Saturday, October 22, 2011

Take My Daughters To The Range Day

Today was a fun and fulfilling day.

First, I took Abby to her karate class where she showed Sensei that she had been diligently practicing. She was tested, passed and earned her blue belt.

Lots of parental pride in watching her earn that belt.

Leah patiently waited throughout the whole lesson and got to come in and watch the test.

Then we went to lunch and then my new range.

My old range was the epitome of a Gun Culture 1.0 range, if not a .5 - mainly it is a spot for UAW types to hang out, shoot a bit, form one heck of a restrictive good ol' boy's club and then go to the clubhouse for cheap drinks. No drawing from a holster, no rapid fire and rifles could only be loaded and shot one round at a time unless you were one of the "special" ones. Only benefit was they had an indoor pistol range and the location was convenient. The trouble was access to it in terms of both hours and persons who could open it was so limited and difficult to get that it actually makes more monetary sense to shoot as a guest on sunday evenings when they're open to the public rather than pay membership dues and end up using it as much as a member of the public in any case. After a few years of frustrations, I formally resigned my membership as it was certainly not meeting my needs.

The new range is worlds apart better, and pretty representative of Gun Culture 2.0 and they were such before there was a 2.0. They host USPSA, 3-gun, and action shotgun matches. They're friendly, and as long as you're safe you can draw from a holster, move, and shoot all you like and if you're a member its open dawn 'till dusk except for holidays and during matches. In other words, my kinda place.

So today we went to the range after karate to assist in setting up the stages for tomorrow's USPSA mach, which I will participate in. The kids helped with target sticks and were well behaved.

After the stages were setup, we went to an empty bay and the kids got to take their first shots ever. I went over range safety, had them in youth sized shooting glasses and hearing protectors that I had bought for them and introduced them to the Marlin 795 .22LR rifle.

While it is a semi-auto fed from a 10 round magazine, they got to shoot it with a single round in the rifle at a time.

The rifle is a little big for both of them.

But, with targets in extra close and with dad helping steady and aim it and with 5 1/2" Caldwell® Bullseye Orange Peel Target centers liberally covering the target board that let them see their hits, they had a great, safe time which is all that matters for a first time out.

They want to go shooting again, which is very encouraging.

It was a great day indeed.


Anonymous said...

I'm almost to that point with my 8 yr old daughter too. She's done well with the air rifle and she"s ready to step up.

Good Job!

Keads said...

Great range report and well done to all!

Murphy's Law said...

Great report all around. Those two girls are going to grow up to be somebody because they are blessed with two of the best parents I know.

Aaron said...

Thanks. Now I'm contemplating buying them an S&W M&P-15/22 for them to use.

I figure the collapsing stock should get it down to size and they can grow into it and then on to a standard AR15 if they wish.

Of course, if I buy it for them, I'm going to have to also buy some pink furniture and go the full Hello Kitty on it.

Scott said...

Youth-stocked 10/22 is another option - the .22 rifle that can grow with you. The thing I liked most was the stock was actually made for youthful hands, and not just a cut-down adult stock. Helps them reach that trigger.

Throw on some Tech-Sights and you're good to go. That is what Lauren has right now We can meet some Saturday if you want to try Lauren's out.

Much pricier than the Marlin, but it fits them now, and can be upgraded to fit them in the future. And lots of aftermarket support that the Marlin doesn't have.

You're going to get them each their own, right? [grin]

Aaron said...


Yes, we should definetly plan a range trip for them to try that youth model out.