Saturday, April 18, 2015

When Your Wife Says You're Rakishly Handsome

What she really means is: "Pick up a rake and do the yard spring cleaning."

Aching now I am, yes.

The yard is looking better but there's much more to do out there.

To Detroit's Eastern Market

This morning Tash wanted to take her mother-in-law is visiting us, and the kids and me to the Eastern market.

The market is one of the oldest public markets in the United States. While the market itself is generally considered okay area it is in a rather spotty area. 

We got there and it was very very busy and parking took awhile to find.

Once parked, we started touring the various sheds where the produce is located and offered for sale by a variety of vendors.

The produce was varied and at very good prices.

We bought meat, veggies, and plants, and tried many samples and bought small snacks as we went from booth to booth.

Not a bad way to spend the morning.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Fine Bloggers I've Newly Met At NRAAM

At NRAAM I had the chance to meet up with some bloggers that I had previously not had the pleasure of meeting.

These are all great people, with some great blogs which have been duly added to my blogroll and are well worth your perusal:

Tom of DaddyBear's Den - If you haven't read his Tales of the Minivandians, you really, really need to do so, now.

I'll have a full review up once I'm done, but I'm too darn busy laughing at the tales and enjoying the fine writing style of the book.

LawDog of The Lawdog Files. Another fine gentleman who gave of his time to make the Shooter First Aid Seminar a success.

Peter and his charming wife of Bayou Renaissance Man

JB of JB on the rocks

John of No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money

It was an honor and a true pleasure meeting all of you, and I hope to do so again at the 2016 NRAAM if not before.

NRAAM First Aid For Shooters

This year Kelly of Ambulance Driver Files along with help from Murphy's Law, EMS Artifact, and Jeff B, gave his most excellent First Aid for Shooters class. The class was followed by a presentation from LawDog, who gave a short (due to room booking limitations only we could have stood to sit and gain much more wisdom from him had there been time) but very informative talk on Critical Incident stress.

Here's Kelly demonstrating the right way to do CPR, and yes he has "Staying Alive" queued up in his iPhone and ready to play should the need arise.

Quality slides helped keep the presentation moving along, and his suggestions as to what works and what's derp in the first aid realm was very helpful:

Boys! Tourniquet! - We learned how to both self-apply tourniquets and apply them on other people to stop arterial bleeding:

Here's LawDog giving his talk:

If you have an opportunity to take this class, Do It.

Kelly and his assistants are great instructors and the vital info and hands-on practice under their expert eyes may one day save your life or the life of another.

As I had taken the class last year it was a great refresher and the additional first aid kit will be put to good use as well.

Hopefully LawDog's portion of the class can be enlarged as he was very much worth listening to and I expect we would learn much, much more had there been time.

The class was also a great opportunity to give The Most Interesting Man in The World the shirt I had mentioned that was a secret:

Yes it says "The Most Interesting Dinosaur In The World". Click to embiggen and read the rest of the shirt.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Detroit Policeman Does What?

While Drive By Shootings are know to occur in Detroit and environs, it is rather rare when one is committed by a Detroit Police Officer.

The Detroit News: Detroit officer suspended after shooting in Macomb

he Detroit officer is accused of firing five shots from a .40 caliber handgun after his wife became involved in a dispute with the homeowners, Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said in a press release.

The officer's wife provides in-home medical care to a female resident of the home, Lt. John Michalke said. The woman lives at the home with her husband.

"There was some sort of dispute between the (residents) and the female caregiver, and the caregiver went home and had a conversation with her husband," Michalke said. "He got in his car and drove over there and fired shots out of his vehicle into the front of the home."

Based on that description, there's no chance of a defense of self or others claim here. Deliberately traveling to engage in a confrontation and then firing shots at a dwelling from a moving vehicle is pretty darn hard to well-nigh impossible (think well-nigh impossible) to defend as justified.

It also may be that he used his service weapon for the shooting considering that the DPD carries .40 cal Smith and Wesson M&Ps.

Sigh. At least IMPD only drives their cars around drunk when they misbehave, DPD steps it up Detroit-style and shoots from them.

Remington R51 Redux

The R51 is back and is claimed to be better than ever, which given its lackluster showing last year, shouldn't be all that hard to believe.

It certainly felt better than ever and the fit and finish certainly looked better than last ywear.

They also had the new RM380 if you're in the market for a smaller .380 with a 2.9" barrel and all-metal construction weighing in at 12.1 ounces and a magazine holding 6 shots.

In a bright move, they're offering some with a Crimson Trace lasergrip already attached right from the get-go.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cool Century Arms Swag

Yes, for many having thew words Century Arms and Cool in the same sentence would be regarded as an oxymoron.

However, they did have some cool swag indeed:

An AK ice cube maker.

In Russia, your drink freezes at sight of gun!

Radoms At NRAAM

What is likely the largest collection of Radom VIS pistols, including rare prototypes was on display at the show:

Consecutive serial numbered pistols made just prior to World War 2:

One of only five surviving Radom VIS prototypes:

Radom in addition to the VIS pistol also made K98s for the Polish Army:

The gentleman pictured is the owner of these many Radoms and is wearing the uniform of the Polish army from the pre-war and World War 2 period. Being Polish himself, he's traveled back and forth to Poland and over time has amassed quite a fantastic collection.

Activities Outside The NRAAM

There was quite a bit to see and do around Nashville during the occasional break from the Firearms Law Seminar, The First Aid for Shooters class and touring the show floor. In other words, little of the time was spent in places other than the convention center until it had closed for the nights.

So once the show ended we went a wandering.

Broadway had it's charms - many bars with loud music, often so loud you could not hear yourself think, and crowds aplenty.

There were also many strange sights on Broadway, such as this strange duo of a Horse and a Horse's ass, you guess which is which.

Unfortunately many establishments on Broadway had "no guns allowed" signs up:

So we didn't go into Legends and give them any of our money accordingly to obey the sign.

Many bars on the strip however did not have the signs up and you could go in and listen to live music so long as you didn't drink. So, I ended up consuming a lot of Diet Coke. Since it was Passover until Saturday night, beer was off the table for me anyways so it was no big deal.

Printer's Alley, located off of the main Broadway strip was a bit quieter place for some good food and the ability to sit at a table and actually hear yourself and whoever was with you.

Located in Printer's Alley was the awesome Fleet Street pub, a bar with a very very English theme:

I need one of those posters.

The fries with Stilton on them were quite awesome indeed, a combination I had never considered before, but they certainly went well together.

There was also on Saturday night a gathering of many of the bloggers and their SOs present, great people all, and much interesting conversation was had,

This gathering on Saturday night at the Sole Mio Italian restaurant beat the gathering on Friday night that was in a bar that was so loud you couldn't hear the person next to you. Also we had waited over an hour to be seated even after having our group listed and watching others being seated ahead of us so the excellent service at Sole Mio was a welcome change. It also beat it as Passover had just ended and there was bread on the table, pasta on the menu and I engaged in some serious carb loading.

After the dinner some of us stopped by one of the hotels where many of the bloggers were staying (unlike our flea-bag Econolodge with its spotty to non-existent wi-fi and spotty overall condition) and had some further excellent conversation. This was quite a bright bunch of bloggers indeed, as you can see from Old NFO's description of the group.

A great bunch of people and I can't wait to meet up with them again at the NRA's next annual meeting scheduled for Louisville, Kentucky in 2016 or sooner at other events.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Finding the IWI display at the NRA Annual Meeting proved a bit of a challenge. For some unfathomable reason, most likely an oversight, the IWI display was not listed in either the printed maps nor the NRAAM mobile app.

With perseverance and asking multiple others at the show we finally found it.

First there was a nice assortment of the new Galil Ace rifle and pistols, including a pistol ACE with an arm-brace attached.

The Galil Aces all felt solid and the fit and finish seemed excellent. Much nicer than any other AK variant that I saw on the floor. If you're looking for what will most assuredly be a rock-solid reliable AK-type action rifle, the Galil Ace is for you.

Of course there were Tavors on display.

Most impressive were the Tavors and Micro Tavors that had the happy-fun switch. Sadly I couldn't take any home with me as they're Law-enforcement only sales. There were also full auto Uzis on the same table.

Just holding one of the micro Tavors was happy-making.

Sadly we can't buy them, nor did the lights at the show go out permitting a clean getaway.

But, one of the reps told me a civilian-legal SBR Tavor design is in the works, albeit without the happy-fun switch. Yes, I can see a tax stamp transaction for an SBR-Tavor in my future. These small Tavors simply rocked.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

So The Tenessean Takes A Gratuitous, Snide, And Unfounded Swipe At The NRA

So the Tenessean, an alleged newspaper, had the following headline to remark about this exceptionally successful and law abiding convention that has contributed tons of money to the city:

"Big conventions, like NRA, can draw sex trafficking".

And the factual basis for such a suggestive calumny of a headline showing any such activity going on at the NRA Annual Meeting is what, exactly?

Considering the police in Nashville have repeatedly remarked as to how law-abiding and well-behaved the attendees are, I find that suggestive headline rather unlikely.

A very nice way to insult a convention that has brought over 60,000+ law-abiding gun owners to your city, who have just contributed millions to the local economy.

After all, while this convention has a large law enforcement presence, it does not have a large Secret Service presence.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


New and just revealed at the NRA AM from H&K is the P30SK.

All the features of the P30 in a smaller and more compact package.

The HK rep stated these should be hitting the stores in June.

All the P30 variants - with or without switch safeties, double action and LEM will be available.

The P30SK felt great in the hand, a nice compact variant that is very nice indeed.

Also, the HK rep let me know that the VP40 version of the VP9 will be coming out soon with the VPSK series to follow.

NRA AM: The Glock 43

Here at the show, I got to get a good look at the new Glock 43. Glock is definitely promoting the pistol here at the show and there's a lot of interest with a good crowd around them checking them out.

Fits the hand nicely, it is very noticeably thinner than the standard Glocks. 

So much thinner that it feels almost un-Glock-like. It fits the hand quite nicely and is just slightly bigger than my Kahr PM9 in both grip and length with a six shot capacity. The tang on the gun is nice and long for its size and let's you get a high grip on it.

Since I already have the PM9 which is a bit smaller and more concealable with 6 or 7 round magazines I don't see any need for a Glock 43 at this point.

For someone looking for a gun in the pocket category, with the appropriate pocket holster the 43 should do quite nicely. It should also do well as a thin and concealable pistol for more conventional carry.

NRA Nashville

Lots of blogging to follow, as since the wifi at our hotel doesn't work it hasn't been very conducive to bogging the events of the past few days,

The NRA Firearms Law seminar was great and highly informative.

Ambulance Driver's and Lawdogs class this morning was fantastic and a great refresher.

About to hit the convention floor with lots more blogging to follow.