Monday, September 27, 2021

The Mask Karens Have Got Themselves A Little List

A bit of a brouhaha is brewing up in our school district due to our local crop of Karens.

It seems a Karen decided to compile a list of parents with wrongthink based on scouring their social media about their bad, wrong-thinking, negative opinions on masking kids and mask mandates in school.  

Apparently Karen allegedly did this to prevent her kids from playing with the kids of these wrong-thinkers.  Karen has a lot of time on her hands to socur the web and compile a list, it seems.

She then gave it the charming name of: "Anti Mask Families in District.”

Of course, Karen didn't keep the list to herself, but then shared the list with other right-thinking Karens, and the list became public.

Click On Detroit: List of families against mask use in Bloomfield Hills schools causes fear, outrage

This caused those parents who dared offer the unpopular but scientifically viable opinion on social media that masking kids in school is not a great idea to justifiably get quite worried.

Then it gets to be even more fun: Click on Detroit: Hundreds gather in support of Bloomfield Hills School Board president ousted due to mask controversy

The very popular school board President was removed from his position as President of the Board by the Board, because he got pulled into this matter after those on the list contacted him concerned that this would lead to bullying of their kids and other negative consequences as the list was quickly going viral in a Karen-fest of virtuosity. 

So he investigated and asked the school superintendent and the police to see what was going on and if threats beyond the publishing of the list were being made.  The other school board members, many of them complete mask-holes, decided his actions were against protocol and removed him as president.

Let's put it this way -  the best study on masks and Covid so far is that cloth/surgical masks - which are the masks mandated in the district - are all of  10% effective at filtering exhaled covid-virus particles, with K95/N96 (which are not mandated)  filtering about 50% of exhaled particles. Either way, that's a lot of particles getting through.

SciTechDaily: Most Common COVID Masks Only Filter About 10% of Exhaled Aerosol Droplets

So the mask mandates in schools aren't exactly super effective, and it should certainly be acceptable to question requiring them to be worn in schools especially given the massive uptick in mental health issues among kids during this pandemic, lockdown, and mask mandate period.

Lots of studies are also showing that kids and schools are not a major vector of Covid spread  - Washington Post: Schools are not spreading covid-19. This new data makes the case.  and an analysis of the CDC's latest study shows mask mandates in schools are rather statistically insignificant.

Making lists of people for "wrongthink" and daring to have unpopular opinions tends to lead to some very bad things.


juvat said...

Maybe a list of the people compiling the list should be publicized?

"Punch back twice as hard", I believe is the saying.

Beans said...

Sadly, most prosecutors support the maskholes and not the maskless.

Just like so many plainly good instances of self defense get the self defender charged once all the hub-bub from the act of self defense dies down (usually 4-8 weeks...)

Prosecutors go for the easy win every time. The truly innocent man is too easy a target, much easier than Karens and career criminals.

And.. I thought cyber-stalking was illegal both state and federally?

Aaron said...

juvat: Yep, hasn't happened yet and I'm rather surprised the list maker and purveyors have not been so identified - but Beans likely has why.

Beans: Yep, police and prosecutors are busy saying the list maker did nothing wrong.

B said...

Around here, the more affluent schools follow the mandate. The less affluent (city rhymes with "Scary" in NW Indiana) they either don't care or are unable to enforce the mandate for masks.

Not that the masks work worth a damn, but the folks making that decisions don't care about science, just GroupThink.