Friday, September 10, 2021

Flying IFR - Lesson 25 - Stage Check II

For the Stage Check II I had Alec as an instructor for the first time. Nice guy who has never flown with me before.

The route would be the same as the last lesson but with slightly different approaches  - Ann Arbor with the VOR 24, Troy with the RNAV 9 circle to 27 and Pontiac with both the localizer backcourse 27L and the RNAV 27L.  So a high-workload and task saturated lesson.

I was in N5337F and it was Stage Check time.

I got everything setup as I wanted to, did the run up, and we got clearance for 27L and a VFR flight folowing clearance for the approaches.

Talked with Detroit Approach and got routed to Ann Arbor for the VOR 24. Overall the approach went well, need to be a bit more on altitude but everything was good. We were planning to do the published hold but a VFR airplane was in the way so we flew runway heading and climbed to 3,000 and then checked in with Detroit approach and got sequenced in for the Troy RNAV approach, as things were getting busy.  Lots of radio calls, multiple aircraft with similar sounding call-signs, vectors all over the place, and lots of fun.   One aircraft made Detroit Approach very unhappy by busting the Bravo, and they got a number to call. Ouch.

Troy went quite well, got in a good approach and good circle to land, went missed and off to Pontiac.

Localizer backcourse at Pontiac went well, did a good lineup and had reverse sensing going to make life more interesting.  No issues and went missed.

Then got sequenced for the RNAV 27L and I rode that approach like it was on rails.  Dead on advisory glideslope and perfectly aligned the entire way.  Instructor said it was the best RNAV approach he's seen a student fly. 

Afterwards we debriefed and he said I did an excellent job and my radio and GPS / navigation systems work is excellent, he loved the RNAV 27L approach and just said to watch the altitude on VOR approaches a bit better,

In short, I have now passed the Stage II Check.


Murphy's Law said...

Yay you!

Aaron said...

Murphy;s law: Thanks. On to the long cross-country, a lot of partial panel drills and then a mock-checkride. And get the written test done and prep for the oral.

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Old NFO said...

Well done. Now back to practicing!!!