Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Flying Lesson #122 Onward To Linden

Last week there was no flying. My planned solo was cancelled due to winds beyond all small plane limits on Thursday and then my Sunday lesson was cancelled due to 300 foot overcast ceilings and thunderstorms. Neither of those conditions are conducive to learning, nor for small plane survival for that matter.

Today rain was forecast but when I got to the airport it was clear enough with winds only about 7 knots out of 170 and overcast at 8,000 feet. Nice and calm for some great flying weather.

I was flying with Tiffany, the CFI that administered my pre-solo oral knowledge test and it was pre-checkride prep time.

So I did a good takeoff after the tower sent me across 27R to takeoff from 27L as a helicopter was flying in the 27R pattern.

Tiffany requested I do a short field takeoff which I did, and I do like those. I then flew to Linden IFRR. IFRR you ask? That's pilot talk for I Follow Rail Roads.

Verily, there is indeed a railroad you can intercept and follow all the way from Pontiac to Linden, dropping down below Flint's Class C shelf as you do so in order to not bust their airspace. So, I landed at Linden and did another short field takeoff from there and dead-reckoned my way to the practice area, which I haven't done before so it was a bit interesting but I got there.

In the practice area I did slow flight, Power off and power on stall and steep turns. Hilariously my steep turn to the right was commercial passing grade but my left steep turn simply sucked. This is annoying as the steep turn to the right is supposed to be harder to do and this used to be my best maneuver, so more practice is needed. I guess I'm just a true right-winger.

We then did the low altitude maneuvers - turns around a point and S-turns. I hadn’t done those S-turns in a while and it showed but she helped me polish those. Then dead reckoning back to KPTK and I actually estimated the exact heading back there before she plugged it into the GPS and did a soft field landing that needed to be softer so more to work on there.

Overall a very productive and fun lesson showing some areas that need some work. Let's hope for some good flying weather for the next few weeks so I can get done here.

1.7 and 2 landings.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Curious Case Of The Forged Lease

I was in court on a landlord-tenant matter that wasn't really a landlord-tenant matter at all.

We were suing to evict a girlfriend/moochee of the recently deceased resident of the house on behalf of his family. Note I said resident, not owner, that will come up later.

Did I mention the girlfriend/moochee is trashing the house and also happens to have a felony for manufacturing marijuana and seems to be trying to convert the basement of the house into a growing operation while at the same time making it unhealthy to live there? So getting her out is kinda important.

So I filed the requisite papers to get her out and lo and behold she gets an attorney.

Who then files a counter-complaint claiming she has a lease and sues for invasion of privacy, constructive eviction, disturbance of quiet enjoyment and seeks $25,000 plus in damages to get it kicked up to Circuit Court. In short nonsense because the deceased and the daughter have lived there as well and she's allowed to go get her stuff so the claims are basically nonsense, but if there's a real lease they've at least got a fight.

But it gets better.

So I'm looking at the supposed lease attached to the counter-complaint. It's filled out in a lady's handwriting, it's for ten years, at $200 a month for a frickin' house including utilities. The utilities have consistently been more than $200 per month btw. On top of that, there's a hilarious term that the deceased had allegedly agreed to give her 1 day notice any time before he came to the premises - while he was living there! Best of all, the signature purportedly of the deceased looks like its been traced repeatedly, as in multiple outlines of the signature - oh, and the middle name of the signature is misspelled.

Comparing the signature to the one on his driver's license shows multiple irregularities aside from the tracing, like his misspelled middle name. It doesn't take a handwriting expert to know this doc won't fly.

Don't try and forge documents while on drugs kids - the results ain't pretty.

This is gonna be fun.

So we show up in court and her attorney tries to get the case adjourned and removed to Circuit Court.

I quickly point out that not only do the court rules have the eviction proceeding remain in District Court but we're dealing with a very clear forgery and I can have five witnesses that are present including the deceased's ex-wife all swear that's not his signature and the lease makes no sense on its face. I then point out something even better:

The deceased never had any right to lease out the premises. He never owned the house.

It belonged to his mother and he never had it put in his name after she dies - 12 years ago - so it belongs to her estate, the personal representative of which is yep, my client.

Her attorney tries to say this is an issue and they need time to address it. The judge instead agrees with me that time is of the essence and considering that the lease can't even legally be entered into as he had no rights to lease the premises, not to mention the curious terms and handwriting, then grants a judgment in my client's favor and dismissed their counter-complaint without prejudice and says if they really want to still go for damages they can go file it again and try their luck in Circuit Court.

Something tells me her attorney won't be crazy enough to file a clearly fraudulent document a second time.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Today, Our 21st Wedding Anniversary

Today marks 21 fantastic years that have passed since I tied the knot.

The years have certainly flown by, that's for sure, but it's been a tale of slow and steady improvements and changes throughout and some really wonderful additions to the family.

Still amazed that she's put up with me this long.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Well You Don't See That Sort Of Crime Everyday

BBC: Leeds police hunt 'giant penis' costume man after assault

Leeds police stated they not only have no leads, but they ain't got dick in this case so far.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 - A Fun Wisecracking Romp Of A Film

Leah really wanted to go see Guardians of The Galaxy 2 because Baby Groot.

So she and I went last Saturday to see it, in 3D to get the full experience. We practically had the theater to ourselves for the afternoon matinee and had the best seats in the house.

It was a fun action movie with a bit of spicy language, but nothing a ten-year-old with a decent vocabulary who has been in the car during traffic can't handle.

Leah informed me that she had, after all, heard the S word before and they were neat enough in the movie to consistently shorten one swear word down as you'll hear in the trailer. To say its a rockin' good movie where every actor is clearly enjoying themselves and putting on a good show would be an understatement. Leah had no problem keeping up with the irony and sarcasm in the film which is a bit of a scary sign in and of itself.

Lots of action, plenty of Groot time, and fun for the whole family and worth seeing.

On arriving home when Tash asked her how it was, she replied "I am Groot!"

Monday, May 15, 2017

Smoking Salmon On Mother's Day

In addition to other Mother's Day festivities, I also smoked a nice filet of Salmon.

First I cured on Saturday it with half a cup of salt and half a cup of white sugar and a full cup of brown sugar, with the greater portio of more brown sugar to make for a less salty finished product. I then wrapped it and let it sit overnight in the fridge on a tray, draining the liquid as required.

Then, once I was back from my flying lesson I took it out of the fridge, washed off the cure and patted it dry and let it sit out to dry a few hours.

The salmon had acquired a slightly rough and dry external textureperfect for smoke to stick to it and do its work.

Then striking up the smoker with some locally-sourced apple wood (the very same wood on display in the linked blog no less), and got the smoker up to temperature.

Fillet curt in two to fit in the smoker covered and the apple wood did its work.

An hour and a half later it was done.

Perfect smokey flavor, nice and properly cooked fish but still moist and not dry and not overly salty. It was hard to not eat it all as a post-dinner snack.

Flying Lesson #121 - The Short and The Soft Of It

So yesterday at 2 I went to the airport to get a flying lesson in.

Winds were a gusty 13-15 out of 320 so it was a good crosswind kind of day. We were originally going to go to Linden but Ray said we would be going to Romeo as the runway was better aligned for the wind (being a 36/18 runway) than Linden's 27/9.

So I did a good crosswind takeoff and headed out to Romeo.

I then came in and did a normal landing at Romeo on Runway 36 and then the fun began. The winds were out of the left at Romeo, at times almost perpendicular at 27 with some good gusts. Yep the wind conditions were different at Romeo and made things fun.

I then did a short field takeoff which I have down technique wise and its pretty eassy in an Archer but feels like a sharp angle up - that nose is very high at 64 knots. Then came to do a short field landing and came in a bit too fast but at least I have abetter idea what I'm doing than before.

Next was a soft field takeoff and boy did the wind decide to mess with me on that takeoff. Heavy gust pushing me to the right as I'm at a high angle and trying to stay in ground effect. It was not a pretty takeoff but it worked. I then lined up for another short field landing and the wind gusted and pushed me on base, I almost had it lined up to recover but really didn't like how it was going - balancing a short approach, low airspeed, wind correction and realigning the approach path basically said it was go-round time, so I did. Ray said that was good aeronautical decision making.

I then did the pattern and came in for a decent short field landing with a very nice and stable approach.

The next soft field takeoff was better and I had a ton more wind correction in with some serious left aileron to stop the wind getting under that wing and pushing me off again. I then did a good short field landing and we did it again with a soft field takeoff and then a soft field landing - which felt a lot like a short field landing - in other words not so good.

Next the Aircoupe stationed on the field also started doing some patterns and we all played nicely together with good separation and communication.

We did a few more soft and short field landings and headed back to Pontiac.

As we were rolling down the runway to depart, a Citation came on that he was 3 miles out on final for Runway 36.

Yes, A Cessna Citation Jet cam in and did a short field landing. It certainly needed to do a short field as depending on if it was the XLS+ model it needs 3,180 ft for landing and Romeo is a 4,000 foot strip, and its going to need 3,560 to takeoff. It really ate up the runway but landed fine. Not a sight you see everyday at Romeo, that's for sure.

Then back to Pontiac and I did a forward slip to landing and did a nice crosswind landing.

I really need to get these soft and short landings perfected.

After fisnishign up we had a bit of a chat on what I need to work on and if the weather is good the next time I'm out will be solo and I'll be doing the altitude maneuvers and the ground reference maneuvers in the practice area.

1.6 and 7 landings.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

The kids went all out this year buying gifts for pampering the best mother in all the world.

Gift giving was followed by breakfast in bed made by yours truly and then the fun of planning an end-of-school-year trip for the kids, which mothers tend to really enjoy doing.

An excellent start to a great Mother's day, to be followed with a dinner of yummy Indian takeout food in a park setting as requested.

So a Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there and for all that you do.