Sunday, September 12, 2021

On Mackinac Island

We decided to walk into town from the airport.

Absolutely beautiful day for it.

We waked past the Protestant and Catholic cemeteries that are beside each other that we had seen on that rainy foggy day during the horse carriage tour.

Speaking of carriage tours:

Quite a few passed us as we walked into town.

We headed straight to Millies on Main, as the flight and walk had built up an appetite.

We ordered the fish and chips, as they are the best fish 'n' chips in Michigan.

Impossible to go hungry after eating that.

Then we started wandering around Main Street.

The place was hopping.


People were relaxing in the park below the fort.

We checked out various stores, and decided some fudge shopping was required.  After all it's the island's #1 export, so we needed to buy some to export.

We bought some fudge from both Murdick's and Killwin's to bring home.  Both were excellent.  Leah got a caramel apple at Killwin's to eat while she was on the island that was one of the best caramel apples ever.  I typically hate caramel apples but this one was truly great, with real soft and delicious caramel.

We bought a few other things, some clothes that were on sale and some of the local beer.

 An excellent summer beer and it was indeed, after we got home and I had put it in the refrigerator and tried it out, first time trying a Gose-style beer, and as the store promised it was "Shell'a Good!".

Then it was about 3:30 and it was time to head back to the airport, so we called a taxi instead of walking back uphill to the airport.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Family had cabin in the back of MI first week of August. But close enough to Mackinau City that we went to the island. Definately more there than a 1 day trip. Couldn't eat there because of Amelia's severe celiac, but bought clothes there - I needed both a new rain coat and new medium weight jacket and there were stores that had what I wanted for less than I'd pay at Walmart here.

Really want to go back to that part of MI.