Friday, August 12, 2016

P30 Hits 1,200 Rounds And Still Flawless

I taught a CPL class for a couple friends today.

Good class, attentive students, and at the range they did very well.

We did all the required drills for the class and once all of them were done successfully, we practiced shooting some steel plates which they found a tad challenging and a lot harder than it looked when I had demonstrated it. But, with encouragement and instruction, they were doing quite well by the time we were done.

I used my P30 to demonstrate each of the drills and to do the steel plate shoots and 200 more rounds were fired with zero malfunctions.

Externally, it was showing some oil seepage after being in the intense heat and humidity at the range. Internally, it's getting a tad grungy as 1,200 rounds with no cleaning will do that.

I got to handle a Ruger LC9s as one of my students had just bought it as his intended carry gun and had it to the range for the first time. With a single 7 rounds magazine he got lots of practice reloading for it. He fired 100 rounds through it with no failures. I fired a further 21 rounds through it and had no failures either and found the sites to be perfectly on and knowcke a full plate rack down with no misses. The trigger which is the Glock-lke arrangement of a trigger nub (longer than the Glock nub) inside the trigger. The trigger felt lighter, a bit shorter and a bit smoother than a Glock trigger. It's comparable in size and just slightly larger than the Kahr PM9. For under $400 he got a good deal on it and it should do well as a CPL pistol for him.

That was a very good day.

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