Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Yet Another Detroit Corruption Conviction

The Detroit News: André Spivey resigns from Detroit City Council after pleading guilty to bribery

Note that you do have to play "Name That Party" as the article curiously omits to mention his political affiliation. Then again, its Detroit, and it's all about the D in Detroit.

City Council member Spivey is now the second council member to be convicted of a corruption felony this year after getting over $35,000 in bribes.   

Since there is still a few months left in the year, there's a strong possibility for more council members to cop to their crimes.

Apparently his serving as a minister will now be put on hold considering his felony conviction,  he'll just have to wait until after his release to go back to the ministry like Kwame

He lives in the district's historic East English Village neighborhood and serves as an executive minister at Oak Grove AME Church.

Spivey will no longer be allowed to practice as a minister and his felony charge will "prevent him from working," Hall told The News Wednesday.

 On top of that his graduation from law school is now postponed.

Spivey told Roberts he hasn't faced any prior crimes. He noted that he is a Central Michigan University graduate and is a law student at Wayne State University, expected to graduate in May 2023.

Good luck passing the Bar's character and fitness review when you have a felony corruption conviction on your record.  Then again, he's one of the special connected people, so he may just get a pass if he claims he's turned his life around.

Note that he's just joining a long line of convicted felons in this rather hotbed of corruption in the Detroit area:

In the last 12 years, more than 110 labor leaders, politicians, police officers and bureaucrats have been charged with federal corruption-related crimes locally, according to a database built by The Detroit News.

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