Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Scenes From Court This Morning

So I'm waiting in court this morning to be heard on a stupid pro per motion by a Defendant in a civil case this morning.

There's a few criminal matters first and it seems today is Probation Violation by Stupidity Day.

Probation is after all typically a gift, a diversion from jail in exchange for folowing the terms of the probation which typically is not that hard to do, but some manage to mess it up regardless.

First up is Mr. Chuckles.

Here's a clue, having your underpants showing prominently above your pants, while cute for hanging with your homies, is not so smart when you get called up for court and it is not particularly a good way to present yourself.

The guy is continually laughing and not taking seriously his being tested positive for marijuana while on probation, heck he almost seems to be high. Seriously every second sound out of his mouth is a giggle. He's also being violated from his very sweet diversionary deal for his failure to get a job as a requirement of his probation. He laughingly says he "can't get no job, yo", and explains between giggles that its because he "sleeps in a lot, ha ha". The judge is not amused with his attitude nor his continual use of marijuana when he's been ordered not to do so, and off to the work program he goes and to go pay his fine which he is assessed. Then he comes back up for an issue with the violation and she gives him a huge deal namely the work program instead of jail so long as he ceases using and actively starts looking for a job as soon as he's off the work program. This is a screamingly good deal for violating probation. So what does he do? He then stupidly asks between giggles if he needs an attorney after already waiving his right to an attorney and after getting the break he asked for. The Judge is really not amused asks if he wants an attorney or the break he just got? He, still laughingly, at least finally wises up enough to ask for a break and that yes he did waive his right to an attorney. Laughing stupidly all the way he gets taken to the back room to get processed for the work program. This guy was all about attitude and had not the slightest indication that he had any responsibility for his actions. Really stupid and I'm sure he will be back in front of the judge soon as this guy truly fits the term dope for a dope user, and he won't be getting a break then. I was rather surprised she didn't hit him with contempt for his demeanor, she must have been in a good mood.

The winner number two comes up, Ms. Denial.

Here's a young lady who gets called up for violating probation by not just missing two drug screenings, but testing positive on another two of them.

She claims she tested positive from second hand smoke, which is not possible given the levels she hit on the tests. The judge points that out along with the condition of her probation that she can't hang around anyone using marijuana. She says she didn't know that. The judge points out she was specifically instructed on that and got it in writing as a condition of her probation. She then claimed she was told she did not need to attend the two missed drug testing dates which is nonsense and she can't say who said it. Judge explains she needs to go for testing, gives her a fine, and extends her probation and tells her to stop using or probation will be revoked on the next failed test. Again, the judge was taking it rather easy on this idiot she lucked out by not being in front of some of the less permissive judges on the bench.

The sheer level of stupidity and denial exhibited by these two was rather impressive. There's a reason it's called dope and with these two, using it certainly didn't make them any smarter.

I then get up, win my motion handily and head on back to the office.

Where BRRRT Comes From

The GAU-8 30mm Gatling gun, home of the Brrrt.

It's darned impressive up close.

Yes, those barrels are rifled, and the rifling on this cannon in particular was nice and sharp.

The GAU-8 is attached of course to the most impressive air-ground aircraft yet built, the A-10.

It's a very cool aircraft to walk around and the GAU-8 certainly is an attraction all by itself.

Sadly, the A-10 was static display only (with tons of people constantly crowding around it, forget about a shot taking in the entire aircraft) this time and did not take to the air, which would have been awesome.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Back From Toronto Again

Ah, Midtown Toronto, where parking is at such a premium even owners of Porsches must deign to park next to garbage bins.

Traffic in, to, and from Toronto keeps getting worse and worse. We were stuck in a traffic jam heading home that stretched for miles and over an hour, all due to an accident in the opposite side of the highway -- but all 4 lanes on our side had to stop and gawk apparently. Once past the accident not blocking any lanes on our side, traffic resumed its normal kilometric pace.

Got back yesterday from helping my mother-in-law celebrate her 80th birthday - technically earlier than the actual event but that's so that family from farther away regions could be present.

Back and more airshow and other blogging to follow.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Classic WWII Bombers

Two Classic US Army Air Corps bombers graced the skies and flew at Thunder Over Michigan, both owned by the Yankee Air Museum.

The B-25:

The B-17:

Both were giving rides to the attendees for a reasonable (considering the operating and maintenance costs of these beautiful birds) fee. Maybe one day I'll fly in one, but if I'm paying that kind of coin, I want the co-pilots seat!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The F-100 Super Sabre

The F-100 Super Sabre rocked through the skies over Willow Run airport.

The F-100 took off with the greatest of ease.

The first US Fighter to attain supersonic speeds in level flight, the Hun rocked the show, especially with the very distinct and loud bang sound of its afterburner igniting.

The Hun whipped its way across the sky.

Quite the sweet and loud sound from that jet engine.

The exhaust could be clearly seen during slow flight as the engine is not very efficient at low speeds at low altitude, but it made for some good pictures.

A perfect landing and then it taxied off to the ramp.

More Helicopter Encounters At Thunder Over Michigan

It was time for some crime-fighting demonstrations and for the Michigan State Police to demonstrate their helicopter and law enforcement skills.

There was a report of a "suspicious vehicle" on the west side of the airport, so an MSP car and helicopter went off to check it out.

Yes, it was a simulation not an actual incident, and they showed how the helicopter could track the "suspect" both in the vehicle and out of it, leading to his "arrest" by the trooper on the ground.

Either during the day or at night with its searchlights and FLIR, if a criminal tries to run from the MSP's chopper, he's just going to be tired when he's arrested.

Then another crime fighter took to the air.

Yes that is the original Batcopter from the original Batman television show.

Adam West sadly did not make a personal appearance, but it was very cool nonetheless.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The F/A-18F Super Hornet

The Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet made an impression at Thunder Over Michigan.

First let's get an idea of the size of the Super Hornet by comparing it to an everyday well-known vehicle, the humble mini-van:

It's super-sized all right.

It's got plenty of power to move that size through the skies, and the volume to match and the Demo team thrilled the crowd by putting the Super Hornet through its paces:

Including an easy inverted roll and then kicking in the burner and climbing:

The Demo team also demonstrated a carrier landing and bolter:

Note the markings on the wing:

The "6 KUSS" is in honor of Marine Captain Jeff Kuss, a Blue Angels pilot who flew Blue Angels Number 6 solo, sadly lost in a crash this year. The Demo team did honor to his memory with an outstanding performance.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Military Helicopter Flying Display

There were a few historic US military helicopters that strutted, or is that rotored?, their stuff at Thnder over Michigan in an impressive display of mobility and maneuverability.

There was a UH-1 Huey helicopter in medevac livery.

There was not one but two AH-1 Cobra gunships:

They were quick dancing around the sky, and both had rocket pods attached that they "fired", creating flame and smoke for effect.

So maneuverable, they could stop on a dime, whip around and give you 9 cents change.

There was a OH-58 OH-6 helicopter that showed how maneuverable a little bird could be.

And there was a UH-1 in troop transport configuration.

It was quite an impressive display, and more helicopters were to grace the show later on.

More Of The A-4

After the TBM completed its flyby with the A4, the scooter jet got a chance to strut its stuff alone.

We got to see slow flight from a Skyhawk: Flaps down, gear out, hook out:

Then some beauty passes and rolls showcasing the maneuverability of Ed Heinemann's wonderful design:

In for a landing after a great demonstration.