Thursday, July 01, 2021

Yes, It's Still Happy Canada Day

Despite all the leftist Canadians telling you Canada should be cancelled.

No kidding.  View the front page of the Toronto Star online and view a few of their editorials. and op-eds on this day.

Some of Canada's self-image as a perfect country with no race relations problems where nothing bad has happened (yeah, as if) compared to their nasty neighbors to the south has been shattered by the revelation that conditions at Many Canadian residential schools for Indians in the past were at times dreadful and many graves of residential school students have been found recently.

Apparently this gives license to claim Canada itself is bad rather than the actions of the few operating the schools and failing to properly supervise them.  To the Left in Canada these residential schools are now becoming Canada's original sin, tainting the country evermore.  Verily, the Left loves to try and throw all of Western Civilization out with the bathwater.

Yes, it appears there were some very bad and probably evil or grossly neglectful actors at those residential schools in the past and conditions most likely were indeed awful but that doesn't wipe away all the good Canada has done since its founding.

No country is perfect, and perhaps it is good our often holier-than-though neighbors to the north (or sometimes south if you're in Michigan and Alaska) realize that they to have some skeletons in their past that they should acknowledge. But, Canada, just like the United States, as a nation has been a far more powerful force for good rather than bad in this world.

That deserves to be celebrated.

Happy Canada Day!

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Old NFO said...

How dare you spread facts... Bad Shekel, BAD!!! :-)