Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Goes Clip-Clop, Snip, Clip-Clop, Snip?

An Amish drive-by hair cutting.

Findlaw: Amish Beard-Cutting: Gang Gives Rival Amish Unwanted Haircuts

Four suspects in an Amish beard-cutting attack were arrested in Ohio this week. The four men are from the small community of Bergholz.

Authorities say the attacks were perpetrated by a rival Amish group. The victims were held down against their will and given unwanted cuts to their beard and to their hair.

Potential gang retaliation being considered includes removing the reflective triangle from rivals' buggies.

The Amish manage to keep even gang violence rather subdued.

While forced beard and hair cutting is certainly an offensive and wrongful act, compare it to how warring gangs operate in the "civilized" world.

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