Thursday, September 09, 2021

Piper Day 4

So Piper is still settling in and has quite the personality. 

She's very curious, into everything, and wants to be everywhere at once.  She actually made it through the night two nights in a row, for which we are thankful.

She is bonding to us nicely.

So far, two accidents inside today and its only 10 am.  Did get her outside for some activity and she went outside when she first got up before said accidents, which helped cut down overall number of accidents inside. Raising a puppy requires patience and quite a clean-up effort.  Working on better get her outside quick processes and trying to read her closely for when she's about to go inside and try to get ahead of it.  Very mixed success so far.

Outside, she unfortunately distracts herself from doing her business by happily chewing on anything she can find. 

She's already learning about baseball as a good American pup should.

Jett is starting to warm up a bit to this high-energy creature that has rocked his world. He's still a little down though. As an older brother, I, too understand what this is like.

The two of them actually played together for a bit yesterday.


This is a good sign.  Mainly he's been staying away from her and she is starting to try and get him to play so we will see.

Containment of the rambunctious and free-flying Piper  has also been attempted.

These walls cannot hold me!

I expect by next week she will be able to launch herself over the wall but for now the doggie playpen used for short stints at least keeps her in one area by us and reduces overall mayhem and we tend to go in there with her to keep her company and play with her.

Currently toes are not safe from the teething Piper.  Those puppy teeth hurt.  We have lots of chew toys to distract her, but she does like to consume toes every now and then. 

She wants to chew everything, including phones.

I'm here to chew bubblegum and eat phones, and I am all out of bubblegum.

She's off sleeping in her hangar (crate) now.  Soon to be let out for de-fueling and refueling operations.

Update:  That didn't last. Less than 24 hours from getting the playpen. On coming home from the office just now after letting her out I put her in the playpen. She figured out how to bust out of the doggie playpen while I was on a Zoom call. Suddenly a pup was at my feet wanting to join in on the Zoom.  Oh well.