 million tax increase is quite the Grinch move there.

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Merry Christmas To My Christian Readers And Friends

May you and your families have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 22, 2023

Court: Election Redistricting To Favor Dems Has Racial Consequences

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission , which just happened to redraw districts that ended up (quelle surprise) being heavily in favor of Democrats, drew some ire as the resulting districts diluted Blacks into multiple districts.  This dilution prevented Blacks from being assured of having a lock on Blacks as representatives in some districts that previously were assured of having a Black representative as a lock.

The Detroit Free Press: Court orders metro Detroit legislative maps redrawn

Now, the cracking and redistricting they are complaining about wasn't actually done to "prevent Black people from voting for the candidates of their choice"  it was about ensuring Democrats all won those seats. 

Putting Black-majority areas with their voters that vote 90%+ Democrat into other previously less partisan district ensured that result, even as it made Blacks not a majority in each of these districts. This meant in the Dem primaries a Black candidate wasn't assured of winning. Such lack of a racial lock is apparently bad. In short in their pursuit of a lock for the Dems (for noble, non-partisan reasons, of course), the Commission ticked off a key Dem constituency.

 Note, the results of the un-packing being complained about in the article:

The panel ordered the commission to redraw the following districts:

  • House District 1, currently represented by state Rep. Tyrone Carter, D-Detroit.
  • House District 7, currently represented by state Rep. Helena Scott, D-Detroit.
  • House District 8, currently represented by state Rep. Mike McFall, D-Hazel Park.
  • House District 10, currently represented by state Rep. Joe Tate, D-Detroit.
  • House District 11, currently represented by state Rep. Veronica Paiz, D-Harper Woods.
  • House District 12, currently represented by state Rep. Kimberly Edwards, D-Eastpointe.
  • House District 14, currently represented by state Rep. Donavan McKinney, D-Detroit.
  • Senate District 1, currently represented by state Sen. Erika Geiss, D-Detroit.
  • Senate District 3, currently represented by state Sen. Stephanie Chang, D-Detroit.
  • Senate District 6, currently represented by state Sen. Mary Cavanagh, D-Redford Township.
  • Senate District 8, currently represented by state Sen. Mallory McMorrow, D-Royal Oak.
  • State Senate District 10, currently represented by state Sen. Paul Wojno, D-Warren.
  • State Senate District 11, currently represented by state Sen. Veronica Klinefelt, D-Eastpointe.

See how there's not a single, solitary R in that list?   

This is the result of  the creation of solid D-majorities in those districts by filtering Blacks into each to create solid D-safe districts instead of keeping solidly Black districts.

In short, the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission screwed up by not simply coming out and stating the truth - this wasn't racially motivated, it was instead very politically motivated to create Democrat-safe districts, which in doing so got rid of Black majority districts to spread that solid D-voting bloc around.

In short, it was gerrymandering of the very sort they bemoaned happening before, but since it helped the Ds, so it was the noble kind of gerrymander.

It's likely the redrawing will again create districts that favor Blacks by race (I had thought that doing things based on race was bad, but you know apparently locking things up for certain races is just ducky). 

It may even create a district where Republicans have at least a shot at winning, and my current gerrymandered (but for the best of intentions, right?) district which is in the list ordered to be redrawn, may even stop being completely overwhelmed by Detroit voters.  

One can hope for that anyways.

Mat Survival

Well, that was quite a roll last night.

At Jitsu class, as usual we spent an hour working on a technique, and then do open mat rolling where you can work on that technique, or can just  roll freestyle.  

Rolls had a timer of 5 minutes on them this time, and after that you find a new partner and go roll again.

So, for my second roll of the evening I got paired up with Chris.

Chris happens to be the same belt level as me, but he's 20 years younger than me, a head taller than me, and he is heavily into physical fitness. He also doesn't go less than full effort in all of his rolls.

In short, rolling with him is like rolling with a Mack Truck. 

Great practice for in real life, as you're unlikely to be physically attacked by someone weaker and smaller than you (mind you this session wasn't street-level realistic as it wasn't a fight sim class with punches - adding punches and havign to defend against them, especially facing him, really raises the level of suckage). 

In short this was rolling with the roll mode set to hard.

But this time around, he was unable to get a submission on me.  To be fair, I sure as heck couldn't get a submission on him, though I made a few attempts that got close and grabbed his attention at the right times. But, I was able to successfully shut down and survive each and every one of his attacks which was very happy making.

By the end of the 5 minutes we were both pretty much drained, as defending against him for 5 minutes was sure as heck exhausting for me, and he had to bring a lot of energy to the party to try and get me which was exhausting for him. 

But it was one helluva good roll, and a sign that I'm improving a bit in my technique, which is nice.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Blackbeard's Day 2 Night Dive

The Night Dive on Madison Avenue led to meeting lots of fish, as well as a different entry technique.

Due to the presence of Sea Wasps, a kind of stinging jellyfish, the recommendation was for a lights off, negative entry.

Lights off, as the wasps are attracted to light, and negative so you don't pop on the surface but instead immediately drop below them and keep descending.  

You descend into darkness, swim underwater to the down-line and turn on your light, meetup with your dive buddy and then get to exploring the reef.

Madison Avenue was hopping at night,  with lots of activity, including a night-time tuna encounter:


a large school of fish:

 As well as a huge spiny lobster:

Lots of neat things to see on Madison Ave at night.

It also led to an unexpected encounter and a realization:

You're not afraid of being alone in the dark. 

You're afraid of being NOT alone in the dark.

Because coming out of the dark we saw this.

Yes, that's a shark. It's an oceanic reef shark.

Note that there was no sound associated with the shark's appearance nor with his vanishing out of view of our lights. No Jaws theme played in the background, he was swift and silent and appeared as if out of nowhere without any warning.

My first shark encounter, and at night to boot.

It also really didn't help that my dive buddy, as the shark disappeared into the darkness beyond the reach of our lights, and then reappeared again, reached out and clamped down on my arm, hard.

Thanks for that, Jeff!  

Once I both verified that a shark had not just clamped down on my arm, and my heart rate got back to normal, we continued the dive.  

The shark checked us out a bit, and got kinda close a few times but wasn't hostile, just curious as to what these bubble-making beings were doing around his reef.

That was a heckuva exciting and neat night dive and shark encounter both.

Back on the boat we exchanged stories of the encounter with other divers, some of whom were also buzzed by the shark, and some who never saw it.  We'd be seeing more sharks in the near future.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Blackbeard's Day 2 Dives

The Next day began with a leisurely dive at the Pinnacle Wall.

Down to 101 feet.

Yep, it was time to go deep on some walls.

You can get deep real fast on a wall in the ocean.  You need to check your depth gauge as you easily lose track of how far down you're going,

Then we came up to around 65 feet for some cool coral swim-throughs.

 Some spots got kinda tight.


 But it was all fun. 

The dive lasted 25 minutes as you go through air faster at depth and at 100 feet one breath consumes the same amount of air of 4 breaths oat the surface. On an 80 cubic foot tank, that's not giving you a  lot of bottom time if you want to keep a reserve, not to mention your no deco limit is 20 minutes at that depth.

Then we had a snack and a surface interval and then went deep again.

Next was a dive to 107 feet on Whale Shark Wall for 27 minutes.

Saw some neat fish down there, but no whale sharks, as the site is named because someone allegedly saw Whale Sharks there. That would have been cool.

We also looked up and saw divers above us on the wall.

After the two deep dives we had an awesome lunch and moved on to the next site,  Madison Ave, a dive with a max depth for me of 40 feet to keep the nitrogen levels low, and a lot of fish,

Madison Ave lived up to its name and had lots and lots of fish in the area.

The night dive at Madison Avenue gave us not just a lot of fish but a heckuva surprise . . .

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Blackbeard's First Ocean Night Dive

I've dove in the ocean before.

I've dove at night before.

But I had never dove in the ocean at night before the trip.

On Day 1, after the Pablo Escobar plane dive, we then dove Benchmark reef, had lunch and then dove Barracuda Shoals. All the dives were in the 25-30 foot range, so nice shallow and easy.

We would then wait for the sun to set, and dive Barracuda Shoals again at night.

Blackbeard's as a matter of smart practice would always do the night dive on a site we had just dove in the light to both make us familiar with the terrain and to help develop a plan to find the ocean creatures that come out at night.

The ocean does get rather dark at night and since you're going around a rather large area, you want to be able to get back to the boat. Happily, Blackbeard's puts a strobe light out in the water by the bow so you can find your way back to the boat by covering your light and then looking for the strobe.  Blackbeard's also requires a tank beacon or glow-stick attached to your tank so your dive buddy and others can find you if your dive light is off.

We entered the water at 7:07pm and dropped down to 27 feet.

Getting decent photos at night in the ocean can be difficult.

There's lots of particulate and tiny creatures that are attached to the light that mess up your shots.


It's impressively dark down there, and beyond the throw of your light it's as if there is nothing visible at all, save for flashes of other diver's lights in the distance and the reassurance of the boat's strobe light.

We maneuvered through a swim-through in the coral at night, which felt rather different than when we did it in the light of day a few hours before.


See the spotted Eel under the rock?

He didn't want to pop out so that's the best shot I could get.

We also found a turtle:

He was all sorts of cute, and just chilled as he hung out on his rock watching us look at him.

After spending 45 minutes of bottom time in the dark, we ascended back up and got back on the boat.

We then changed and had a very tasty dinner after successfully completing 4 dives in one day.  Not a bad first night dive in the ocean at all.

Monday, December 18, 2023

Michigan State Bailout - Palooza!

Our dear governor just rescued a bunch of Democrat constituencies from their series of poor choices, at the expense of everyone other taxpayer in the state.

The Detroit News: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer approves money for Highland Park water deal, school debt relief

She just gave out over $134 Million of state money to bailout some key Democrat institutions:  Most notably $30 million to The City of Highland Park as a reward for its decision to not pay its water bill for decades, and for school systems also in debt due to overspending, mismanagement, and corruption.

The bills Whitmer signed also direct the Michigan Treasury Department to pay off $42.2 million in debt owed by Ypsilanti Community Schools, $31.3 million owed by the Muskegon Heights School District, about $18.4 million owed by the Pontiac City School District and more than $10 million owed by Benton Harbor Area Schools.

The money for Ypsilanti's school district includes $19.4 million to pay off the former Willow Run Community Schools' outstanding school bond loan fund balances or the school loan revolving fund balance. The Willow Run district merged with the Ypsilanti school system in 2013.

The spending bills also pay off $12 million in debt owed by the former Inkster School District, which a Republican-controlled Legislature dissolved in 2013.

Note these were all run into the ground by Democrat governance. Nothing is given to the school boards who properly managed their finances, nor to communities that actually paid their water bills, just more bailing out of Democrat-run, profligate spending government entities.

It has still never been explained where the money Highland Park collected from its residents for the water bills, and which it never paid to the water authority, actually went. Nor are we likely to ever get an answer, nor should we expect an accounting for these other communities' debts and what the money was actually wasted on.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Netflix's Obliterated

Obliterated is just a heckuva fun action comedy short series to watch.  

It is so far over the top it's awesome.

If you think of it as Team America - World Police but with live actors rather than puppets, you wouldn't be far off.

The story - an elite American elite special operations team stops a nuclear bomb plot in Las Vegas and then has a massive party to celebrate!  The only problem, the nuclear bomb they defused was a fake and the real one has yet to go off - and things proceed to get wackier and even more action packed from there as the very hung over team gets into action once again to save Las Vegas.

Let your need for realism be obliterated and just strap in and enjoy the over-the-top ride.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Blackbeard's - The First Dive

The first day of diving began rising at 6:00 am for coffee and a great hot breakfast.

After that we got a 10 minute warning that meant we were to check our air in the tanks and make sure they were full, assemble our gear, get in our suits and prepare to dive.

We then had a lengthy safety briefing.

1.  Tag yourself Off and back On the boat.

No one moves your name tag but you, and that way you do not get inadvertently left behind as the boat doesn't go until everyone has their tag back to the On Board side.

2. Dive to your certification level, not beyond it.

3.  No deco diving.

4. No touch / No take - no touching the sea life and no scuba fishing.

5. Keep a minimum of five minutes from your No Deco Limit (NDL) at all times.

6. When you're done with the dive, get on the tagline and wait for your turn to meet Chuck.

7.  Watch out for Chuck.

The ladder is named Chuck, short for Chuck Norris. 

This is because in a wavy situation it will kick your . . . teeth in  -- if you don't approach feet first.

So suitably briefed, the pool was declared open and we geared up into our tanks and BCDs, tested our regs and double checked to make sure the tanks were on and did giant strides into the ocean.

Dive One was a bunny hop with a maximum depth of 24 feet. A good shakeout dive for everyone.

We were going to dive a plane wreck touted to have belonged to Pablo Escobar and associates. The smuggler's plane crashed in this location, making it a nice, easy, and fun dive. 80 degree water didn't hurt one bit.

The wreckage is strewn around but it is quite recognizable as a DC-3.

There's quite a few fish under the wreck and stingrays "flew" by it.

Some newer divers used the dive to work on their buoyancy and skills.

It was a nice easy dive for 51 minutes of bottom time for my dive buddy Jeff and I. Our max depth 23 feet and average of 17 feet. 

A great way to kick off the live aboard dive experience.

Monday, December 11, 2023

Blackbeard's Morning Star

The transport dropped us off at the marina and we found our way to the Morning Star.

A 65-foot motor/sail boat, she'd be home to 22 divers and 6 crew for this trip.

To say space was at a premium was an understatement.

I was in the forward cabin, Bunk 2 upper on the right, right at the bow.

Here's the entrance to the forward cabin area:

That hatch and I would be very well acquainted.

First, we setup our BCDs and regulators on the tanks that were in the racks, and the BCDs and regs would stay on the tank the entire time.

Fins, masks, wetsuit, and other gear then went into the storage bins in the seats on the deck.

I then changed and put my street shoes and return trip clothes and other non-essential items such as cases for the dive light and such into my Stahlsac, which was then taken off the boat to be stored on land as there was no room for it nor for the other passengers' checked luggage.

My carry on bag then went to the foot of the mattress on my bed against the front bow, for me to rest my feet on at night.

After unpacking, we all gathered on deck in the horseshoe for a comprehensive safety briefing, and a briefing on the boat and how things worked such as meal times to how to properly use the maritime heads, showering procedures, etc.

Then we went down this hatch to the main salon (also sleeping quarters for 6 divers) to have lunch.

Food was always served buffet style and the table in the salon was often full, so there was always a bunch of people having their meals up on deck in the horseshoe, which was fun.

Amazingly, the cook, Darren, made ridiculously amazing food for everyone in a kitchen about the size of a phone booth, especially in rolling seas.


 I also got an official cup for use during the trip for coffee and other beverages, and had brought along a steel water bottle which would be very much needed.

In short it is very close quarters, but being around a bunch of like minded people all there to eat, dive, sleep, and repeat made it a ton of fun and the boiat had a ton of character.

There was even more additional character as the boat's captain's name was Morgan, which made it rather perfect.

Before we could set sail, we were still waiting on the last passenger to arrive, as he had been kidnapped, or press-ganged one might nautically say. In short they took him to the wrong ship, the Aqua Cat and had him checked in there as for some reason his name erroneously showed up as a passenger on both Aqua Cat and Morning Star, and it took a bit to get this sorted out. He got to us and there was much rejoicing. Sadly because it was late we would not get a short check-in dive done as there was not enough time.

Rejoicing included libations of rum punch, which was always available in the evenings, along with some good beer on tap, and there was rum and wine available in the salon below.

The rum punch would be in the yellow cooler, and a enhanced water (lemonade, Gatorade, bug juice etc) would be in the red cooler to be regulatory consumed to keep us hydrated.

It's rather handy to have a beer tap on deck.  Basic rule was drink all you like, but behave yourself, and no drinking and diving, which makes a lot of sense. Once you chose to imbibe, you were done for diving that day.

We headed off to the Exumas, and after dinner and some great conversation on board we all headed to our bunks (which were nicely air conditioned below decks) as we would be up at 6:30 the next day for breakfast and to prepare for our first dive.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Getting There Can Be More Than Half The Fun

Had my first ever dive live-aboard experience last week.

I went with Blackbeard's and sailed the Exumas in the Bahamas on the mighty Morning Star.

Blackbeard's has been described as camping at sea, and the company touts itself as offering twice the fun at half the cost - and they're right.

The Morning Star is a 65 foot motor-sailboat, and with 22 divers and 6 crew on board, space is at a premium.  Since everyone involved understands this and its  a bunch of like-minded diving enthusiasts, it works out.

But first I had to get there.

I hoped on the plane at DTW that would take be to Atlanta and then on to the Bahamas. A couple hour layover in Atlanta gave plenty of time to get the connecting flight.

Not so much.

As we taxi'd out of the gate, the pilot informed us that one of three generatgors on baord was showing as failed, and while we could fly like that just fine, we had to have a mechanic check it off.

So we went back to the gate.  And waited for a marshaller to take us back in.  Then we waited for a sky-bridge operator. That done, we were ready to go and still in good time.

But no.  Next we had to get 1,200 pounds more fuel as we had burned off too much waiting around. So we waited for that.

Then we had to wait for a sky-bridge operator to move the damn sky-bridge away from the plane ans the prior one had apparently wandered off. So we waited for that too. Time kept on ticking away.

We spent more time at the gate than the actual flight time to Atlanta, and I arrived there 8 minutes after the flight to the Bahamas had left.

Welp, good thing I had planned to arrive a day before the departure.

I got put up in a hotel in Atalanta and they put me on the earliest flight out the next day which would be tight, but do-able, but not how I had planned to get there. I had to cancel my hotel in Nassau and re-arrange ground transport to the ship. I also lost the opportunity to re-shuffle my bags as they were packed for weight and lithium battery issues rather than how I wanted them on the ship.   Ah well, flexibility is important when traveling.

So, when unexpectedly stuck in Atlanta, contact MrGarabaldi.

We got together, along with his heir, and he took me to the Dwarf House for dinner. I did not know what the Dwarf House was exactly until we got there.

It turns out, The Dwarf House is the original location of Chik Fil A.


It has a larger menu than the typical Chik Fil A, including fried pickles and hamburgers!

So I had to try both, and both were great. They really need to put those fried pickles on the regular menu.

It was fun catching up with MrGarabaldi and Heir, and we had a nice time. Real nice folks, and it is always good to see them.

Then in the morning I got up, checked out and figured out how to get to the international terminal from the hotel which was a short hop from the domestic terminal.   I then waited in the security line for awhile and then got to the gate for my plane.

Soon I was on the flight to the Bahamas and ready to go and we taxi'd to the runway after only a slight delay.

It was a pleasant flight, and we soon had the blue water of the Caribbean below the plane.

We landed and then went through Bahamian immigration.

 I then retrieved my checked bag with all the dive gear that had made it, and went through customs which was very simple and got waived through and out to the pick-up area where I met the shuttle that would take us to the boat.

Quite a few people were there for the shuttle with one other for Blackbeard's and 4 others for the  Aqua Cat, the more spacious and luxurious live-aboard. We all chatted excitedly about our upcoming trip and Jeff, my fellow Morning Star passenger and I decided we would buddy up for the dives.

So we departed the airport and headed off to the boat.

Friday, December 01, 2023

Unexpectedly, Hamas Violates Ceasefire, So Media Blames Israel

NPR's, totally unsurprisingly, is rather biased in both its headline and reporting of the end of the ceasefire to make it look like Israel is the party violating the ceaefire.  It takes reading to the 7th paragraph to find that the ceasefire ended due to Hamas firing rockets at Israel.

 NPR: Israel hits targets in Gaza as its cease-fire with Hamas collapses

Nice suggestive headline.

NPR and most other media also seems to be ignoring the shooting attack by Hamas in Jerusalem on November 30, that killed three when they get around to describing the ceasefire violation by Hamas:

Reuters: Two Hamas gunmen open fire at Jerusalem bus stop, killing three

One would think either shooting rockets or a shooting attack the killed three people would suffice to have the headline read "Hamas breaks the ceasefire with renewed attacks", but no. 

The Detroit News similarly ran a similar rather biased suggestive headline: Warplanes hit targets in Gaza as Israel resumes its offensive and warns of attacks to come in south

In that article it takes 13 paragraphs just to get to a statement that it is claimed that Hamas violated the truce, and again the article fails to mention the shooting in Jerusalem claimed by Hamas and doesn't even bother to mention that it began with Hamas shooting rockets at Israel.

The Detroit Free Press went for a both sides are bad headline: Airstrikes bombard Gaza Strip; Israel, Hamas trade blame on truce's end: Live Updates

Again no mention of the Hamas November 30 attack, but at least it only takes getting to the second paragraph to have Israel claiming  Hamas "violated" the ceasefire. Yes, they used quotes for it.

The bias is both telling and sadly expected.  Too bad they can't do better and report the facts.