Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stupid Criminal of the Day

And today's award goes to Theresa Jefferson of Maryland.

Findlaw: Walmart Bleach Fight Sends 19 to Hospital

Police have arrested Theresa Jefferson, 33, in connection with a Walmart bleach fight over the weekend.

Jefferson reportedly targeted her intended victim, and followed her into a Baltimore-area Walmart. Once inside, she attacked the woman with bleach, Pine-Sol and ammonia.

The chemicals mixed, creating a toxic gas. Hazmat crews were called, and nineteen people were sent to the hospital for eye and respiratory injuries.

Didn't her parents ever warn her never to mix ammonia and bleach? Certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed as her actions and picture seem to confirm.

Of course, its likely she's from a single parent (if any) family given the apparent reason for her attack:
It appears as though the Walmart bleach fight was part of an ongoing dispute between the two women. The unnamed victim is dating Jefferson's baby daddy, according to the Baltimore Sun.
When did "baby daddy" enter the lexicon of acceptable usage?

I realize "baby daddy" is a convenient short form for "someone Jefferson hooked up with, and got pregnant by, out of wedlock and probably then went right onto welfare", but really.

The term not only makes it acceptable for a man to forgo his responsibilities after fathering a child, but also condones this very destructive behavior of casual and unthinking reproduction and creates a continuing cycle of dependency and reinforcement of a series of poor decisions.

Some people suffer from extremely poor impulse control in many areas of their lives.

In addition to the assault charge, I'm surprised the prosecutor didn't up the ante and charge her with creation and use of a weapon of mass destruction because of the toxic gas she created.

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