Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Bomb Threat at Federal District Court in Detroit

According to Channel 4 News, A Bomb Threat has the federal district court locked down with no one allowed to enter:

A bomb threat has the federal court building in downtown Detroit on lockdown Tuesday morning.

Detroit police said the threat was called in to the First Precinct.

A police K-9 unit is being brought to the court building, which is located at West Lafayette and Washington.

We'll see what develops. Interestingly, this court was where some suspected of being Islamic terrorists were recently convicted. Any correlation/causative link to this threat? Who knows at this point.

Daily Shows Unfettered Clinton Love Fest

I just saw last night a rerun of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The show where he had Bill Clinton flogging his book.

Talk about a lack of comedy. It was more of a softball question, bash Republican Clinton-love-fest.

The only way that Jon Stewart could have been adoring of Clinton was if he got down on his kness and gave Bill a Monica (and who's to say that didn't happen in the commercial? Heck at least that would have been funny). You can apparently watch the interview yourself if you have a strong stomach at clicking on Celebrity Interviews - Bill Clinton to see this puff peice adorational interview in all of its Clinton-worshipping glory.

The Daily Show is described as a nightly news parody held on COMEDY CENTRAL, the only all-comedy network. The episode was certainly not an example of comedy nor a parody, just an example of the Democrat-Media bias in action, so Comedy Central's description is deceptive advertising on both counts.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Time for the Amtrak Subsidies to leave the station

Once again, Amtrak is asking for Michigan to subsidize its operations, according to the Detroit News.

Its about time Michigan's Legislature said no.

Mass transit is a lovely idea, but when it has to be subsidized by the public at an amount of $7.1 million dollars just to keep the lines in operation it may make sense to just give each of the riders a portion of the subsidy in a check to buy a car.

Amtrack loses $66 for every person who boarded the Michigan Route from Port Huron to Chicago.

How about this, instead of subsidizing it, just charge the users the $66 more per ticket so it breaks even? Shouldn't the user pay after all? And if they shouldn't have to make up for the loss, why should the members of the public that never use Amtrak have to do so?

John Kerry - A Man of Constant Nuance

Sung to the O Brother tune of "I am a man of Constant Sorrows"

I am a man of constant nuance
I've been nuanced all my days
I claimed to be in Cambodia
When I was in Sa Dec 56 miles away.

When he was in Sa Dec, 56 miles away

You might consider me some kind of waffler
I flip-flop as fast as I can reframe
But the Press calls me remarkably consistent, with a few exceptions that I've made.

With a few exceptions that he's made

For the Liberal media wants me to win
their spin is worth 15 points
but their credibility will be in the toilet
when my lead fades away

When his lead fades away

Some say I'll be the first French president
calling on the UN before any decision I'd make
But for me the war on terorism is just policing
I'll only react to moves terrorists will make.

He'll only react to moves terorrists will make

So vote for me as I married wealthy
though I claim to be for the working man
Its just more of my nuance, so vote for me 'cause I'm not the Bush man.

So vote for him cause he's not the Bush man.

I am a man of constant nuance
I've been nuanced all my days .....