Monday, September 06, 2021

A New Furry Addition To The Family

Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, we headed to Ionia as the breeder where we had gotten Jett had sent an email out that she had some unclaimed pups and would we be interested in one?

Why yes, yes we would.  It was time Jett got a companion.

Meet Piper, the latest addition to the family and our second Airedoodle. 

She's a lively one at 10 weeks old and already has a definite mind of her own, and likes exploring.  She's doesn't exactly enjoy a leash yet and tends to want to walk you and not the other way around, so that will take some work.  Shes a puppy and never been on a leash so totally normal.

She's 75% Airedale and 25% Poodle.  She's into everything, and is very cuddly, friendly, and showing a lot of smarts already.

Jett is not 100% sure of the situation, but is tolerating her antics so far.  They did great on the drive back and she passed out on my arm in the car for a little bit then popped right back up and kept looking around and snuggling everyone.  

Then once we got home, after an outside break where she got to see the yard and have a potty break, and then she got to explore the inside and then have an accident (puppies it happens) she passed out in her new to her crate.  She's now out for a walk with Jett and the kids and is settling in fine.


juvat said...

Well done, Aaron, rescues, even from a breeder, have a whole different personality. Coincidently, one of MBD's dog's is a labradoodle and the other is a Bernese Mountain Dog named...Piper!

Midwest Chick said...

I'm so happy you went for it! Definitely sensing a theme in puppster names... :-) She looks adorable!!

Aaron said...

juvat: Breeder is top rate and takes great care of the pups so hard to call her a rescue. She's a fantastic puppy with a great personality.

Midwest Chick: Thanks! Yes, our airdoodles have aviation-themed names, and she is in fact adorable.

Old NFO said...

LOL, this is gonna be 'fun', for versions of fun...