Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home Guntinkering Do's and Don'ts

For the Do's

The PA-63 has a terrible stock trigger pull, requiring fingers of steel to get a shot off in double action.

So I purchased a Wolff Gunsprings Hammer spring pack and decided to change the spring.

I went with the middle weight 11 lb spring.

Changing the hammer spring is simplicity itself:

1. Ensure the PA63 is unloaded and remove the magazine and remove the grips;
2. Tap out the pin on the bottom of the frame;
3. Take off the plug at the base of the frame now freed by the removed pin;
4. Take out the old spring, replace with the new spring making sure the hammer strut is inside the spring;
5. replace the plug and pin, and screw the grips back on.

The whole process takes maybe 5 minutes.

The improvement is immediate and remarkable.

The PA-63 is now practically PPK-like in trigger quality, I may go to the 9lb just to see if it becomes even better once I test it fully at the range.

If you own a PA-63, you really owe it to yourself to get a new hammer spring set and get it installed.

As for the Don'ts:

The Glock factory extended slide stop release for the 3 pin Glock frame does not work when installed in a two pin Glock frame.

It will cause the slide to lock open after every shot which is rather embarrassing.

Ask me how I know.


Murphy's Law said...

Re: the Glock...did you do that and take it to a match without test-firing it first, too? Let's just say that if you did, you're not the first person to do it.

Aaron said...

That remark certainly ressembles what occured.

JHeck I did test it with an empty magazine to make sure it locked back on empty, and it did. Of course, it then wanted to keep locking back after every round.

But, I failed to notice the package it was contained in said for 3 pins...