Saturday, September 18, 2021

Schrödinger's Virus Tests

Thursday Tash had a PCR test in preparation to go to Canada and visit her mom and help out since her mom is still not feeling well and the shingles are taking a toll.

You must have a negative test within 72-hours to visit Canada even if vaccinated.

So yesterday evening we get the results:  Positive. 

Note there have been no symptoms of any kind whatsoever.

This throws things into a tizzy as there is no online alternative for the kids if they can't go to school, and if you are positive or exposed to someone positive you can't go.  Considering it is Abby's senior year losing 14 days of school would be unrecoverable come exam time. Leah similarly would have major schooling issues.  School did not think this policy through, nor do any risk analysis.

So the kids doth freak out.

So we all rush to go to get tested.

We do both rapid tests and PCR to be sure.

All Rapid tests including Tash's, and this type has a very high accuracy rate on a par with the PCR, come back negative.

We get Tash's PCR test from yesterday right now:  Negative. 

Everyone else: Negative.

So, like Schrödinger's cat is she both positive and negative at this point?

We will go with best two out of three and a finding of negative, and the first test likely was defective or inaccurate.

Messed up her plans completely for Canada this weekend though, and her mom could have used some help.

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Weetabix said...

I read that the CDC is pulling the PCR tests at the end of the year because they can't distinguish between flu and covid. I've also read that if you run enough cycles, you can get a positive for anything - >25, I think?