Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Robin Hood, You're Not.

I'm all in favor of re-enacting the classics, but this shows extrememly poor impulse control and criminal stupidity.

The Detroit Free Press: Man points bow and arrow in road rage

Authorities say a driver pointed a bow and arrow at another motorist's head in mid-Michigan during what's being described as a case of road rage.

The Grand Rapids Press reports a 23-year-old Shepherd man was facing felonious assault charges after Saturday's dispute involving a 24-year-old Vestaburg man in Montcalm County's Home Township, about 45 miles northeast of Grand Rapids.

Authorities say the dispute began after the Vestaburg man tried to pass the other man's pickup, and the pickup driver ran the man's vehicle off the road. Authorities say both men got out of their vehicles, and the pickup driver approached the other with the bow and arrow.

Running somebody off the road is criminally stupid.

Threatening them with a bow and arrow after running them off the road will get your stupid self into the newspapers as a prime example of how not to behave while behind the wheel.

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