Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Around 50% Of Michigan's Population To Get A Very Tiny Tax Break

It's being done for woke purposes, of course.  This tax cut being touted as such an accomplishment will save a segment of the population about 60 cents every 28 days, or as much as a whopping $7.20 a year.

On the upside, we do have Democrats actually pushing for a tax cut in Michigan.  We do not see that very often, if at all.

The Detroit Free Press: Michigan lawmakers consider bipartisan push to end 'tampon tax'

Yes, its part of the false claim that the tampon tax is somehow discriminatory towards Women when there's no evidence for that position.  

This is especially so  now that the progressive left insists people other than women menstruate and they will try to crush any who oppose this linguistic abuse.  As such, a tax on tampons now cannot be a discriminatory tax on women, right?

Let's note that toothpaste, deodorant, clothing - including one may note women's clothing including underthings that only women (or at least used to be only women) wear, and other such sundries and necessities of life are indeed subject to sales tax and removing tampons from this very generalized non-discriminatory tax, and will do nothing to reduce the cost of these other items needed by all for health and well being.  Claiming the "tampon tax" is part of the mythical War On Women is rather trite and overstated.

Indeed a court, with a female judge no less (clearly co-opted by the male system, natch) recently ruled when some women sued over the fabled tampon tax that:

The judge noted that the tax was not specific to a certain gender, but only levied on the products because they were considered "tangible personal property."

“There is nothing in the evidence or allegations to suggest that the products are taxed because of a discriminatory intent, or that the lack of an exemption results from discriminatory intent," O'Brien said.

So it is a very minuscule tax cut done to try and win cheap political points among the woke women out there, not to remedy any real discrimination.  it's also being done to try and score points on any who might oppose this woke act of playing with sales tax system.

Still, sixty cents is sixty cents.


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Old NFO: Yep the amount of time the legislature is spending on this woke nonsense is rather ridiculous.