Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If they Occupy Detroit, Would We Even Notice A Difference?

What would Occupy Detroit protest about exactly?

The decades of Democrat malfeasance, overspending, overtaxing, underserving, big-union feather-nesting that has sucked the life out of this once great city?

Or perhaps the decades of Democrat corruption and bribery that came to the forefront when done to excess under Kwame and that dragged the city even farther under?

I suspect not.

But, we will get the chance to find out on October 14. Or maybe it will be on October 21. Well, at least someday soon, coming to a dysfunctional city near you.

Anyone have a timely wisecracks on how leftists can't even plan an inchoate protest properly?

The pictures of the October 10 meeting are rather interesting as well and the captions need to be read to be believed, particularly the "blocking" one (how cute).

This protest, like the other Occupy ones around the country, seems to be comprised of predominently whites, the college-aged and the clueless.

This is rather interesting, given that the city of Detroit is 87.74% not white.

As you'll note from the article, some came from as far as San Francisco to be part of this spontaneous, local activity.

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