Wednesday, July 24, 2024

More Democrat Political Violence - Pro-Hamas Protesters Eat Their Own

So the Pro-Hamas, Pro-terrorist leftists decided to storm the capitol today to protest Netanyahu visiting.

As part of the "protest"  they blocked traffic, and attempted to break into Congressman's offices, including those who actually support them.

None dare call it an insurrection mind you.

 The Detroit Free Press: Pro-Palestinian protestors try to force way into Rep. Dan Kildee's office

The Detroit News: Thousands descend on Washington to protest Israel ahead of Netanyahu's speech to Congress

We will note Kildee has been supportive of Hamas, being against sending Israel weapons to defend itself. So the protesters were going for an own-goal.

It is unlikely that Rep Kildee learned much from the experience. 

Then again, neither have the terrorist-supporting protestors learned anything in all this time, still backing terrorists and still falsely claiming there is a genocide that is provably not occurring.

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

More Democrat Political Violence

The Guardian:  Michigan man kills himself after running over 80-year-old Trump supporter

A Michigan man suspected of using an all-terrain vehicle to run over an elderly man for supporting Donald Trump died by suicide as police closed in on him, according to authorities.

Police in Hancock – a city located in the state’s upper peninsula – said the man in question was under investigation for allegedly running over an 80-year-old man at about 5.45pm local time on Sunday.

The elderly man was described as a supporter of the former president who was posting a political sign in his yard, according to police. Police also said he displayed stickers and flags that were supportive of law enforcement. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition with serious injuries after the man on the ATV struck him, authorities said.

Investigators said they had identified a suspect in the case by Monday evening, and he had been linked to a total of three cases which were apparently “politically motivated”.

A little impulse control and handling disputes without violence would be nice.  On the upside, the scumbag spared taxpayers the cost of a trial by offing himself. 

Monday, July 22, 2024

Dems Don't Have To Like It, But They Do Have To Get In Line

It looks like the party bosses have spoken and they're pushing hard for Kamala to be the candidate for the Dems for 2024.

Gov. Whitmer was quiet but soon got on board:  The Detroit Free Press: Whitmer stays quiet as Harris endorsements from other Democrats pour in within less than an hour of that being published, she had gotten the memo to endorse Kamala, and did so.

Lots of other Dems followed suit, likely trying to make her appointment as candidacy seem inevitable prior to the convention to prevent the party members from democratically voting on a replacement for Biden, to protect "Our Democracy", of course.

Meanwhile, Joe has yet to be seen in public.

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Slow Joe Had To Go

So the sun sets on Joe Biden's candidacy in the race for 2024.

From "He's Fine, He Just Had a Bad Night" to being shown the door in  less than 30 days. Even as late as Friday they were swearing he was still in the race and the nominee.

So did he fall, or was he pushed? 

The Biden White House was rather like the Kremlin with Kremlinologists being needed to track which faction was in power and setting policy behind the figurehead that was Joe Biden. This will be even more interesting as the jockeying for his replacement becomes more intense.

Interestingly, he did not immediately come out and endorse Kamala Harris in his resignation announcement.  Instead, that endorsement came later on Twitter. So probably a Kamala backer has control over the Twitter account for the moment. Or, alternatively she's being the sacrificial candidate (but with access to the money in the Biden-Harris campaign cookie jar) for what the Dems know will be a losing campaign in 2024.

It's going to be interesting to see who the Democrat party elite decides to run now that Joe has been shown the door.  Be sure to have popcorn at the ready for the Democrat convention.

The fun question that also needs to be asked is: If Joe Biden is acknowledged to no longer be fit and cannot handle running for reelection due to his age and infirmities, why the heck is he still staying on as President?

Friday, July 19, 2024

The Ineffectiveness Of The Red Flag Law

As has been pointed out multiple times, one of the many problems with Red Flag laws, in addition to their lack of due process, is that they don't interdict someone known to be (or at least claimed to be) a dangerous threat to themselves or others from still being a threat.

And now you've made this dangerous person more angry by "red flagging" them, and yet leaving them free to roam and carry out their alleged violent actions.

It creates results like this one:

The Detroit News: Man with gun and axe killed after breaking into ex-girlfriend's Orion Township home

After being red flagged, the scumbag of the story goes off, gets a gun and an axe, and then breaks into his victims house looking to kill the occupants.

Luckily, there is a happy ending.

The happy ending, that of the violent scumbag attaining room temperature and being violent no more, is not due in the slightest to the red flag law he was tagged with.

Instead, it is due to the bravery of the step-son of the intended victim, who was in the house, obtained a firearm, and stopped the threat, unlike the red flag law. 

The red flag law not only did not prevent the deceased attacker from obtaining and axe and a gun -- after he had been red-flagged -- but it did not stop him in the slightest from breaking in to the victim's house and attempting to murder her and her adult son.

Even if the red flag law did take away the firearms he had prior to being red flagged, it sure didn't stop the jerk in the slightest from getting another one, and an axe!, and then going on his murder attempt. Indeed, it probably just made him mad - and left him free to plan and go on his attack.

Red Flag laws are not the panacea they're claimed to be, and by not actually interdicting the alleged threat and leaving them free to roam and commit their violent acts, seems to be as predicted, merely feel-good gun control legislation that forgets that it is the violent person, and not the tools they might use, that are the problem. 

The further problem is this feel-good gun control legislation will also be used to trample the rights of the non-violent when used as a tool by someone with an axe to grind against them.  But when that happens, it still leaves them, and the actual violent people the law was meant to stop, free to go get an axe.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

As The (Figurative) Knives Come Out, It's Back To The Basement For Joe

When even Obama is starting to suggest Joe needs to go, you can tell the preference shift is underway and the party elite has gone from "Joe is just fine." to "How quick can he be pressured to step down?".

Democrats more and more are reading the tea leaves and the polls and realizing Joe is going to be a no-go.

So of course, in the middle of this preference shift, he conveniently comes down with Covid and instead of going to the White House (and the finest possible medical facilities close by), he goes home to the basement in Delaware. 

Well, his retreating to the basement, instead of being out in public to campaign and to be seen in person, should cut down on public gaffes and public signs of ineptness for him to campaign from the basement as he did in the last election.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Gradually, Then Suddenly

Democrats denied for years claims that Biden had cognitive difficulties.

They were agog and aghast when the special counsel noted he shouldn't be prosecuted as he's an elderly man with a poor memory. Instead they publicly all claimed he was just fine: Democrats flood the Sunday shows to insist Biden's mind is just fine.

Then after the debate, when it was abundantly clear that after the Democrats and media covering for him and making excuses for years, it couldn't be hidden any more from the public.

The Democrats went from being in lock-step and insisting that he's fine, to now a majority of Democrats wanting him to drop out.

Now it veers on a full on preference cascade for the Democrats to replace him with someone else:  The Detroit News:  Nearly two-thirds of Democrats want Biden to withdraw, new AP-NORC poll finds

The list of Democrat politicians calling for him to step aside keeps getting longer as well

So how does Joe Biden get removed from being the Democrat nominee?  As is oft then case in these situations, gradually, then suddenly.