Saturday, September 25, 2021

Two Dogs, One Tug

Unlike the more infamous Internet meme that you really don;t want to search for, this is family friendly.

Up until now, Jett has been ignoring Piper and generally been unhappy with the new addition to the family.  Typically he was growling whenever she approached and didn't want to have much to do with her.

We bought them a tug big enough for the two of them to play with.

They both enjoyed the tug o' war.  Much happy growls from both sides.

Finally they've started  playing together a bit.  Piper will chase Jett until he growls at her, then she'll chase him some more, perhaps nip him a bit, and more growling will ensue and some fun running around then occurs. 

Jett is still not 100% sure about Piper, but he's started warming up to her.


DaveS said...

And now maybe Jett will start teaching Piper some of the dog rules of the house. They always learn better from the older dogs than they do from us.
Fun times - cute photos.

Murphy's Law said...

Very nice indeed.

Old NFO said...

It takes a while...

Aaron said...

DaveS - Yes, she's already learned to sit following Jett's lead. Working on house training still, your method is helping quite a bit.

Murphy's Law - Thanks, she's a handful.

Old NFO - That it does. But they seem to be making some progress on their way to being friends.