Friday, December 04, 2020

Nice To See General Aviation Get Some Recognition In Michigan

There was a nice op-ed article in the Detroit News about the importance of General Aviation in Michigan.

The Detroit News: Opinion: Think aviation to keep Michigan's economy moving

In Michigan, general aviation supports over $5.2 billion in economic output and more than 33,000 jobs, resulting in $1.4 billion in labor income.

General aviation is also vital in supporting critical services, including medical transportation, search and rescue efforts, and other important public services.

 Good stuff.

Thursday, December 03, 2020

No, What You Think Is Not How That Works At All, Michigan Firearms Law Edition

The Detroit News ran a report of a recent arrest after a stop for speeding resulted in a fellow being arrested for carrying a hadgun without a CPL.

The Detroit News: I-696 traffic stop for speeding leads to arrest, seizure of 2 guns

Quick tip - if you're carrying illegally, doing so while 20 mph over the highway speed limit is just a bad idea.

That's rather obvious and normally not worthy of comment, but,  I ended up checking the comments and found this howler:

tjwalsh3: I thought that your vehicle was an extension of your domicile, and that one didn’t need a conceal carry permit as long as the weapon remains in the vehicle whether it is on your person or not? I’m inwrong. I’m

You may think that Mr. tjwalsh3, but you'd be wrong.  Very, very, wrong.

First a vehicle is not an "extension of your domicile" what 'er that may mean among people saying such.

Second, and more importantly, in Michigan you definitely do need a concealed permit if carrying your firearm in your car and it is on your person or transported in any way other than unloaded in a container in the trunk, or if no trunk then in a manner not readily accessible to the occupants of the vehicle.

That people don't know this by now is pretty bad.  You can look this up in a split second online and don't need to maintain an opinion in clear conflict with reality.

Carry a firearm in any manner otherwise in your vehicle, and if caught you're going to be charged with carrying a concealed weapon.  Claims that your car is an extension of your domicile will be quite unavailing.

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

The Absolutely Most Overwrought Op-Ed About Covid So Far

If you have pearls to clutch, you better go grab them to fully enjoy this exceedingly overwrought editorial over the dangers of Covid-19:

The Detroit Free Press: COVID has turned breathing into a deadly event and all of us into potential serial killers

 Better take a deep breath (or not) to enjoy this ride by Michael Stern:

As coronavirus burns an exponential path of destruction across the American terrain, an insidious blanket of shadow damage is quietly unfurling in its name. It’s not just the death and scarred lungs. COVID-19 has turned every man, woman and child into a potential serial killer.

A disease with a survival rate for age groups of 0 to 19 of 99.997% for 20 to 49 a 99.98%, for 50 to 69 years old 99.5% and 70 years old and above a 94.6% chance.  

If you have a 94.6%-99.997% plus chance of beating an encounter with a serial killer trying to do you in, gotta say I'd like those odds. 

You may want to just take a deep breath there Mr. Stern. Your hyperventilating is causing you to panic.  But he's far from done and only just begun to declaim and over-exaggerate:

So far, I’ve been fortunate. But not a day goes by that I don’t wonder whether my streak of good luck is about to end, because the person in front of me in the grocery line is wearing a mask below his nose — expelling a cloud of radioactive COVID dust that I cannot escape, short of dropping $50 on the conveyor belt and trying to outrun the security guard.

Yep, this dude is really writing an op-ed while having a massive panic attack.  Radioactive COVID dust?    Just a wee bit over the top exaggeration there, oh panicked one.

With alcoholism, opioid addiction or smoking, we stand a fighting chance. But COVID-19 has turned the most necessary part of living — breathing — into a deadly event. If there’s anything that can make us hate our neighbors, it is the possibility that their very existence — every breath they exhale — could be lethal.

Seriously.  Is he comparing this to the chance of becoming an alcoholic or drug addict or even worse - gasp, clutch pearls, - a smoker?   

Yep, a real lethal chance with every exhalation - with a 94.9-99.997% chance of survival even with full on exposure and actually being infected, not just from catching a chance exhalation.    That’s  a much better chance of survival unscathed than with meeting an addict in a back alley or a drunk driver meeting you on the road.

It’s bad enough that we have to fear contracting a deadly virus from a stranger at T.J.Maxx who reaches for the same decorative throw pillow. What’s worse is the brutal reality that the people we love and trust most in this world bring us the same risk. More risk, because these are the people with whom we have regular and close contact. Any sustained encounter with those we love — kisses, hugs, laughs, conversations — could bring fever, blood clots, fluid-filled lungs, and death.

I'd hate to hang out with this guy during flu season, ya know? I suspect even pre-covid this germophobe curled up in a ball when the sniffles came to town.  Also, what's with the reaching for decorative throw pillows?

The overwrought melting-down hypochondriac continues:

It’s bad enough that we have to fear contracting a deadly virus from a stranger at T.J.Maxx who reaches for the same decorative throw pillow. What’s worse is the brutal reality that the people we love and trust most in this world bring us the same risk. More risk, because these are the people with whom we have regular and close contact. Any sustained encounter with those we love — kisses, hugs, laughs, conversations — could bring fever, blood clots, fluid-filled lungs, and death.

Sheesh, take a chill pill dude. 

On second thought, forget that, you need to see a therapist, stat.  This kind of disabling anxiety you're emoting is simply not healthy.

It gets even worse and more overwrought from there, go forth and RTWT and then reflect on your excellent mental health by comparison. 

Probably the most over-the-top, overwrought, fear- and panic-filled article about Covid I've ever seen. 

I must say that it is the first time I've seen "Covid-19:  Gays hardest hit"  in print though, so there's that.

Well, That Can Happen When You Visit Detroit For The First TIme

A poor innocent Canadian freighter was peacefully minding its business when it was jumped by a Detroit shoal after it politely asked for directions:

 The Detroit News: Freighter runs aground near Grosse Ile

The Harvest Spirit ran aground in the river's Livingstone Channel,
said the Daily Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping News.
. . .
On Tuesday, the Harvest Spirit made her first visit to Detroit, according to the shipping news site, and loaded coke on Zug Island.

I expect it will get re-floated and on its way shortly.

Record New Covid Deaths In Michigan -- Or In Reality Not So Much

Some statistical sleight of hand and misleading headlines to gin up further fear.

The Detroit News: Michigan sets daily record for COVID-19 deaths

Sounds bad.

 Michigan on Tuesday reported a record 190 deaths tied to COVID-19 and added 5,793 new cases.

Sounds very bad, but then in the very next sentence:

Of the Tuesday deaths, 30 were identified during a delayed records review, the state said.

In other words, there were 160 deaths reported as Covid-19 deaths and then 30 were added after being classified as Covid deaths after they had already died previously.

With the additional records, Tuesday surpassed the previous high for deaths of 164 reached on April 16, at the peak of the pandemic, a day that had no additional reviewed records added.

In other words it did not in fact surpass the previous high as April 16 had 164 deaths without any further being added in.

164 is  greater than 160.  So no, yesterday was not a record.

In short, the headline and lede are rather badly misleading if not outright falsities. 

This seems like part of a push by Gov Half-Whit to extend her 3-week shut down of restaurants and other facilities.

Never mind that the way we count deaths by Covid is misleading in and of itself and different from how other countries do it.  Heck, we've included motorcycle and car crash victims and even people shot to death as dying from Covid 19, causing some rather meaningless comparisons and messy stats.

In short our statistical reporting of this crises has been rather lackluster if not outright garbage at times and rather unreliable.

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Jiu Jitsu Achievement Unlocked: Go Blue

Last night after class some promotions were announced.

Craig got his 3rd stripe on his Blue belt.

Nick got his first stripe on his Blue belt.

Then I got called up.

 Off went the Combatives Belt and the instructor pulled a Blue Belt out of his Gi where it had been hiding and tied it on.

I was surprised.  Even though I've been putting the time and practice in, I wasn't sure if I was considered ready for promotion yet.

No more Combatives Belt now.


Then we had a celebratory roll, and I got some new techniques and tips right from the get-go.

With the Covid shut down, earning the Blue Belt took longer than normal.

Onward to learning new techniques and improving current ones and now working towards the next stage and earn my first stripe on the blue belt.

Monday, November 30, 2020

USS Bonhomme Richard To Be Scrapped

After burning for five days straight, the decision while not surprising, is still one that makes for a sad end to a proud ship whose crew has put in years of meritorious service.

USNI News:  UPDATED: Navy Will Scrap USS Bonhomme Richard

It's a sad loss of a proud ship, in service since 1998.  This leaves the Navy down an amphibious assault ship, one that was just in the middle of an upgrade to operate the F-35.

Hopefully the name Bonhomme Richard will soon again adorn a US naval fighting vessel worthy of the name.

Right on Schedule, Media Returns To Lapdog Mode

For today's in-depth political story over at the Detroit News, we have a lovely puff-piece about the mischievous and fun-loving Jill Biden:

The Detroit News: Joe Biden’s chief protector, Jill Biden to step up as first lady

Other hard-hitting stories so far about the likely new-comers to the White House include the probing investigation over . . . what socks Joe Biden wears. Joe Biden Makes an Unexpected Style Choice With Fun Dog-Print Socks for Meeting

Meanwhile the name Bobulinksi and mention of the Hunter Biden emails and saving 10% for the Big Guy are nowhere to be found.

As I had noted and indeed Borepatch noted back in 2012 (yeesh, it's been awhile) the press tends to go all attack-dog on Republicans and then, by way of apology over their unfairness, decide to give the Democrats a pass.  Then they apologize for giving the Dems a pass by working over the next Republican twice as hard.  Rinse and repeat.

In media terms, that's called "fairness".

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Who Knew That Letting Violent Criminals Out Of Jail Would Lead To More Violent Crime?

Progressives don't seem to get the correlation between releasing violent criminals from jail and a subsequent rise in the violent crime rate.  It's a complete surprise.

The coronavirus is being used as an excuse for implementing all sorts of progressive ideas, including ending "mass incarceration".

The Detroit News:  Wayne County Jail COVID-19 releases include violent criminals

When a Wayne County judge announced eight months ago that he would begin releasing jail inmates in response to the coronavirus outbreak, he said people accused of violent crimes likely would stay behind bars.

That statement didn't really age well, nor did it take long to expire:

[The Judge then freed] at least 35 Wayne County Jail inmates who were accused or convicted of violent crimes, according to a Detroit News review of jail records.Among those released: four men who were convicted of criminal sexual assault, and 14 others who were convicted of assault. 

What could possibly go wrong?

One of the convicted sex offenders is back in jail after prosecutors say he got out and raped three women at knifepoint.

Oh, well, that.

Dozens of other jail inmates who currently are charged with or were convicted of nonviolent crimes, but who have had previous violent convictions, also were released because of COVID-19, according to records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

So even more things can go wrong. 

There is, of course, no consequences to the judge and others making these decisions to release these predators back into the community.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and the quintessential American holiday.

The turkey is in the oven.

Yes, that is right, roasting happily at 350 degrees.

Other dishes are being prepared for the feast accordingly.

Unfortunately, it won't be like other times. Due to the border with Canada still being closed, the restrictions on number of guests, and the loss of a good friend and cousin this year, who had graced our table with his presence last year and made our celebration then far better than it would have been without him.

This year will still be family but it will be just us around the table.

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, and take a moment to be thankful for all that you have.