Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because Proposing to Raise Taxes is Such a Winning Idea.....

The Detroit Free Press: Gov. Rick Snyder to propose $40 annual fee to fix roads

In addition to the new $40 fee that would be in addition to existing levies, he'd change how the current gas tax is applied. The change would be from a fixed amount at the retail level to a percentage base at the wholesale level (this will lead to higher gas prices in Michigan).

Of course, the money collected won't just go to fix roads, but will be yet another tax on drivers to fund yet more mismanaged mass transit.

The fee would also go for a new mass transit authority for the southeast Michigan region with New. High-Speed. Buses. (because the current ones are such models of workability). On the upside at least he's not pushing New. High-Speed. Rail.

As pointed out by Right Michigan, this is practically the same proposal made by Granholm no being resold under an (R) brand.

How about this - use the sales tax collected on gas and other fees on vehicles to actually fix the roads first before more quixotic subsidies of mass transit public employees unions. Then, when the roads are up to the standards of say, Ohio, we can talk about diverting funding from road repair, construction to reduce congestion and maintenance to these mass transit boondoggles.

Getting Michigan's road up to and one would think beyond Buckeye quality should be a competition we can get behind and should be quite doable if the funding is actually put towards it rather than diverted to the general fund or endless subsidies of government happy projects.

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