Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Marines - 1 UAW - 0

The UAW after a 10 year policy of permitting Marine Reservcists to park in its lot, decided that Marines could only park there if they did not drive a "foreign" car and not display any Pro-Bush bumper stickers. Wow, telling Marines that they cannot overtly support their Commander-in-Chief...great call on that one UAW.

After the groundswell of outrage at the UAW's actions, they retracted their policy.

These are Marines however and they're not buying it as can be seen in the linked Detroit News Article. The UAW is learning, as have all of the Corps' opponents that its not wise to be an enemy of the Marine Corps.

The UAW has offered an "olive branch" to the Marines and will let them park there again, but that has been rejected. However, there is still a fit use for which the Marines could use the UAW parking lot: for Bayonet Practice.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Cartoonist Mike Thompson turns Green in envy of Steve Fosset's accomplishment

Steve Fosset, who just (link: Vodkapundit) performed an incredible feat of flying around the world -- solo -- without stopping to refuel, can't even have a few minutes of fame without some pissant like Cartoonist Mike Thompson pissing on his incredible accomplishment.

Mike Thompson's Cartoon, which can be seen at the Detroit Free Press. Shows a slovenly obese man dressed in green (how appropriate - perhaps it is Mr. Thompson himself) saying "Ok Fosset your latest round-the-world flying escapade is over, now please come back down to Earth"

A (badly done) caricature of Fosset with a T-shirt reading "the ego has landed" replies "But I already landed the plane". The envious goofball in green replies "That's not what I meant".

Egads, we can't let a man bask in an incredible accomplishment for less than even 24 hours before some punk in the MSM tries to tear him down.


Verily this cartoon gets the nomination for the award for The Most. Pathetic. Envious. Editorial. Cartoon. Ever.

For more on Mr. Fosset's incredible accomplishment see: The Global Flyer Webpage.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Save Arrested Development

Fox seems to be doing its best to permanently arrest the hit and Emmy-award winning comedy show Arrested Development.

For those of you who haven't seen the show (and Fox seems to be doing its damndest to make sure you do not get to see it) it is a very funny show, well-written and with some quite talented actors.

Fox however, in its infinite wisdom, keeps preempting the show from its 8:30 EST Sunday timeslot. Whether for another episode of the Simpsons, or to show the movie Independence Day, or for any other reason, Arrested Development is in luck if it is on twice a month.

It is no wonder then, given the lack of consistent airtime, that viewership suffers. And a lack of a treemendous viewership is of course, an excuse to either cut back on the show, leading to fewer viewers or simply to cancelling the show. A completely manufactured downard spiral.

This is not the first great show that Fox has done this to. Joss Wheadon's Firefly, another fantastic show, was likewise given short-shrift and cut before it could develop a massive following (its since done so with its first season released on DVD, and a Firefly movie is coming soon.

Hopefully Fox will support Arrested Development and not kill it off as it did Firefly. Good shows may cost more than the reality tv that is currently all the rage, but it is certainly better television.

A petition to support Arrested Development can be found here.

hat tip: The Volokh Conspiracy