Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't Worry, Top. Men. Have It All Under Control

The Detroit News: Michigan monitors 8 for Ebola virus

So far, all are asymptomatic.

Let's keep hoping our luck holds, 'cause not much else other than hoping for good luck is really being done to effectively stop the import of potential patient zero+1s into the country at this point.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Army Gets It, The Obama Administration Still Can't or Won't Get It

The Detroit News: Army troops isolated after Africa duty tour

Makes sense right? After coming back from assisting, treating and exposure to Ebola patients the Army is smartly isolating those troops and not just dropping them back on bases where they could potentially expose other members of the military.

Obviously an Ebola outbreak in the Army would have a nasty impact on our military readiness, so it's a smart and sane move.

Of course, the Obama administration can't see the logic in it and can't bring themselves to issue a similar quarantine of health workers and others coming from the infected outbreak areas. Whether this Army policy will be overruled in the interests of politics is not yet determined, but the Obama administration has been successful putting lots of pressure on governors of states that ordered similar quarantines.

So we're now awaiting whether a 5 year old in New York coming in from West Africa within the past 21 days has Ebola or just a fever from other causes. And we're still waiting to see if the NY Doctor's contacts also come down with Ebola in the next 21 days or so.

Hopefully we dodge it yet again and the kid and all the doc's contacts will be just fine.

Eventually our luck, which seems to be the only thing this administration is depending on to stop an outbreak in the US, is going to run out.

So, What Car For Zombies?

‘Zombie’ out for smoke is hit by driver

From the Detroit News:

Police said a man trying to scare motorists while dressed as a zombie was the victim of a hit-and-run accident in west Michigan.

Jeff Stiles’ injuries were not considered life-threatening Saturday, but he was admitted to a hospital, the Grand Rapids Press reported. He was hit by a car in Nunica in Ottawa County.

County sheriff’s Sgt. Matt Wilfong said Stiles, 45, was attending a Halloween party as a zombie when he stepped outside to smoke a cigarette.

Well, Mr. Stiles likely succeeded in scaring a motorist, with some crunchy results. Heck, I bet his costume was a real hit.

While pistols may have little stopping power, a 4,000 pound vehicle (average weight of US vehicle fleet, as we don't know what kind of car hit him) moving along the road seems to have some decent knock-down power.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Obama Administration: Don't Quarantine People Coming Back From Ebola Infested Regions

After a doctor, who entered the country without a fever but came down with Ebola went out for some clubbing, bowling, and a little subway travel thrown in in New York city, a few governors came to their senses and figured out quarantining returning health workers who treated Ebola patients was a good idea.

Note that the good doctor entered the country sans fever, thus showing the rather weak linchpin in the current Obama plan to continue allowing visitors to the US from Ebola-stricken zones so long as they don't have a fever at the port of entry.

It sure didn't stop him, now will it stop anyone else who develops symptoms after arrival. Kinda a blatant chink in the ol' armor now isn't it?

But fear not, as the Obama administration really hates the idea of a quarantine procedure for health workers returning from treating Ebola patients, even after the Dr. Craig incident, and the record of health workers catching Ebola. White House working on new Ebola guidelines

Apparently the new guidelines will be to stop governors form quarantining returning healthcare workers.

Earlier, other aides to President Obama criticized the decisions by three states to quarantine people who are returning from Ebola-stricken West Africa.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power said quarantines may discourage health workers from traveling to West Africa to help block the disease at its source.

"If you put everyone in one basket, even people who are clearly no threat, then we have the problem of the disincentive of people that we need," Fauci said on ABC's This Week. "Let's not forget the best way to stop this epidemic and protect America is to stop it in Africa, and you can really help stopping it in Africa if we have our people, our heroes, the health care workers, go there and help us to protect America."

Anthony, are you Faucing kidding me?

This administration has learned nothing and forgotten nothing so far in its mismanagement of this crisis.

Reality apparently takes a back seat to ideology in their approach to handling this issue. Stopping Ebola in Africa is all well and good, but ignoring that it's now been imported on at least two separate occasions into the USA is rather foolhardy.

Note that it was imported at least once by one of these very same Fauci-celebrated health care workers, who while heroic in treating patients apparently lacked the brains and common sense to not go out on the town while feeling lousy after lots of exposure to Ebola.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pittsburgh Penguins Show They're A World Class Organization

The attack in Ottawa has been confirmed to be an act of Islamic terrorism.

In a show of solidarity with their good neighbors to the North, the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, before their game with the Philadelphia Flyers played the Canadian anthem.

CBC: Pittsburgh Penguins show solidarity by playing 'O Canada'. Click the link for the article and video.

A very classy move there Pittsburgh, nicely done indeed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Islamists In Canada Going For Random Acts Of Terrorism

One confirmed Islamist attack in Quebec yesterday where a Canadian Forces soldier was killed and one wounded and the known Islamist killed by police after a chase after the attack.

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, RIP W.O. Vincent, your killer is already in hell. Today, in a likely Islamic attack one in Ottawa today, there was a shooting at the War Memorial where a soldier standing guard was wounded - it's now being reported that a soldier was killed and one of the parliament guards was wounded in the shooting. So far it is not yet confirmed but the shooter may have been killed by responding police and is not yet identified and there may be an additional attacker not yet apprehended.

The Detroit Free Press: Canadian Parliament on lockdown after shooting

I think that unlike Spain, where one terrorist attack had them surrender and drop out of the coalition, I expect the Islamists will find Canadians to be made of sterner stuff.

You see, Canadians, and the Canadian Forces in particular, are nice, calm, peaceful people -- until you really piss them off.

Then they come and kill you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rent Seekers Gotta Rent Seek

The Detroit Free Press: Gov. Snyder signs bill banning direct Tesla sales

Quick summary and explanation: Dealer franchises and GM make campaign contributions in Michigan, and Tesla Doesn't. Therefore, Telsa can't have a direct company sales model or even have a car display and answer potential customer questions in Michigan at such a display.

Good Thing Hospitals Are Gun Free Zones In Michigan Now Isn't It?

The Detroit Free Press: 2 dead in murder-suicide outside Lansing hospital

On reading the article, you'll note the murder victim worked at the hospital, where guns cannot be carried and was shot at the entrance to the hospital as she left the building.

The article clams the murderer and victim "knew each other".

Any bets on a domestic or stalking relationship along with probably a PPO that did nothing to protect the victim in this instance, coupled with a law that denied her the ability to protect herself?

Monday, October 20, 2014

From The Department Of US Bureaucratic Inertia And Bad Deals

Live, from the people who brought you such gaffes as approving Mohammed Atta's visa after he had already flown a jet into the World Trade Center comes the latest bit of revealed bureaucratic insanity:

Expelled Nazis paid millions in Social Security by U.S.

Yep, even after being deported for lying on their immigration applications for hiding their Nazi past, they continued to get social security. Total amounts paid out and the number of Nazis receiving this sweet deal is hard to discover, because the Social Security Administration has stated that there is

no exception in U.S. privacy law that "allows us to disclose information because the individual is a Nazi war criminal or an accused Nazi war criminal."

In other words, probably quite a number and think millions of taxpayer dollars funding nice retirements for Nazis.

Even Illinois Nazis have received Social Security after deportation:

Mueller immigrated to the U.S. in 1956 and settled in Skokie, Illinois. Then the Justice Department caught up with him. Mueller admitted he served as an SS guard in the Natzweiller concentration camp in France.

He voluntarily returned to Germany 1994. Mueller, 90, lives in a nursing home in Worms, Germany, according to family members.

And he continues to get Social Security payments to this day.