Monday, October 31, 2011

Obama by executive order gets FDA to have Drug Manufacturers become fortune tellers

The Detroit Free Press: Obama to order FDA to help reduce drug shortages

President Barack Obama is directing the Food and Drug Administration to take steps to reduce drug shortages, an escalating problem that has endangered patients and raised the possibility of price gouging.


Obama also will announce his support for House and Senate legislation that would require drug makers to notify the FDA six months ahead of a potential shortage, the official said.

So now manufacturers will have to prognosticate 6 months ahead reagrding the potential supply and demand for any given drug they manufacture. I wonder if the FDA will be supplying Magic 8 Balls to the copmpanies as part of the regulation?
The FDA reported 178 drug shortages last year, and the agency says it continues to see an increase in shortages this year. Major causes of drug shortages are said to be quality or manufacturing problems, or delays in receiving components from suppliers. Drug makers also discontinue certain drugs in favor of newer medications that are more profitable. The FDA does not have authority to force drug makers to continue production of a drug.
Not yet anyway, but I'm sure that will be the next executive order.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Oxi Day!

Pronounced Ochi, this day commemorates the response of the Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas to Benito Mussolini's ultimatum that Greece allow Italian troops to enter Greece and occupy areas of the country.

Metaxas replied with one word: "Oxi" (No!).

Like the famous and later to be spoken "Nuts!", the simple word Oxi demonstrated resolve and the courage to resist against superior forces.

Italy then invaded and to the surprise of all, the Greeks proceeded to demonstrate how a larger and superior army on paper can get its butt kicked by a determined and competent, yet smaller and worse equipped, army.

Indeed, after being invaded not only did the Greeks proceed to stop the Italian attack cold, but they then proceeded to drive the Italians out of the country. The Greeks then kept chasing the fleeing Italians and even took over a quarter of Italian-occupied Albania.

It took the intervention of the German army to finally push back the Greeks and cause them to be occupied.

It is thought by many military historians that the resulting need to use German forces to invade Greece, along with the delays and tie-down of German troops imposed by the Serbs during the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia caused the postponement of the German invasion of Russia. The delay meant the Germans were to face not only Russian troops but also the great Russian general Winter and give the Russians time to regroup and defend their territory. Thus the Greeks and the Serbs with their valiant resistance changed the course of the Second World War.

Happy Oxi Day.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because Proposing to Raise Taxes is Such a Winning Idea.....

The Detroit Free Press: Gov. Rick Snyder to propose $40 annual fee to fix roads

In addition to the new $40 fee that would be in addition to existing levies, he'd change how the current gas tax is applied. The change would be from a fixed amount at the retail level to a percentage base at the wholesale level (this will lead to higher gas prices in Michigan).

Of course, the money collected won't just go to fix roads, but will be yet another tax on drivers to fund yet more mismanaged mass transit.

The fee would also go for a new mass transit authority for the southeast Michigan region with New. High-Speed. Buses. (because the current ones are such models of workability). On the upside at least he's not pushing New. High-Speed. Rail.

As pointed out by Right Michigan, this is practically the same proposal made by Granholm no being resold under an (R) brand.

How about this - use the sales tax collected on gas and other fees on vehicles to actually fix the roads first before more quixotic subsidies of mass transit public employees unions. Then, when the roads are up to the standards of say, Ohio, we can talk about diverting funding from road repair, construction to reduce congestion and maintenance to these mass transit boondoggles.

Getting Michigan's road up to and one would think beyond Buckeye quality should be a competition we can get behind and should be quite doable if the funding is actually put towards it rather than diverted to the general fund or endless subsidies of government happy projects.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Heavy-Handed Raid By NASA

For every criminal problem, a SWAT Team is not the best answer.

The Detroit News: NASA sting terrifies woman, 74

about half a dozen sheriff's deputies and NASA investigators rushed into the eatery.

When officers in flack vests took a hold of her, the 4-foot-11 woman said she was so scared she lost control of her bladder and was taken outside to a parking lot, where she was questioned and detained for about two hours.

"They grabbed me and pulled me out of the booth," Davis claimed. "I had very, very deep bruises on my left side."
And what was this terrible crime this modern-day Ma Barker has allegedly committed?

She tried to sell a moon rock the size of a grain of rice and a nickel-sized piece of heatshield from the Apollo 11 craft.

I have a philosophical problem with the governments pronouncement that all lunar rocks can never be sold and belong to the "People" i.e. only the government may give them away or distribute them.

With over 840 pounds of moon rock being retrieved its a little over the top to send Swat teams after 74 year-old grannies looking to make a bit of cash for their descendants off their memorabilia that was given to them before they die.

Even more of a problem is using a flock of deputies to grab a 74 year old and haul her out of a building.

I daresay her threat level is darn low and overwhelming force was quite unnecessary. One detective with a simple statement of "You're under arrest" probably would have more than sufficed, maybe two if she was fiesty and tried to shuffle off for it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Range Report - A Good Match Day

Today was the last USPSA Match for my club this year.

I met Rob at his house on the way to the club, and there was no inattentive driver in a Kia to delay me this time.

I had replaced the Glock 17's 3 pin slide stop with the proper 2 pin version and had tested it yesterday for functioning.

I had recently installed Warren Tactical sights on this Glock. These sights were introduced to me by ToddG and they are quite simply light years ahead of the factory stock sights. They have a much better and faster to acquire sight picture. If you have a Glock or M&P you owe it to yourself to give these a try.

So with a functioning firearm I headed to the match.

Rob decided to shoot the match with his Kahr PM-9. He recently purchased one after really appreciating shooting mine and my recommendation of it as a carry gun. I brought my mags for him to use and together with his own and a few more he had recently ordered he had enough to play with. I loaned him some Fobus single stack mag pouches, which held both the 6 and 7 rounders well and he was ready to go.

Rob certainly won the style points this match for shooting what he carries. He certainly had to reload a lot, but the Kahr stood up well to lots of mag changes and rapid firing that the match demanded. He was able to make most of the longer distance shots even with the short barreled Kahr and with a bit more practice he'll be right up there.

I had a great match myself. Its much nicer when you don't have to constantly worry if your firearm is going to work. Overall decent speed and hits but as always room for improvement.

At the range there were a few interesting failures. The decocker fell off a competitor's CZ and was lost. The CZ did however continue to function without a hiccup the rest of the match.

More dangerously a fellow was shooting his XD when there was a "pop" sound and a puff of smoke. The RO yelled for him to stop. He did so. We then checked (I was keeping score at the time) and the barrel was clear with no squib inside (tested by the expedient of running a pen from muzzle to breech). He wasn't shooting his own reloads but a company's re-manufactured ammo. Thankfully the round had enough energy to clear the pistol and he had stopped in time in any case.

The dark house course of fire was awesome, with good practice in shooting with flashlight in hand.

The match was great, well run, and a ton of fun. I've certainly been bitten by the USPSA bug. Challenging stages, big round counts, shooting and moving, friendly competitors and ROs - what's not to like?

Now I've shot enough classifiers to get classified.

We'll see what it averages out to, but considering my woeful history of malfunctioning firearms at the matches, I expect to hit the bottom with a D class. D class of course because they don't have an E class!

But, this is all to the good so that I have to work my way up and moving up class-wise will be a useful measure of improvement as I continue shooting USPSA and continue practicing in general.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Take My Daughters To The Range Day

Today was a fun and fulfilling day.

First, I took Abby to her karate class where she showed Sensei that she had been diligently practicing. She was tested, passed and earned her blue belt.

Lots of parental pride in watching her earn that belt.

Leah patiently waited throughout the whole lesson and got to come in and watch the test.

Then we went to lunch and then my new range.

My old range was the epitome of a Gun Culture 1.0 range, if not a .5 - mainly it is a spot for UAW types to hang out, shoot a bit, form one heck of a restrictive good ol' boy's club and then go to the clubhouse for cheap drinks. No drawing from a holster, no rapid fire and rifles could only be loaded and shot one round at a time unless you were one of the "special" ones. Only benefit was they had an indoor pistol range and the location was convenient. The trouble was access to it in terms of both hours and persons who could open it was so limited and difficult to get that it actually makes more monetary sense to shoot as a guest on sunday evenings when they're open to the public rather than pay membership dues and end up using it as much as a member of the public in any case. After a few years of frustrations, I formally resigned my membership as it was certainly not meeting my needs.

The new range is worlds apart better, and pretty representative of Gun Culture 2.0 and they were such before there was a 2.0. They host USPSA, 3-gun, and action shotgun matches. They're friendly, and as long as you're safe you can draw from a holster, move, and shoot all you like and if you're a member its open dawn 'till dusk except for holidays and during matches. In other words, my kinda place.

So today we went to the range after karate to assist in setting up the stages for tomorrow's USPSA mach, which I will participate in. The kids helped with target sticks and were well behaved.

After the stages were setup, we went to an empty bay and the kids got to take their first shots ever. I went over range safety, had them in youth sized shooting glasses and hearing protectors that I had bought for them and introduced them to the Marlin 795 .22LR rifle.

While it is a semi-auto fed from a 10 round magazine, they got to shoot it with a single round in the rifle at a time.

The rifle is a little big for both of them.

But, with targets in extra close and with dad helping steady and aim it and with 5 1/2" Caldwell® Bullseye Orange Peel Target centers liberally covering the target board that let them see their hits, they had a great, safe time which is all that matters for a first time out.

They want to go shooting again, which is very encouraging.

It was a great day indeed.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Michigan Bill To Permit Guns in Parking Lots

HB 5064, introduced by Rep. Paul Opsommer (R), will prevent property owners from preventing or prosecuting anyone that may lawfully transport a firearm from having the firearm out of sight in a locked vehicle on the property owner's premises.

The only exception would apply to vehicles owned by the employer/property owner.

This would include prohibiting employers from firing employees for having firearms locked in their cars.

Property owners would be immune from liability for any damages or acts involving the firearm so long as the property owner did not perform the act.

A good bill, currently with 16 sponsors, and worthy of becoming a law to protect the rights of Michigan's law abiding citizens.

A Cunning Plan to Catch Druggies in Genesee County

The Genessee County Sheriff has come up with a rather clever ruse to catch druggies.

The Sheriff put up a sign that reads:

Sheriff's Narcotic Checkpoint

The Sheriff's deputies then proceed to nail cars that do U-turns or otherwise break the law in a hurry to get away,

Of course, there is no drug checkpoint ahead as drug checkpoints are unconstitutional, so there's nothing to truly fear from the signs, unless you're both dumb, ignorant of your rights, and carrying drugs.

This hasn't stopped the ACLU and others from complaining. Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell defiant, says he won't take down drug checkpoint signs
County Sheriff Robert Pickell said he won't stop using signs that warn drivers of drug checkpoints despite questions about the legality of the practice.

"People ought not be concerned if they are not carrying drugs ... They shouldn't have anything to fear," Pickell said today.

County Prosecutor David Leyton and the American Civil Liberties Union have raised questions about drug checkpoints.

The sheriff said he is not using a drug checkpoint despite posting signs along I-69 and elsewhere that warn of a "narcotics checkpoint" and "drug dog in use."

"If anybody (is saying otherwise) they are just lying," he said.

The county drug team -- known as The Posse -- is making traffic stops around the signs, including stopping drivers who make U-turns or commit other traffic violations to avoid passing through the area.

"I don't have checkpoints," Pickell said. "It's no different than a guy who puts up a 'Beware of Dog' sign and doesn't have a dog."

Ok, the whole "you have nothing to fear if you're not doing anything wrong", is a rather off-putting. That statement often covers some real civil rights violations and concerns, but this sign really isn't one of them.

This is more like the invitations to felons with oustanding warrants to come get free tickets to ball games and the like.

The sign is neither a search nor a seizure, and the Sheriff is just cleverly allowing dumb criminals to help get themselves caught.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Former Chairman of the Oakland County Democratic Party Pleads No Contest in Election Fraud Case

The Democrat Fake Michigan Tea Party affair just made the news again.

As related by RightMichigan and as reported in the Detroit Free Press:

Michael McGuinness, former chairman of the Oakland County Democratic Party, pleaded no contest last week to charges associated with a fake Tea Party scheme hatched for the 2010 elections.
Now for the next Democrat to face the music:
His alleged accomplice Jason Bauer, who worked for the county Democratic party, faces a Dec. 8 trial on the same charges.

Hot Pursuit - You're Doing it Wrong.

The Detroit News: Police: Detroit carjackers steal victims' other car after first one breaks down

Detroit police are looking for men who stole a vehicle that would shortly after break down during a chase from the victims, prompting them to steal the vehicle the victims were pursuing them in.

The men first stole a 1995 Chevy Suburban about 4:45 a.m. Monday from a home near Seven Mile and Riverview.

The occupants of the home, men ages 36 and 31 years old, chased after the Suburban and another suspect, who was driving a Pontiac Grand Am, police said.

During the chase, the stolen Suburban broke down and the man driving it fired at least one shot at the victims, who were in a Dodge Stratus, police said. The thieves then carjacked the victims and sped off in the Stratus, police said.

Yep, read that again, it's worth chuckling over twice.

Seriously, the victims decide to chase after the stolen car and then get their chase car jacked by the same thieves they were chasing.

Certainly this can be blamed on a lack of forethought before deciding to engage in what appears to be an unarmed pursuit of criminals. Such a pursuit is generally an idea that doesn't turn out too well.

Remember folks, "They went that-away, Let's go get 'em!" is not a coherent plan.

Monday, October 17, 2011

You gave a former Maoist What?!?

Instapundit relates that former Maoist EU Commission President Barroso is trying to propose a law to criminalize certain financial activities in order to provide some scapegoats for the hash he and other EU-crats have made of the EUconomy.

Who made a former Maoist the president of the EU Commission with the power to pass laws that can affect all of Europe and require EU nations to pass similar laws?

What the heck is the EU thinking?

Look, you do not give "former" arsonists easy access to matches and gasoline and unattended buildings. Similarly you do not give "former" Maoists positions as President of the EU Commisison and access to that much power.

The results are never good. It's that simple.

Has Consumers Factored La Nina Into Their Forecast?

The Detroit News: Consumers Energy says drop in heating costs ahead

Consumers Energy says it expects its natural gas customers to pay less for their home heating bill this winter.

The Jackson-based utility made the announcement on Monday.

Consumers projects heating costs will be about 3 percent less due to lower fuel prices. The estimate is based on normal weather patterns.

I was happy hearing this until I read Watts Up With That?: NCEP ensemble forecast shows deep La Niña coming.

I was looking forward to saving some heating expenses, but I'm assuming a deep La Niña isn't what Consumers would consider a normal weather pattern.

Expect another nasty winter folks.

Recent Reads to Recommend

For a sobering work of nonfiction, Theodore Dalrymple's Our Culture, What's Left of It: The Mandarins and the Masses is a must read. It is a selection of his essays on the decline of British society. Written prior to the London riots of 2011, it reads quite prophetic now.

Mr. Dalrymple writes what are quite simply brilliant and erudite essays. He can draw on a classical education that seems to effortlessly move from how Shakespeare matters today, to Virginia Wolf and the removal of moral constraints on the British working classes and beyond. His work is a joy to read and you cannot fail to enjoy his prose and learn something new in each and every chapter.

His writing is a fantastic commentary on Britain today and how it came to be the place where Great Britain used to be.

Highly recommended if you want to understand what happens when a bunch of progressives grab ahold of a culture and give it a hard left twist.

In the Fiction Department, I just finished Tom Kratman's Countdown: The Liberators

Countdown certainly does feature much of what Tam describes in her review of it as construction porn - the building and staffing of a Regiment, its base camp and all sorts of interesting accoutrements needed for the mission. It is a fast-paced read with some pretty funny one-liners throughout.

Among the construction and deconstruction action sequences, the book has a lot of rather biting commentary on history and world affairs today.

Kratman's commentary ranges from commentary on progressives and the results of their activities, to piracy and how to rather decisively deal with it, to gays in the military. Think the lighter serious bits of Dalrymple combined with high explosive.

Highly recommended for a fun light read.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home Guntinkering Do's and Don'ts

For the Do's

The PA-63 has a terrible stock trigger pull, requiring fingers of steel to get a shot off in double action.

So I purchased a Wolff Gunsprings Hammer spring pack and decided to change the spring.

I went with the middle weight 11 lb spring.

Changing the hammer spring is simplicity itself:

1. Ensure the PA63 is unloaded and remove the magazine and remove the grips;
2. Tap out the pin on the bottom of the frame;
3. Take off the plug at the base of the frame now freed by the removed pin;
4. Take out the old spring, replace with the new spring making sure the hammer strut is inside the spring;
5. replace the plug and pin, and screw the grips back on.

The whole process takes maybe 5 minutes.

The improvement is immediate and remarkable.

The PA-63 is now practically PPK-like in trigger quality, I may go to the 9lb just to see if it becomes even better once I test it fully at the range.

If you own a PA-63, you really owe it to yourself to get a new hammer spring set and get it installed.

As for the Don'ts:

The Glock factory extended slide stop release for the 3 pin Glock frame does not work when installed in a two pin Glock frame.

It will cause the slide to lock open after every shot which is rather embarrassing.

Ask me how I know.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dollar Coins, Dollar Coins Everywhere But No One Wants to Use Them

The Baltimore Sun: Dollar coins piling up at Baltimore reserve bank

a dimly lit underground vault a block from Camden Yards, the Federal Reserve is holding millions of dollars in cash that nobody wants.

The money — stored in cloth and plastic sacks piled high on metal shelving units — is in the unloved form of dollar coins, some of them never used. But a 2005 law requires the reserve bank to keep ordering coins regardless of its stockpile, and so vaults in Baltimore and around the country are filling up.

Americans just don't appreciate dollar coins, even if they do cost less to make and last longer, not to mention actually make the US Treasury profit.
The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office reported in March that switching from paper to metal would save taxpayers $5.5 billion over 30 years.
It costs 30 cents to make a $1 coin, but the Fed purchases it for face value — and the U.S. Treasury pockets the difference. In 2010, the Mint put about 400 million $1 coins into circulation, which means the government made a profit of about $280 million.

We prefer greenbacks to the coins as they're lighter to carry and more convenient, and the shiny golden coins slightly bigger than a quarter don't feel like dollars to people.

Until the government makes a law and ends production of the $1 banknotes,as occurred in Canada when the loonie was rolled out, you're going to see this problem continue as people choose not to use them. From the Susan B. Anthony, to the Sacajawea, and now we're looking at a surplus of Rutherford B. Hayes dollars as people stick to paper.

Beck, who has worked at the Baltimore branch for 27 years, would not say how many coins are stored in Baltimore, but the Fed's board of governors told Congress in June that the reserve system is holding more than $1.2 billion in dollar coins at 28 cash offices across the country.

Officials expect the number of dollar coins sitting in storage to grow to $2 billion by 2016.
I, for one, would certainly be willing to take some off their hands if space is a concern.

Heck, I'd even promise to carry and spend them, and thus further stimulate the economy rather than let them tarnish sitting in a vault.

Stupid Criminal of the Day

And today's award goes to Theresa Jefferson of Maryland.

Findlaw: Walmart Bleach Fight Sends 19 to Hospital

Police have arrested Theresa Jefferson, 33, in connection with a Walmart bleach fight over the weekend.

Jefferson reportedly targeted her intended victim, and followed her into a Baltimore-area Walmart. Once inside, she attacked the woman with bleach, Pine-Sol and ammonia.

The chemicals mixed, creating a toxic gas. Hazmat crews were called, and nineteen people were sent to the hospital for eye and respiratory injuries.

Didn't her parents ever warn her never to mix ammonia and bleach? Certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed as her actions and picture seem to confirm.

Of course, its likely she's from a single parent (if any) family given the apparent reason for her attack:
It appears as though the Walmart bleach fight was part of an ongoing dispute between the two women. The unnamed victim is dating Jefferson's baby daddy, according to the Baltimore Sun.
When did "baby daddy" enter the lexicon of acceptable usage?

I realize "baby daddy" is a convenient short form for "someone Jefferson hooked up with, and got pregnant by, out of wedlock and probably then went right onto welfare", but really.

The term not only makes it acceptable for a man to forgo his responsibilities after fathering a child, but also condones this very destructive behavior of casual and unthinking reproduction and creates a continuing cycle of dependency and reinforcement of a series of poor decisions.

Some people suffer from extremely poor impulse control in many areas of their lives.

In addition to the assault charge, I'm surprised the prosecutor didn't up the ante and charge her with creation and use of a weapon of mass destruction because of the toxic gas she created.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If they Occupy Detroit, Would We Even Notice A Difference?

What would Occupy Detroit protest about exactly?

The decades of Democrat malfeasance, overspending, overtaxing, underserving, big-union feather-nesting that has sucked the life out of this once great city?

Or perhaps the decades of Democrat corruption and bribery that came to the forefront when done to excess under Kwame and that dragged the city even farther under?

I suspect not.

But, we will get the chance to find out on October 14. Or maybe it will be on October 21. Well, at least someday soon, coming to a dysfunctional city near you.

Anyone have a timely wisecracks on how leftists can't even plan an inchoate protest properly?

The pictures of the October 10 meeting are rather interesting as well and the captions need to be read to be believed, particularly the "blocking" one (how cute).

This protest, like the other Occupy ones around the country, seems to be comprised of predominently whites, the college-aged and the clueless.

This is rather interesting, given that the city of Detroit is 87.74% not white.

As you'll note from the article, some came from as far as San Francisco to be part of this spontaneous, local activity.

After all that Prep Work and Defiance, Underwear Bomber Pleads Guilty

On the second day of trial, after months of preparation, weeks of jury selection and posturing, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab decides to plead guilty on all counts.

Underwear bomber pleads guilty, warns: 'If you laugh at us now, we will laugh at you later'

Apparently all this was done just so he can make a public statement regarding his actions:

Abdulmutallab read from a statement saying he was guilty under U.S. law, but not under Islamic law, for the crimes charged. He said he tried to carry out the bombing in retaliation for the murder of innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Isreal and elsewhere by the United States.

He warned the U.S. that, if it continued to murder innocent Muslims, a calamity would befall the U.S.

“If you laugh at us now, we will laugh at you later,” he said.
And I say, in the immortal words of Nelson Muntz:

He said committing jihad against the United States is one of “the most virtuous acts” a Muslim can perform. ...
I wonder how virtuous it is considered for being an incompetent terrorist scumbag and burning your nuts in the process.

Outside the courthouse, Abdulmutallab's lawyer, Anthony Chambers, said he hadn't his client to plead guilty.

"It's disappointing," he said, adding that he never wants a client to plead guilty to charges that could result in a life sentence. He said Abdulmutallab made the decision on his own and announced it this morning.

He said he thinks he had a viable defense to some of the charges, adding that he questions whether the aircraft was damaged by the bombing attempt.

He said the guilty plea enables his client to get on with the rest of his life and read a statement in court to explain his actions.

So the entire farce of giving this guy a trial and his failure to plead out earlier is so this moron can read a pro-jihad statement while racking up time and costs in his lawfare bid?

Let's hope his statement brings him comfort during his life in prison that he should hopefully receive at his sentencing, and let's hope there's some reconsideration of the policy of granting foreign terrorists access to American civillian courts.

What Goes Clip-Clop, Snip, Clip-Clop, Snip?

An Amish drive-by hair cutting.

Findlaw: Amish Beard-Cutting: Gang Gives Rival Amish Unwanted Haircuts

Four suspects in an Amish beard-cutting attack were arrested in Ohio this week. The four men are from the small community of Bergholz.

Authorities say the attacks were perpetrated by a rival Amish group. The victims were held down against their will and given unwanted cuts to their beard and to their hair.

Potential gang retaliation being considered includes removing the reflective triangle from rivals' buggies.

The Amish manage to keep even gang violence rather subdued.

While forced beard and hair cutting is certainly an offensive and wrongful act, compare it to how warring gangs operate in the "civilized" world.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Useless Question of the Night

Question: If you slice a Ford Fusion into parts, do you call it a Ford Fission?

Pelosi Gets The Vapors Over Brown's Pithy Comeback to Warren

Nancy Pelosi is all upset that Scott Brown defended himself from Elizabeth Warren's crass cheap shot during the Democrat's primary.

Newsmax: Pelosi: Brown Wisecrack Show He's Clueless

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that Sen. Scott Brown's wisecrack about Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren shows he is clueless about women.

During a Democratic primary debate Tuesday, Warren was asked about Brown's decision to pose nude in a magazine during law school. Asked how she paid for college, Warren said she kept her clothes on.

"Thank God," Brown laughed during a radio interview about the comment afterward. He later said he was joking.

Nonetheless, Pelosi said Brown should take that comment back.

"I thought it spoke volumes about how clueless Sen. Brown is," the California Democrat said on ABC's "This Week." ''It really spoke volumes about, really, disrespect for women he may not even realize."
So lets get this straight: Warren takes a dig at Brown for doing hard honest work to put himself through school. In other words a cheap shot at a working class American putting himself through school.

According to Pelosi, that's ok and does not require a retraction nor speak volumes of how Warren feels contempt for a claimed Democrat core constituency -- the working man.

Warren takes a shot at Brown by claiming that she, unlike him, didn't do any nude modeling herself.

Scott Brown, like many other males hearing her statement then and now, breathes a sigh of relief that Warren didn't do such a thing.

His clever and pithy response is astonishingly considered by Pelosi to speak volumes about his alleged disrespect for women.

Talk about your double standards and political gamesmanship.

Pelosi really needs some new material as this faux outrage doesn't even pass the laugh test.

Pelosi's outrage is just more of the Democrat's dish-it-out-but-can't-take-it standard in action.

A Qwik About-Face

Via Instapundit, we learn that Netflix has backed away from its ill-concieved spin-off of its DVD business to the goofily named Qwikster.

This is a good decision on Netflix's part. The reckless speed in dumping their DVD line onto the hastily and unfortunately named Qwikster line right after a hasty and hefty price increase certainly was damaging their brand.

Of course, they could have saved themselves some time, money, and embarrasment by first carefully considering the ramifications of such a split before charging blithely ahead with it.

Hasten slowly is rather timeless good advice, and it applies to many of today's decisions and decision-makers, and not just Netflix's Qwikster folly.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

When the Left declares a kulturkampf, I reach for my Inglis....

My Inglis High-Power of course.

The title of this post is paraphrased from a rather well known national socialist of his time, Herman Goering.

Today we can see yet another leftist -- in German military uniform no less -- on Wall Street of all places calling for a class war. We also have the specter of these scumbags threatening violent acts against middle-class workers.

Do the fools realize what they're actually asking for, and the consequences? Probably not.

In any case, on to the Inglis Hi-Power.

This Hi-Power in my collection is an Inglis MKI*, with the black paint finish, British proofs, and rather excellent Inglis workmanship.

The Hi-Power fits the hand well and the sights line up quite naturally. The first 9mm pistol with a workable double column magazine, it offered 13+1 rounds of firepower.

The sights, while small, are quite usable and the trigger, which somewhat hampered crispness-wise by the magazine safety, is more than up to the task of accuracy for self-defense ranges. The small thumb safety takes some practice to quickly move from safe to fire, but overall the pistol serves its purpose well and even 70 years after it was made still functions perfectly and has been an enduring and excellent design.

This particular pistol was in the Nazi-killing business, and hopefully for this pistol and its fellows, business was good.

The Browning Hi-Power was developed in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale (FN). One of the last designs by John Moses Browning, it was refined and finished by Dieudonné Saive, and it went into production just in time for the factory to be occupied by the Nazi invasion and it then produced Hi-Powers for the Wehrmacht.

However, some brave Belgians smuggled the plans for the pistol to Canada where the Hi-Power was then produced by Inglis for the British Commonwealth military forces. As such the Hi Power, like Dieudonné Saive's later creation, the FN-FAL, fought on both sides of a conflict.

The Inglis name continues today and some Inglis pistols continue to serve in armies around the world, making them some of the longest-serving sidearms around and a testament to an excellent design.

Inglis, while it does not manufacture pistols today, is an example of the peace dividend Canada has been enjoying ever since the end of WWII. Inglis is now making home appliances including washing machines such as can be seen in my Dad's basement in Toronto:

From superb pistols to superb washing machines, the Inglis company (now having been taken over by Whirlpool in 1987 and the company having changed its name to Whirlpool Canada in 2001) has served Canada well.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Detroit Free Press - Cheap Tuition For Illegals Will Do Wonderful Things To Enhance Michigan's Economy

The Detroit Free Press in its editorial Michigan universities should offer in-state tuition rates for immigrants advocates that Michigan's universities not offer in-state tuition to immigrants from other states of our union nor for legal immigrants arriving in our fair state, but for illegal immigrants.

Of course they euphemistically label them "undocumented immigrants" but illegals are what they in fact are.

The Freep claims that such a policy will "benefit all of Michigan" and would really "rev" Michigan's economy. How exactly?

After all, these illegals cannot legally work nor pay taxes in the state after graduation, and neither they nor their parents can legally work here currently so its rather hard to see how their remaining here and receiving the subsidy of in-stae tuition paid for by the legal residents of Michigan would be a benefit.

Apparently though, such a policy would keep more young illegals in our state. This, according to the Freep, is an unquestionable good.

Such a policy would help retain the young, educated [and illegal] people -- now leaving Michigan in droves -- who drive the knowledge-based economy of the 21st Century. Many of the college-age children of illegal immigrants have lived here most of their lives. They've attended Michigan public schools, and their parents have paid Michigan taxes.
That's quite the series of unsupported assertions by the Freep.

Are these youthful illegals really the "drivers of the knowledge-based economy"? Are their parents really net taxpayers, especially since being illegals they don't file Michigan state income taxes? More likely they are net recipients of state aid and resources.

It is, however, cute of the Freep to conflate legal immigration with illegal in this manner.

How about this if you really want to rev up Michigan's economy with educated workers: Make in-state tuition apply to anyone that comes legally to Michigan to study in return for a contract that they will stay in the state for at least 3 years after graduation.

That will do far more to rev Michigan's economy than any handout to illegals, even if they are the Democrat's and the Freep's favored interest group.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Better Late Than Never? Germany Decides To Investigate Nazi War Criminals 66 Years After WWII

USA Today: Germany reopens hundreds of Nazi probes

Nearly seven decades after the end of World War II, German authorities have reopened hundreds of dormant investigations of Nazi death camp guards in an eleventh hour attempt that could result in at least dozens of new prosecutions, The Associated Press has learned.
Special Nazi war-crimes investigators reopened the files after the conviction of former U.S. autoworker John Demjanjuk, whose case set a new legal precedent in Germany, said Kurt Schrimm, the prosecutor who heads the unit.

Given the advanced age of all of the suspects, investigators are not waiting until the Demjanjuk appeals process is over, he said.

"We don't want to wait too long, so we've already begun our investigations," Schrimm said.

It only took them 66 years after the end of the Second World War to reopen these cases. Talk about the wheels of justice grinding slowly in Germany.

Glad they didn't wait much longer, as it appears up until now that they wanted all the murderers to die peacfully in their beds before they face any justice.

One reason among many for this inexcusable neglect is that six million dead Jews don't vote in German elections, but millions of former Nazis do, and often.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Robin Hood, You're Not.

I'm all in favor of re-enacting the classics, but this shows extrememly poor impulse control and criminal stupidity.

The Detroit Free Press: Man points bow and arrow in road rage

Authorities say a driver pointed a bow and arrow at another motorist's head in mid-Michigan during what's being described as a case of road rage.

The Grand Rapids Press reports a 23-year-old Shepherd man was facing felonious assault charges after Saturday's dispute involving a 24-year-old Vestaburg man in Montcalm County's Home Township, about 45 miles northeast of Grand Rapids.

Authorities say the dispute began after the Vestaburg man tried to pass the other man's pickup, and the pickup driver ran the man's vehicle off the road. Authorities say both men got out of their vehicles, and the pickup driver approached the other with the bow and arrow.

Running somebody off the road is criminally stupid.

Threatening them with a bow and arrow after running them off the road will get your stupid self into the newspapers as a prime example of how not to behave while behind the wheel.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Joys of Home Repair

So this weekend, I got some needed repairs done around the house, thanks to a great deal of help from my friend Barry. He did the real serious work that required actual home improvement aptitude.

The reason for the repairs is simple: Apparently this house, prior to our purchase of it, was redone by drunken monkeys who sought to make the visible look good and then take every possible shortcut on that which is important but not readily discovered.

For example, a few of the things repaired this weekend:

-The fans from the bathrooms, instead of venting to the outside, had their hoses lying on the floor of the attic, which is a not good considering the water vapor those hoses carry.

-a return air vent wasn't capped, leaving a gaping hole right up into the attic.

-the skylight had no insulation around it at all.

-the basement rim joists are uninsulated (a job I'm still working on, but about a quarter of the way through). Thankfully, this is a very simple task so I can handle it.

-closet doors were messed up and threatening to fall off their tracks and land on the kids.

In addition, I also changed the lock mechanisms on the garage entry door myself which went quite well, and the family is happy with the improvement as they don't get locked out of their own home any longer.

In short, it has been a busy weekend with lots of trips, and return trips, and trips to return things, to Home Depot.