Monday, August 16, 2004

Time for the Amtrak Subsidies to leave the station

Once again, Amtrak is asking for Michigan to subsidize its operations, according to the Detroit News.

Its about time Michigan's Legislature said no.

Mass transit is a lovely idea, but when it has to be subsidized by the public at an amount of $7.1 million dollars just to keep the lines in operation it may make sense to just give each of the riders a portion of the subsidy in a check to buy a car.

Amtrack loses $66 for every person who boarded the Michigan Route from Port Huron to Chicago.

How about this, instead of subsidizing it, just charge the users the $66 more per ticket so it breaks even? Shouldn't the user pay after all? And if they shouldn't have to make up for the loss, why should the members of the public that never use Amtrak have to do so?

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