Wednesday, September 15, 2021

How Much Is That Piper In The Window?

Piper is keeping us on our toes.

She likes to get everywhere.  Yesterday, she managed to trap herself inside the shower. Some cute hilarity ensued.

She was released none the worse for wear and still full of energy.

Sadly, she doesn't quite get where to go yet, so as much as she's going outside, she's also going inside, possibly mistaking the carpet for grass.  Much cleaning up ensues.

She has also taken up Jiu Jitsu.  She's in the leg-lock chapter, currently working on toe holds.

The problem is she does the toe holds with her sharp puppy teeth.


She does get people tapping out to it.

Good thing she's cute. 


DaveS said...

My most successful housetraining routine - is to take the pup outside after every meal until they do their thing, and also after every trip to the water bowl. And every two hours - day and night. Success is followed by effusive praise. Mistakes in the house result in being taken outside as well - immediately. No punishment or scolding for mistakes - other than a "no" if I catch them in the act - which is also entails scooping up the peeing pup and taking him or her outside (sometimes "in the act"). Nights are spent in their crate unless it's the two hour trip outside.

Sometimes I've thought that the only thing that kept me sane during the two or three weeks of housetraining was being used to interrupted sleep from many years of fire fighting.

Just MY method. Other plans work too.

Aaron said...

DaveS - that's a good method, and we've been doing something very similar. It has reduced the accidents but they still occur. She is spending the night in her crate and is sleeping through the night now so long as her water is cut off by 9pm.

Old NFO said...

Concur with Dave, that's the way I did THREE GSDs. PITA but it works.

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