Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jimmy Carter erroneously says Bush is pursuing an erroneous Mideast policy

Jimmy Carter, certainly the worst living president, had this to say about the current crisis in Lebanon. (Quick summary - it's Bush's fault)
From YNet, and previously read in the dead tree edition of the Oakland Press: Former US President Jimmy Carter, who helped broker the historic Camp David peace accord between Israel and Egypt, said US President George W. Bush has pursued an "erroneous policy" that has fostered violence in the Middle East.

"In my opinion, maybe the worst ally Israel has had in Washington has been the George W. Bush administration, which hasn't worked to bring a permanent peace to Israel," Carter told The Grand Rapids Press in an interview Friday.
The mind boggles. If anything Bush has been an excellent ally of Israel and is helping Israel gain a permanent peace to the region by recognising the root cause - Islamic Terror, and refusing to follow the old, time-worn US policy of pressuring Israel into a cease-fire whever they are on the verge of winning.

The Oakland Press article had additional information including this quote:
It depends on whether world opinion is strong enough to get the administration to change its erroneous policy, which has been to encourage the continuation of attacks on both sides"
Again, a mind-boggling and riddiculous statement. Bush is hardly encouraging both sides. Demanding that Hezballah return the kidnapped Israeli soldiers and cease rocket attacks on israel, and for the Lebanese and the World to enforce the Security Council resolution that Hezballah was to be disarmed is hardly encouragment to Hezballah to continue its attacks.

Jimmy Carter folks, making sure he keeps the title of worst living President.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Keeper of Lagniappe's Lair Hurt in Vehicle Accident

The keeper of Lagniappe's Lair was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident while on the job.

While he has suffered very severe injuries he is going to make it, much to my relief as his friend, and the relief of his family.

Your thoughts and prayers for him would be appreciated.

If there is anyone tough enough and good enough to get through this and come out even stronger than before, it's him.

May God bless him in this difficult time.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Now an Advanced Open Water Diver

After sucessfully passing the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, I'm now an Advanced Open Diver.

The best part of the Advanced Open Course is that it shows you how much more you truly need to learn to become a proficient diver.

My Advanced course was composed of the following 5 dives: Navigation; Search and Recovery; Night; Deep; and Wreck. All of them certainly helped expose me to new skills and experiences. Diving at Night was very cool, as was the Deep dive. The course was held at Portage Quarry, which is a great place to get wet, practice skills, and learn. The Quarry had excellent visibility and plenty to see such as a school bus, cars, boats, airplane and silo.

In addition, during the weekend I went on two more dives with two divers who were taking their Open Water Course and their friend who was a very experienced diver. Lots of fun, and very good people to dive with.

I'm now booked on a Great Lakes wreck dive for August 11 to see the Regina and Sport. Should be fun.