Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Korean BBQ - It's What Was For Birthday Dinner

Last night after work, Tash and the kids took me to Dae Jang Keum, a Korean BBQ restaurant in Troy.

The four of us ordered the BBQ combo for 3, (the waitress said the combo for 4 would be way too much food for us and she was right, the combo for 3 resulted in us taking home enough for a lunch for me for today) which comes complete with many Korean side dishes:

The side dishes were great including some very tasty kimchee.

The meat and veggies are then cooked on a BBQ pit on the table right in front of you which is gas fired but has charcoal inside for flavor, first the thinly sliced beef, then the pork belly (Think huge thick strips of bacon), then more beef and marinated beef:

To say it was awesomely tasty and filling would be an understatement. Great food, great service and a great time had by all.