Friday, October 21, 2011

A Cunning Plan to Catch Druggies in Genesee County

The Genessee County Sheriff has come up with a rather clever ruse to catch druggies.

The Sheriff put up a sign that reads:

Sheriff's Narcotic Checkpoint

The Sheriff's deputies then proceed to nail cars that do U-turns or otherwise break the law in a hurry to get away,

Of course, there is no drug checkpoint ahead as drug checkpoints are unconstitutional, so there's nothing to truly fear from the signs, unless you're both dumb, ignorant of your rights, and carrying drugs.

This hasn't stopped the ACLU and others from complaining. Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell defiant, says he won't take down drug checkpoint signs
County Sheriff Robert Pickell said he won't stop using signs that warn drivers of drug checkpoints despite questions about the legality of the practice.

"People ought not be concerned if they are not carrying drugs ... They shouldn't have anything to fear," Pickell said today.

County Prosecutor David Leyton and the American Civil Liberties Union have raised questions about drug checkpoints.

The sheriff said he is not using a drug checkpoint despite posting signs along I-69 and elsewhere that warn of a "narcotics checkpoint" and "drug dog in use."

"If anybody (is saying otherwise) they are just lying," he said.

The county drug team -- known as The Posse -- is making traffic stops around the signs, including stopping drivers who make U-turns or commit other traffic violations to avoid passing through the area.

"I don't have checkpoints," Pickell said. "It's no different than a guy who puts up a 'Beware of Dog' sign and doesn't have a dog."

Ok, the whole "you have nothing to fear if you're not doing anything wrong", is a rather off-putting. That statement often covers some real civil rights violations and concerns, but this sign really isn't one of them.

This is more like the invitations to felons with oustanding warrants to come get free tickets to ball games and the like.

The sign is neither a search nor a seizure, and the Sheriff is just cleverly allowing dumb criminals to help get themselves caught.

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