Thursday, July 22, 2021

More Woke Ridiculousness - Detroit To Put Reparations On The Ballot

Detroit, a majority Black city, through it's majority Black city council is going to put reparations on the city's next ballot.

The Detroit News: Detroit City Council votes to add reparations committee question to November ballot

Of course the details are fuzzy, as the opportunities for graft from such a vaguely worded proposition offering free money (from whom is not exactly explained) to the gullible on account of their skin color is rather limitless.

Let's point out there's no one alive in the city of Detroit that has been a slave in America and thus eligible to receive reparations.

Let's also point out that Detroit is in Michigan, a state that has never a slave holding state,  unless for example one counts slavery by the Indians, the French and indentured servants, as the attached article does.  The last recorded slave in Detroit, if one includes indentured servants ended was freed at the latest in 1815.  There are no living people from 1815 in existence in Michigan, even if some of the deceased still vote Democrat in Presidential election in Wayne County.

Indeed Michigan sent its sons to end slavery in the United States and at least 14,790 of them gave their lives doing so which pays off any "reparations" for slavery in full.

Of course they're wanting to expand the concept of reparations to anyone who has been discriminated against in Detroit - although one wonders if they will cover the Poles who had lived in Hamtramck who had their properties seized under Coleman Yong to build a GM factory.  Somehow I doubt that's the target recipients of such reparations as they tie it all to slavery in their statements for the proposal.

In short, the proposal is for Democrats to give money to those in Detroit allegedly historically discriminated against by Democrats in Detroit.

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Pigpen51 said...

Actually, it is Detroit, and the entire South Eastern part of the state, that has historically discriminated against the rest of Michigan residents, for as long as I can remember. They vote in a large bloc, to turn our state blue, forcing their liberal ideas onto what is basically a conservative rest of the state.
Living in Muskegon, after the first half of my life in Hesperia, I have seen my share of Democrat policies. But they have not been as flagrantly liberal as those of the urban areas that encompass the majority of the population of the state.
As you are stating, I never owned any slaves, and no one here ever picked any cotton, so I don't owe any reparations.