Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Today's Civic Duty Done

Certainly a rather under-advertised low-energy primary took place in Michigan today and I went out and voted.

Sadly in my township, it's so blue that the Republicans don't even bother running candidates for Supervisor, Clerk, or Treasurer so all the action is in the Democrat side of the primary. This unfortunately leads to stupid antics at the township level which is the predictable outcome of one party rule.

So there was an inter-Democrat battle (including some rather nasty attack ad mailers run by a shadow group that itself doesn't seem to be registered anywhere with a p.o. box address far away from here) for these spots and the primary will decide who gets in, with very little occurring on the Republican side of the primary.

At least the Republicans ran an opponent for Congress, but given how gerrymandered this district is, his logo should be a white circle on a red background. Yes, you guessed it, he's got a snowball's chance in hell of winning considering the district includes a large chunk of Detroit and is such a Democrat safe-haven it's not even funny.

At least there was some choices to be made at the county commissioner and delegate level for Republicans on the ballot.

There were two proposal for millage renewals - one for the Detroit zoo and one for the local parks and rec department, and that was it. The polling place was empty when I came in this morning so it was very fast as the ratio of poll workers to voters was a solid 9:1.


Harry Flashman said...

Our county elections are pretty much shoe in's for the incumbent. I doubt if a third of the registered voters bother to vote. We have about half and half in terms of party affiliation. But for the most part, even our Democrats are "blue dogs" and not rabid liberals.

Aaron said...

Unfortunately the Detroit Congressional Dem candidates are Democrat true believers.

Hard to tell about the township it seems more ego under a convenient label than party line over there in recent years.