Wednesday, October 12, 2011

After all that Prep Work and Defiance, Underwear Bomber Pleads Guilty

On the second day of trial, after months of preparation, weeks of jury selection and posturing, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab decides to plead guilty on all counts.

Underwear bomber pleads guilty, warns: 'If you laugh at us now, we will laugh at you later'

Apparently all this was done just so he can make a public statement regarding his actions:

Abdulmutallab read from a statement saying he was guilty under U.S. law, but not under Islamic law, for the crimes charged. He said he tried to carry out the bombing in retaliation for the murder of innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Isreal and elsewhere by the United States.

He warned the U.S. that, if it continued to murder innocent Muslims, a calamity would befall the U.S.

“If you laugh at us now, we will laugh at you later,” he said.
And I say, in the immortal words of Nelson Muntz:

He said committing jihad against the United States is one of “the most virtuous acts” a Muslim can perform. ...
I wonder how virtuous it is considered for being an incompetent terrorist scumbag and burning your nuts in the process.

Outside the courthouse, Abdulmutallab's lawyer, Anthony Chambers, said he hadn't his client to plead guilty.

"It's disappointing," he said, adding that he never wants a client to plead guilty to charges that could result in a life sentence. He said Abdulmutallab made the decision on his own and announced it this morning.

He said he thinks he had a viable defense to some of the charges, adding that he questions whether the aircraft was damaged by the bombing attempt.

He said the guilty plea enables his client to get on with the rest of his life and read a statement in court to explain his actions.

So the entire farce of giving this guy a trial and his failure to plead out earlier is so this moron can read a pro-jihad statement while racking up time and costs in his lawfare bid?

Let's hope his statement brings him comfort during his life in prison that he should hopefully receive at his sentencing, and let's hope there's some reconsideration of the policy of granting foreign terrorists access to American civillian courts.

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