Monday, July 19, 2021

One Would Think That English Proficiency Is A Requirement For Citizenship

If you though that, you would be correct.

While the USCIS deems this a requirement part of the steps to become a US citizen, apparently some in Dearborn think otherwise.

The Detroit Free Press: Arab American advocates ask Dearborn for Arabic-language voting help, ballots

Apparently requiring citizens to know enough English to vote disfranchises people, or something:

"With the largest concentration of Arab Americans, the city clerk should on his own initiative make sure that all voting information is available in Arabic, including on the web," Ayoub said. "It's skewing voter participation and it's a method of voter suppression."

How about no? After all if you're a citizen you should have demonstrated enough English to be able to vote.  Failing that, you can use online translation programs ahead of time to figure it out.


uninformed said...

On a semi related note,I was summoned to grand jury duty not that long ago. The person seated nearest me was Chinese and supposedly didn't speak any English which is why he brought his wife with him to translate. I would think that one would have to be a citizen to be seated on a grand jury, but like Sgt. Schultz ... The judge offered a translator in 3 different dialects and he said no thanks. This ended with the judge asking if he'd like to be excused. His wife translated, he said yes and off they went.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Well it is Dearbornistan and the donks there can't pack the ballots if they can't scream "voter Suppression" and "Special Rights". You are correct, Proficiency is a requirement in every country for citizenship.....except the United States......Go Figure.