Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Joys of Home Repair

So this weekend, I got some needed repairs done around the house, thanks to a great deal of help from my friend Barry. He did the real serious work that required actual home improvement aptitude.

The reason for the repairs is simple: Apparently this house, prior to our purchase of it, was redone by drunken monkeys who sought to make the visible look good and then take every possible shortcut on that which is important but not readily discovered.

For example, a few of the things repaired this weekend:

-The fans from the bathrooms, instead of venting to the outside, had their hoses lying on the floor of the attic, which is a not good considering the water vapor those hoses carry.

-a return air vent wasn't capped, leaving a gaping hole right up into the attic.

-the skylight had no insulation around it at all.

-the basement rim joists are uninsulated (a job I'm still working on, but about a quarter of the way through). Thankfully, this is a very simple task so I can handle it.

-closet doors were messed up and threatening to fall off their tracks and land on the kids.

In addition, I also changed the lock mechanisms on the garage entry door myself which went quite well, and the family is happy with the improvement as they don't get locked out of their own home any longer.

In short, it has been a busy weekend with lots of trips, and return trips, and trips to return things, to Home Depot.

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