Saturday, January 22, 2022

If Biden Was Putin's Stooge, What Would He Be Doing Differently, Exactly?

After all these years of the lefties and Dems claiming Trump was Putin's puppet, along comes Biden who appears to be more than over the top in doing Putin's bidding, undoing most moves Trump made against Russia in record time:

1.  Removing sanctions Trump had put in place on the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline;

2. Withdrawing support for the Israel-Europe Gas Pipeline, that would have relieved Europe from having Russia as their sole supplier of natural gas; 

3.  Reducing US pipelines, oil and gas production increasing the price of gas to benefit Russia and harming the US economy.

3. Giving a green light for Russia to do a "minor incursion" into Ukraine; and

4. Ordering the evacuation of US Embassy non-essential persannel from Kiev.

Let's see if the lefties can be honest now about their false labeling of Trump and their drumbeat of the "Russia, Russia, Russia" hoax, hmm?  As Mr. B notes,  Democrats doth project too much.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Hip Replacement Day 9 - A Cane Break

Between doing work and then passing out when I'm not doing work, I've been kind busy today. This was everybody wants something immediately day.

Had a great PT session. Heckuva workout and it kicked my tail nicely.

Did have a notable first today.  Got to take a break from using the walker.

It was my first time using the cane rather than the walker to walk around.  Never used a cane before and there is a definite technique to it. Interestingly, its used on the left side even as its my right hip that was replaced.  Cane moves first, then right leg, then left leg.

Did good, but I'm supposed to stick to the walker for now except for short practice sessions with the cane, as I don't quite have the balance and support down yet.

Overall getting stronger but a long way still to go and that session tired me out but good.

Sadly, I really wanted to have a sword-cane but Michigan law prohibits such in public.  A sword-cane would have been rather snazzy and stylish. Instead, I'm stuck with a plain-jane black metal cane. It'll do.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Hip Replacement Update - One Week Post Surgery

It’s now a whole week since the surgery. The new titanium and ceramic parts seem to be making themselves right at home.

Overall, the pain is down and remains at a 3-4, although I am taking some painkillers, but I’ve been able to avoid the really heavy painkillers throughout the process, which is good. Compared to pain regularly being 7+ on a daily basis with the hip arthritis pre-surgery, this is a very welcome improvement.

Amazingly, it has not been hurting nearly as much as I imagined it would. Even though the leg by the hip itself is all sorts of stiff, sore, and swollen, with some really impressive bruises.

Even with all that, I’m managing to get around much better than I imagined I would this early in the process.

I’m walking pretty smoothly on flat surfaces with the assistance of a walker. I can get up and down 2 steps rather easily, get in the shower, get into and out of bed, get into and out of a chair, etc. Pretty neat and I’m a lot more mobile than I figured I would be one-week post-surgery. Physio-therapy and regular icing of the hip is definitely helping.

The only surprise so far is I’m a heckuva lot more tired than I imagine I’d be, passing out at the drop of a hat and sleeping for hours lots of the time. Forget about lying in bed and catching up on reading or a movie, I just zonk right out.

Still got a long way to recover, range of motion is still pretty limited, but it feels like it’s moving in the right direction so far.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hip Replacement Day 7

Almost a week has now passed since the surgery.

The visiting nurse came, took my vitals and checked the bandage. So far, no signs of anything problematic.  Just a lot of bruising and swelling around the incision site.  Bandage is staying in place. I'm apparently recovering as expected, she's happy with my vitals, and that's the second and last at home nursing visit as part of the process.

Next was PT.

PT is indeed a workout. And my visiting physio therapist is good at making sure I make the most of it.

The leg raise while lying down is going much better and I do have better range of movement and can easily get the heel to the level of the knee on the opposite leg now. Much easier to get in and out of bed, too.

Some things still get me completely though.

For example, go sit on a chair with your butt parallel to the floor and your feet flat on the floor. Without using your arms for support or leverage, stand up.  You probably just did, no problem right?

Welp, I cannot get up from that position -- at all -- without using my arms for support, I get totally stuck and can't elevate from there at all. Hip is not ready for that yet.

Raising the leg as if marching in place is also rather hard.

Something to keep working towards.

Walking is very good though, and I'm able to get around pretty good walking- wise, and other exercises are no issue.  No problem making it up and down the two stairs and moving around the floor of the house.

PT therapist suggested I start elevating the leg to deal with the swelling in addition to the icing I'm doing, which I shall start doing immediately. She can see it is rather swollen which is part of the mobility problem and the muscle tightness.  To be expected, but if we can start getting the swelling down quicker the recovery will also be hopefully quicker.

Impressively, I'm not limping around now when I walk, whereas I was pretty much limping on a daily basis, with some days much worse than others before the surgery. A good sign.

Pain is around a 3-4 which is tolerable.  About to take a pain pill and have a nap as doing PT wears me out pretty good.  Overall, I  have a lot less energy right now and get tired a lot, and much more easily, but that's part of the process and apparently totally normal and they want me to sleep it off and recharge, whenever I'm not doing PT or getting up to walk around a bit.

So far, so good.

Why Are Leftist Institutions Of Higher Education Such Hives Of Sexual Harrasment And Assault?

Possibly it is because they have access to lots of victims on a University campus, and will be abetted by the University in doing so.

As has finally come to light, Dr. Anderson while he was at the University of Michigan in sports medicine abused over 1,000 boys during his time at University of Michigan athletics. Over 1,000 acts of sexual assault over decades.

Interesting how it has gained far less attention than the Larry Nassar case over at Michigan State University.  Just like in the Larry Nassar case, the powers that be at the University hushed it up for quite some time but this one involves the sexual assault of boys as compared to girls in the Nassar case.

The Detroit News: UM reaches $490 million settlement with Anderson accusers

Quite a sum, though the now men will receive smaller amounts of compensation than the women did in the Nassar case.

It is rather interesting isn't it, how the Universities talk a great deal about feminism, women's rights,ending sexual harassment, #metoo etc, and that society is to blame and it's all America's fault, but they end up being some of the largest perpetrators and facilitators of such outrageous abuse?

Bad enough that even one sexual assault is tolerated.  Permitting thousands to occur and keeping a blind eye to a pattern of abuse by powerful and connected individuals at the Universities shouldn't have been permitted. Yet it rather clearly was, by the same folks mouthing platitudes against such abuse.

But Anderson wasn't the only serial abuser kept in place at UofM.

In addition to the Doctor Anderson scandal, the Provost of University of Michigan Martin Philbert was only now just sacked for a decades-long history of sexual harassment at the University.  Note well that the University had been alerted to this early on, but it was apparently ignored or hushed up.

There's quite a pattern of hushing up sexual harassment and assaults at University of Michigan.

On top of that, the current President of University of Michigan was just very publicly fired for having an inappropriate (though apparently consensual) sexual relationship with a subordinate.  It's too early to tell if this was just an excuse to push him out the door, or a righteous firing for being rather cavalier with University resources, but it certainly doesn't look good, and his having such relations with a subordinate in light of the above reflects pretty lousy judgment in any case.

Hellavua way to piss away a million-dollar-a-year salary for an affair.

They certainly need to sweep out the Big House at U of M.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

A Nice Attempt At Dipping In

Have some clients I'm representing who are cleaning up a mess left behind by a recently deceased relative.  He was real property rich, cash poor, and has a trust that is rather cumbersome for what really needs to be done. A bit too one-size-fits-all from a big firm versus really being tailored to his needs.

Well, we start to fix things up and get administering.

Since he's real property rich, we need to sell some properties to meet the very real cash flow needs to the trust and the beneficiaries, especially as at the time he died the gentleman was late with payments for things like property taxes which is not a good thing as losing valuable properties to tax foreclosure is a rather bad way to kick off your trust.

So we contact one of his renters about paying rent and also about showing the premises to potential buyers as the trust should be doing a lot less landholding and more land selling at this point to get everything balanced.

Starts out friendly but they then make a ridiculous lowball offer to buy the place way below market value and then get hostile when the lowball is rejected. 

They then want to deny any access to inspect the premises or let people in to see it as it is offered for sale.   Unfortunately they have a crappy lease that doesn't spell out Landlord's rights of access very well but does allow the Landlord to inspect the premises.

We send over a nice letter that we'll work hard to reduce any disruption and will give 24 hour notice of any inspection.

We get a letter back from an attorney from out of state. Most likely the tenant's relative.  I can't find him in the bar directory, but tenant claims he's licensed in Michigan. Not unless he's changed his name he's not.  

He then states he's not admitted in Michigan but hes in a firm with "national reach". 

Well, yipee for that. But yet he still makes demands for stuff and wants to be provided stuff as their attorney.

Not how this works, sport. You can't practice law in a state in which you are not admitted to practice and I'm rather sure he knows that.

I send back a nice letter "Please confirm if your named attorney wants to commit the unauthorized practice of law in Michigan by continuing to represent you in this matter, and we will then communicate with him accordingly."

No response yet.

Hip Replacement Day 6 - Tired And Sore But With More Movement Plus A Mistake

Got up a little sore today but I think I slept almost all the way through the night which was good.

Did manage to shower, etc which was nice and got some PT in. Could shower all by my own self and am moving about pretty good.

Did some walking around, going up and down the two stairs, and sat in a chair doing some work and catching up on matters for a few hours.

Then I decided to try and skip the 12 pm light pain med and try replacing it with just regular Tylenol.

Big mistake that, huge actually. 

It turns out I'm really not ready to step down to just Tylenol yet

Ended up doing a catch-up dose to knock down the impressive amount of pain that resulted, and then passing out accordingly.

Back up now to get some more things done, but we're going to take it a little slower.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Hip Replacement Day 5 - Full Speed Ahead On The PT

Pain remains controlled at about a 3-4 or so. Still not quite sleeping through the night but a little better.

Took my first shower yesterday which was rather nice.  The shower chair I had assembled remained assembled for the entire shower, which was happy-making. Did make me a bit light-headed but had been warned it might so was ready for that.

Pretty good line of bruises/redness near the incision site which is under a waterproof bandage that I'm not to remove. Not a lot of swelling, so the regular icing and anti-inflammatories are doing their stuff.

Had my first serious PT session today.  PT therapist was very detail oriented and wanted to see what I had been doing so far.

First thing she did after that was put tennis balls on the back legs of the walker and it caused me to walk with a much more normal stride as it now glides instead of halting on the rubber stoppers. Such a small fix and it's rather brilliant.

Next we conquered the 2 stairs between the bedroom and the kitchen and I can now handle those with pretty much ease. Another big small victory.

Then on to more exercises that she added to my current repertoire that proceeded to kick my tail nicely.  Need to run through them all again later today/tonight.

Still spending majority of the time sleeping as this is really tuckering me out and going to pass out again shortly.

Perhaps The Stupidest Thing President Biden Has Said To Date.

Biden on the Texas Synagogue Attack:

"I don't think there is sufficient information to know why he targeted that synagogue why he insisted on the release of someone who's been in prison for over 10 years... why he was using anti-Semitic & anti-Israeli comments."


This ridiculous political correctness and dancing around avoiding any mention of the motivations of  Islamic terrorism and ideology is an absolute farce. 

Biden has no hesitation making unsubstantiated allegations in other situations, even when he's shown to be wrong later. But, when there's plenty of evidence and its a Muslim attack on Jews he doesn't want to make any conclusions and suddenly lacks sufficient information.

Yes, it's an actual quote from Biden and the President can be watched saying it on Twitter.

Interesting Reactions To Events, Aren't They?

Mr. B of In The Middle Of The Right sent me a link in the comments to the Daily Mail a newspaper with some very good coverage of the Texas Synagogue attack and the reaction among the terrorist's fellow adherents back in Ol' Blighty, who while many are now British subjects, are no exactly what you'd first think of when the stereotypical British subject come to mind.

Of course it's blamed on the attackers "mental health" and his family are condemning the crime but of course throwing some nice and false moral relativism in:

'Obviously our priority will be to get him back to the UK for his funeral prayers although we have been warned it could take weeks.

'We would also like to add that any attack on any human being be it a Jew, Christian or Muslim etc is wrong and should always be condemned.

'It is absolutely inexcusable for a Muslim to attack a Jew or for any Jew to attack a Muslim, Christian, Hindu vice versa etc.'

Nice relativism and cute deflection there.

Interestingly, and while given coverage what is rather unremarked upon is the reaction of the Blackburn, England Muslim communityfrom whence the attacker came to the event and his death:


One doesn't typically comment that a terrorist has "sadly departed from this temporary world" and one typically does not welcome a criminal to the "highest ranks of Paradise" now does one? Highest ranks of Paradise in Islam are reserved for those fighting Jihad, aren't they? Interesting reaction from the Blackburn Muslim community, that.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Dear AG Nessel: Better To Remain Silent And Be Thought A Fool Than To Speak And Remove All Doubt, And Remiove All Doubt You Did

But with Nessel there is no doubt that she is indeed a fool.  A politically useful one for mouthing Democrat talking points mind you, but a fool all the same.

An hour after it had already been announced that the terrorist in the Hostage situation at the Texas synagogue was demanding the release of a convicted Islamic terrorist, AG Nessel was busy publicly worrying the attack was a possible hate crime caused by a white supremacist.

Washington Free Beacon: Michigan’s Dana Nessel Speculates ‘White Supremacy’ to Blame for Texas Synagogue Terrorist Attack

Why exactly is our state's AG going into a hypothetical contrary to existing evidence during an actual hostage situation in another state?  Why is she (and Psaki, the media (attacker is a British citizen" - way to bury the lede, wot?), and the FBI for that matter) so quick to try to distract attention from a clearly Islamic act of terrorism?

I will note she has yet to make any correction to her inane statement nor to specifically condemn Islamic Terrorism.

Canada About To Further Befoul Supply Chains In A Riddiculous Own-Goal

The Detroit News: Michigan faces acute impact from Canada's refusal to let in unvaccinated US truckers

This newly implemented policy is already outdated, short-sighted, inane, and doesn't concord with "the science". 

We now know and have known for awhile now that the vaccines do not prevent transmission of Covid and variants.

As such the public health argument for requiring them to prevent spread is damn weak. Requiring them for truckers delivering goods is even weaker

We now know and have known for awhile now that the vaccines do not categorically prevent people from getting Covid even if vaccinated.

We do see statistically at least that having the vaccine does make your symptoms more mild and may result in you having no symptoms at all, and make you more able to fight off the virus. Clearly this is a good thing for the elderly, people with comorbidities etc and they do have value to that extent.

For example Tash got it, was vaccinated so relatively mild but even still categorized as feeling like her worst flu ever, she now has a lingering cough and shortness of breath.  Likely her vaccine reduced the potency of the case.  Likely also that our vaccines either prevented us from catching it from her as none of us came down with it despite being in the car with her for 5 hours after her exposure, or the vaccines gave us such a low reaction we don't even know we got it - although Ab's test came up negative for it.

As such, its very much a personal choice as to their use and the elderly and those with high risk factors ought to think carefully about getting the vaccine to protect themselves and people with lower risk factors may choose otherwise. Probably the vaccine is still a good choice to make, but again it's your body, you weigh your own risk factors and make your own informed choice.

It makes no sense now for Canada to introduce a regulation barring truckers shipping vital goods across the border unless they're vaccinated. Especially as we know the main public policy reason for the vaccine - preventing spread to others - simply isn't the case as the vaccines are currently not fully capable of doing that and even vaccinated people are picking up cases.

Expect more supply shortages in the auto industry and elsewhere due to this inane policy given our close trading ties.  The only consolation, if you can call it that,  is Canada is going to feel the effects worse than the US will as a result of this idiocy.

Hip Replacement Day 4

Sleeping through the night is still not perfect, a bit fitful and waking at times.  

Kinda stiff and and a little sore this morning.

Sticking to only the lighter painkiller for now, no need for the Percocet yet to date and hopefully don't need it later. Took all the morning meds as scheduled.

Pain overall is down to about a 3 which is great. 

While doing PT exercises this morning, lying down I can now slide my foot all the way up to my opposite knee compared to only being able to move it an inch or so when I started! 

Small victories, and still not easy to do, but I'll take it.  Ridiculous how much of a sweat such small movements can cause.

Need to get in two more rounds of PT today.

Overall, I'm a bit more mobile which is good but due to the compression sleeves and icing unit I still can't get out of bed by myself as I need help to take those off.

Can actually sit up in a chair now as long as it is high enough and I lean back as cannot even lean over 90 degrees forward for now, no twisting around, etc. Can now sit on edge of the bed as well. Can't do it for too long as I get really stiff from doing it, but it is a start.

Back in bed for some more icing and leg compression for now.