Saturday, September 04, 2021

To The Renaissance Festival!

Today I went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I did not go to the Festival alone.  Going by yourself is no fun and Abby declared she had teenage things to do instead and Tash and Leah were out of town.  Thankfully, two friends volunteered to come along.

Mr. B and Midwest Chick flew in to Pontiac from Indiana for the festivities.  In Mr. B's new plane.


It's a great looking and speedy plane, with about an hour flight time from wheels up to touch down on 27L.  Mr. B now travels in style.

I met them at the airport and we drove up to Holly, Michigan for the Renaissance Festival.

The grounds was fairly well packed with a long line of traffic just to get onto the grounds.   On the upside the staff and the Oakland County Sheriff have this down to an art and got traffic into the grounds as efficiently as possible.

There was quite a turn-out:

Some masked, some not, and some in period masks:

We first saw a glass blowing demonstration which was rather neat.

We then toured the many stores, including some fine weapon shops with many sharp implements.

Lots of shiny things to see, and Mr. B was impressed with the highly polished sword, polished to a mirror finish:

All were quite sharp.

So sharp, that one is warned to always practice safe seax.

We then came to a fork in the road.

She was very convincing about viewing her shop. After viewing the shop it was time for lunch.

Turkey legs!

The smoked turkey legs are not to be missed.  Simply awesome and rather filling. Mr. B. covered lunch which was much appreciated.

Then on to some musical entertainment.

Tartanic was at the Festival and put on a great show.

It's always great to hear them play and their patter makes their show very entertaining. They've got some of the best pipes and drums around.

Pictus was also at the Festival, and they too put on quite an excellent and entertaining performance.

 If you like pipes and drums, you'll enjoy both groups.

After spending a good day at the Festival and touring the grounds, we headed back to the airport and they headed back to  Indiana and made good time to land in IFR conditions at their home airport.

It was a great time, and I enjoyed Mr. B and Midwest Chick's company profusely and it was a great day.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron

What? Serving Wenches? The festival ain't a festival without serving wenches...

Matthew W said...

"Going by yourself is no fun"
Hey !!
If you ever need a co pilot, navigator, bombardier, or just ballast, ...............
I love wheels up !!

Old NFO said...

Glad y'all had a good time and were able to enjoy the 'freedom'!

ccm2361 said...

Blast from the past lol Havent been to the MI Renaissance fest in a lot of years. used to go every year back in the 90's. Havent been since about 2000

Aaron said...

MrGarabaldi: There were indeed some serving wenches present.

Matthew W: That can be arranged if you're interested in going on a flight.

Old NFO: That we did, a great time with some really great people.

ccm2361: It's been a few years for me to go to the faire too but it is really a ton of fun and worth it. I think they make it better and better each year,

juvat said...

Is the airplane a Cessna 421 or a newer model? Put myself through college working at an FBO. Really liked working on the 421.

Aaron said...

Juvat: it’s a Cessna 340.

Matthew W said...


Aurora Airport, Aurora, Illinois !!!
When I was a kid in the 1970's, my dad's boss loaned him out to run a big job in Michigan for 8 months. (how my mother survived with 5 of us alone is a miracle).
Every Friday the boss would fly to Michigan, pick dad up and take him back Sunday afternoon. Just an excuse for the boss to fly.
Always fun on many Friday afternoons getting out of school early to fly to Michigan. The boss had a Cessna twin engine. Would have to do some research to remember which model.