Thursday, July 08, 2021

Stormy Weather

Had a lot of rain and thunderstorms yesterday and all through the night.

As an opener, we got an inch of rain in less than 10 minutes in the first downburst along with some hail.  Quite the storm rolled through.

My office lost power, just as I was working on a brief that was due yesterday. Didn't lose anything as I was working on a laptop.  But I couldn't print or do other things so I headed out back home through a fair bit of traffic that was slow as heck as the traffic lights were out and people couldn't seem to remember that when the lights are out it's treated as a 4 way stop.

That forgetfulness on their part got sporty on occasion especially when one lady in a larger SUV decided to barge her way through the intersection out of order.  Good times had by all.

Got home to the sump pump running like mad and the intake pipe looking like Niagara Falls.

The house had power so the work got done and all was well.

Power is still out at the office and it may not be on until midnight tonight or even later.  Lots of areas with downed trees and power losses.

Just another Michigan summer storm.


Old NFO said...

Yep, always that ONE asshole (male or female) that can't wait...

B said...

do you have a backup for the sump pump if the ac power goes out? (or a generator that can power your ac powered one?
Remember: If you need a sump pump, you need a spare.... and a backup.
2 is one and all that.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: That's for sure.

B: I really do need to investigate and get a battery backup setup for it.