Saturday, April 30, 2016

Well, Drat.

So the sun is out, the overcast layer of stratus clouds is way up at 20,000 feet, winds while varying from 8-12 knots are pretty much along the runway center line. The low crummy overcast, high winds, and rain of the past week is gone.

Should be a good day to fly and do the cross-country, no?

Well, not after I received the call from the flight school that the plane I'm booked on (a different plane from the one that hosed me the last time) has a maintenance problem that won't be repaired in time and again all other planes are booked.

Drat. Kinda hard to progress with my flying when I can't go flying.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Refrigerator Repair Achievement Unlocked!

So the fridge has been causing problems recently - water freezing at the bottom of the freezer compartment and then overflowing out onto the floor.

Finally sick of chipping away the ice I researched the problem and found that our fridge, among many others, had a really stupid design defect that is rather well known. Since Whirlpool, Kitchenaid and quite a few other names were all manufactured with the same dumb design, quite a few fridges are affected.

I found out that the little rubber grommet on the end of the evaporator tube is badly designed and tends to gum up, get blocked, and when the evaporated water has nowhere to go, instead of going to the evaporator pan, it backs up and then runs down into the freezer floor, freezes and then cascades out onto the kitchen floor.

Natasha indicated her clear displeasure with the situation.

So, it was on me to set this right, calling a fridge repair place was not a preferred option.

Research online showed it was a relatively easy repair.

You need to replace the grommet and drain tube with this:

Thankfully, there is YouTube for an easy to follow video on how to do it:

Following the video, after unloading the fridge sufficiently to be able to move it, I attempted the repair and replacement.

It went not nearly as quickly as depicted and with somewhat different vocabulary (yes that metal edge is sharp), but in the end I was triumphant.

After cleaning the long unseen and really dirty area behind the fridge, I plugged it in and put it back. The fridge is working so that's a good sign.

The wet floor issue should now be a thing of the past, and no costly repair tech was needed for what was a pretty simple job.

This just goes to show, If the women don't find you handsome, the should at least find you handy.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Is A Cruel Month In Michigan For Flying

Yet again I'm weathered out.

You can arrive at the field, all ready to go, with last night's forecast promising great things, ready to get some solo time in. In preparation you visualize flying the perfect pattern and making the most excellent landings.

Instead you're met with rain, low cloud ceilings, and crosswinds that are just not within parameters.

So not good in fact that instructors are cancelling their flights.

This is what in aviation is called a clue.

Here's to the possibly forlorn hope that Saturday will have some decent weather so I can get my next cross country solo in.

Ah well, still definitely better to be down here hoping to be up there than the other way around.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This Is Why You Don't Shoot Fleeing Property Thieves

In every carry class I teach or act as an attorney for another instructor, I make a very deliberate point to go over Michigan's use of force laws and cover the question of the use of deadly force to defend property.

Quick short answer - you can't.

Nor can you do so in most states, including, Indiana where today's lesson is located.

Simply put, you may not use deadly force against someone merely committing a property offense, and most especially not when they are running away without posing a threat.

When you try to do so, this happens: Burglar sues homeowner who shot him

Yes, it is rather crazy that a burglar can sue a homeowner for shooting him, and in a perfect world criminal activity should cancel out any right to sue for injuries incurred in the commission of a crime, but look at the rather bad facts here:

1. The burglar was not in the premises when the homeowner shot at him but was running down an alley.

2. The homeowner was chasing the fleeing burglar.

3. Add on top of this that the burglar claims his name is Dindunuffin, and that while he had plead guilty to a "related" burglary charge he is pure as the driven snow and didn't break into the garage, and you're looking at a lawsuit, not to mention potential criminal charges as happened to the homeowner in this case.

Quick and easy lesson - do not shoot at, nor apply any other lethal force upon, fleeing persons not posing an imminent deadly threat to you.

Now don't do that, ok?

Revolving Doors Of Justice Hit The Public Once Again

Unsurprisingly, the latest murder to hit the news in Pontiac is a repeat offender.

Sadly it is also not surprising that he was out and about after repeat parole violations when he should have been in jail after the first such violation. He was absconding from parole when he committed his latest murder. Yes, his latest, he was previously in prison on a plea for manslaughter.

The Detroit News: Parolee accused of suffocating woman a serial absconder

Apparently having removed his tether three times, there was finally a warrant out for his arrest but not before he went ahead and apparently strangled his girlfriend Marie Elizabeth Colburn, 30, and shoved her body in a closet. So much for the safety and savings resulting from letting criminals wander around on tethers.

Wiley has quite the impressive criminal history - Manslaughter in 2004, Home Invasion in 2012, Controlled substance delivery/manufacturing in 2000 and Controlled substance possession in 200, plus all the times he got to skate on the parole violations.

Allowing Kevin Jermaine Wiley to be out free to commit more crimes and then failing on multiple occasions to put him back in jail after he had violated parole led to yet another person being killed. Expect this to be defended as just another "mistake that was made" or "failure of the system" while the governor and various criminal interest groups goes full steam ahead on the presumptive parole policy to release yet more dangerous criminals out onto the streets.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stupid Criminals - Another Demonstration Why Running From The Police Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

If you're running from the police, which you really should not do, trying to slip away by crawling under a moving train is just not your best option.

The Detroit News: Police: Mich. man flees cops, has leg cut off by train

Lost both legs because he decided to run from the police due to having two minor misdemeanor traffic warrants outstanding - pretty much the definition of stupid right there.

Since he lost both legs in the incident, his prospects in court are rather dim - he won't have a leg to stand on for his defense.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

It Looks Like The P-8 Poseidons Are Going To Be Busy

The Detroit News: N. Korea appears to fire submarine-launched missile

Submarine ballistic missile launching capability in the hands of a nuclear-capable rogue state that has threatened to nuke the US and South Korea, what could possibly go wrong?

Assuming this isn't more communist make-believe theater, Noirth korea just got a whole lot more dangerous to areas outside its immediate neighborhood.

We're gonna need more P-8s.

Friday, April 22, 2016

A Passover Story

As Passover approaches, with tonight being the first night and the first seder of the celebration, there's a story that's rather worthy of retelling.

Many years ago, Shmuel, a British Jew had a life devoted to public service and charitable works in the United Kingdom.

After years of doing these good works, he received a notice that he was to be honored with a knighthood for his lifetime of service.

The Queen would conduct the ceremony, which coincidentally turned out would be on Passover, and those receiving the honors would one by one approach, say the appropriate words and declaration in Latin and then be knighted by the Queen.

All was going well, and then Shmuel stepped up before the Queen.

At that moment he completely forgot the Latin phrase he was supposed to utter and in a panic instead said "Ma nishtanah halailah hazeh mikol haleilot".

The Queen, somewhat puzzled, looked at her advisors and then asked:

"Why is this knight different from all other knights?"

Happy Passover!