Friday, September 17, 2021

The Woke Attack On School Safety Continues In Michigan

In the name of racial justice and stopping the  mythical "School-to-Prison-Pipeline", Democrats in the Michigan legislature want to get rid of the "effects" zero-tolerance (a policy ended in 2016 I might mention)  and add "equitable" including racial and other factors to the disciplining of students at school

Michigan Advance: Lawmakers introduce bills to reform school disciplinary process

The Civil Rights Data Collection, which gathered information from over 96,000 public schools in the 2015-16 school year, found that minority students face harsher discipline than white students. Black students made up about 15% of the student body but accounted for 31% of the arrests made.

Considering this is actually lower than the  world outside the school walls where Blacks make up 50% of violent crime while being only 13% of the population, the statistic does not appear unreasonable and likely should have some context - namely what were these students doing that caused them to be expelled?  Indeed, should we cap expulsions to ensure racial equity regardless of actions of the individual?

Some politicians apparently think so.

Geiss noted that Black girls are eight times more likely than white girls to be at risk for school arrests. She highlighted that these bills will help to tackle the school-to-prison pipeline and ensure more justice in school disciplinary actions.

With trauma-informed restorative justice techniques in discipline at the school level, we can disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline and bring about racial justice in the process.” Geiss said at the press conference.

Again, no contextualization as to why they are eight times more likely, nor a ny accusation that whites are not being suspended/expelled for the same actions, merely that Blacks are apparently committing expulsion-able offenses in disproportion to their percentage of the population.

Oh, you see this is about racial justice, not justice for any of the victims of the expelled.  it seems these legislators in the name of racial justice want programs put in place where the students that disrupt and attack other students are kept in school  "Trauma-informed restorative justice techniques"  where the wrongdoer's acts are excused due to their "trauma", and their victim gets to have them stay in school to continue to torment them.  What could go wrong?

We can note both Trayvon Martin and Nicholas Cruz each received Florida's Promise program that let them skate on disciplinary and expulsion-worthy activities to the detriment of other students and society.  

These Michigan Legislators seem to want a similar program here, which will likely sadly lead to similar results.

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matism said...

Hopefully you will have your own George Zimmerman to fix the problems!!!