Thursday, September 02, 2021

Even More Automotive Supply Chain Woes

Now supply shortages of chips are seriously affecting GM, leading to idled plants.

The Detroit Free Press: GM to halt production at nearly all North America assembly plants due to new chip problem

This is a very big deal and it's a sign things are not getting better in the automotive industry.

Shutting down production will cost GM lots of money each and every day these plants are shut down.

Don't expect either the new nor the used the car market to stabilize anytime soon.


Old NFO said...

It's NOT just GM, it is ALL manufacturers worldwide!

Pigpen51 said...

The biggest problem I see is that chips are not manufactured domestically. This will one day come back to bite us in a place that is not very nice.
The Chinese tend to be much more willing to use anything that they can hold over other nation's heads to their advantage, and the electronics trade is a very big hammer to hold over America's head. Along with the other things in their pouch, the are not far from passing us on the road to the leader of the world.
8 years of Obama, and now after Trump's pause, just a year and a half of Biden, the lesser, even though there is no Biden the greater, China pretty much can make their move anytime they like.
I am just waiting for a huge false flag to come, trying to cover up the horrible Afghanistan mess.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: That's for sure.

Pigpen51: The lack of domestic manufacturing capability for vital items is indeed biting us in the you know what. China having dominance in this sector is not good.

I do doubt there will be false flag - I fear there's no need for that as instead it'll be an actual attack brought on by our demonstration of massive weakness and incompetence due to the Biden Bugout. Whether China deciding the time is ripe to take Taiwan, or whichever stripe of Islamic group deciding to get frisky and carry out an attack on the Great Satan, I sadly figure it's now just a matter of time.