Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Detroit Free Press - Cheap Tuition For Illegals Will Do Wonderful Things To Enhance Michigan's Economy

The Detroit Free Press in its editorial Michigan universities should offer in-state tuition rates for immigrants advocates that Michigan's universities not offer in-state tuition to immigrants from other states of our union nor for legal immigrants arriving in our fair state, but for illegal immigrants.

Of course they euphemistically label them "undocumented immigrants" but illegals are what they in fact are.

The Freep claims that such a policy will "benefit all of Michigan" and would really "rev" Michigan's economy. How exactly?

After all, these illegals cannot legally work nor pay taxes in the state after graduation, and neither they nor their parents can legally work here currently so its rather hard to see how their remaining here and receiving the subsidy of in-stae tuition paid for by the legal residents of Michigan would be a benefit.

Apparently though, such a policy would keep more young illegals in our state. This, according to the Freep, is an unquestionable good.

Such a policy would help retain the young, educated [and illegal] people -- now leaving Michigan in droves -- who drive the knowledge-based economy of the 21st Century. Many of the college-age children of illegal immigrants have lived here most of their lives. They've attended Michigan public schools, and their parents have paid Michigan taxes.
That's quite the series of unsupported assertions by the Freep.

Are these youthful illegals really the "drivers of the knowledge-based economy"? Are their parents really net taxpayers, especially since being illegals they don't file Michigan state income taxes? More likely they are net recipients of state aid and resources.

It is, however, cute of the Freep to conflate legal immigration with illegal in this manner.

How about this if you really want to rev up Michigan's economy with educated workers: Make in-state tuition apply to anyone that comes legally to Michigan to study in return for a contract that they will stay in the state for at least 3 years after graduation.

That will do far more to rev Michigan's economy than any handout to illegals, even if they are the Democrat's and the Freep's favored interest group.

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