Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Flying IFR - Lesson 24 - Zipping From One Approach To Another

For Lesson 24 we were going to see how quickly I could end up behind the airplane.

IFR flight plan from Pontiac to Ann Arbor to Troy and back to Pontiac.

All airports are rather close by and they come up fast on approach.

Did the VOR 24 approach to Ann Arbor with ye olde chop-n-drop.

Then zipped off to the RNAV 9 Approach at Troy after entering and then leaving the published hold after going missed at Ann Arbor.

Then right back to the RNAV 27L at Pontiac.

Again, we got an instruction to keep our speed up right after we hit the Final Approach Fix and had gotten the flaps out, so we were doing 100 knots past the FAF so I was doing a quicker descent than normal but no real issue.

Pontiac Ground was nice and had us cut across the end of Runway 27L to get to the north side during a break in traffic, saving quite a bit of time on the taxi back to DCT.

Overall it was not bad, but I felt behind almost the whole time as the distances involved were very short with little time to get everything setup for the next approach.  I also need to lock in the sight pictures on the Attitude Indicator.

On the upside I did well enough today so that Kevin is sending me for my Stage 2 check again this Friday. We will see what happens.

That's 1.6 with 1.4 simulated IFR, 3 approaches, and a hold, and a rather nice landing.


juvat said...

Best of luck on the Check Ride, Aaron! I'm sure you'll do fine.

Aaron said...

juvat: It's just a stage check, not the actual check ride. Should go a lot better than the last one as I feel a lot more prepared and ready for it.

Old NFO said...

Go get 'em...