Sunday, September 19, 2021

How About "None of Your Business"?

One other interesting anecdote from the Covid testing experience.

At the facility we went to, you have to register as a patient, as one often does.

Instead of simply signing up and giving your drivers license and health insurance to take the test you have to give a pretty full health history.

 Note - Photo ID is required for Covid testing - interesting isn't it?

Now, at least it was electronic history so you didn't have to write things out in quadruplicate as at other medical offices.

But it was a very invasive medical history that was requested, especially for simply getting a Covid test.  Quite a few question asked had nothing to do with your medical condition at all, especially this one:

How is having guns present in your home a part of your medical history, exactly?

Sadly, there is no "None of your business" or "Stay in your lane, Doc"option to select. So, I simply skipped over it, as I did with most of the intrusive and non-applicable questions, which meant the medical history was rather quick to do.  But, as usual one spends more time doing paperwork than actually having the test itself performed.

The progressives in the medical establishment  are certainly not giving up their false and inapt gun control as health/epidemic model anytime soon.

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