Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wayne County Keeps Messing With CPL Applicants

So one of the students in my most recent CPL class lives in Wayne County, the Democrat stronghold where Detroit is located.

Even now, years after shall-issue reform was passed, they are only grudgingly issuing CPLs and try to make it as unpleasant as possible. Given some newer rules preventing their unreasonable time delays of the recent past, they're now apparently trying to get more creative.

So my student went to the clerk's office application and NRA Certificate form the class in hand and the clerk starts making all new requirements.

First, she wants to know when my credentials expire, which is not on the certificate, nor is that required to be on the certificate.

Second, then she wants the NRA's training division phone number to be placed on the certificate. Again, that's neither required to be on the certificate nor needed to be provided.

Third and most impressively, the clerk states that he can't apply for a CPL because he took his training in Oakland County, not Wayne county so his certificate can't be used to apply for a permit in Wayne County.

Legally and factually wrong. It's a statewide triangle standard, for a statewide CPL permit, and the course is a nationally recognized and specifically Michigan state recognized course. He could take the class up in the Mackinac Peninsula for all that it matters and it would still be valid applying for a CPL in any county in Michigan.

My student calls me from the clerk's office asking me about this and I provide that info to the clerk even though it is not required. I also set her straight that the course is in fact valid for his application. Apparently a Sheriff's deputy at the clerks office is overhearing this and also told her to quit messing around and process the application as she is supposed to do.

She finally and grudgingly did so.

Had she not, a nice, fast, and likely very effective mandamus lawsuit would have caught their attention methinks.

Seriously Wayne County Clerks, get with reality already. Shall issue is here, has been for 15 years without your fear-mongering predictions of blood in the streets. Just do your jobs already and quit trying to put up improper obstacles for people exercising their ability to carry concealed firearms in accordance with the law already.

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