Thursday, July 01, 2021

Rolling With Boulders

A major part of Jiu Jitsu is rolling.  It's where you get to practice all the techniques.

This can lead to happiness or frustration, especially when rolling with someone younger and heavier than you and you quickly learn your limitations and the limitations of the techniques you know.

Take rolling with Will for example.

Will is in his 20s and weighs in at 275 pounds or so. 

So he's got 20 years and seventy-five pounds on me. Makes a difference. 

He is described by most other people at the center as rolling with a boulder.

I can't disagree.

Here's what it typically looks like when I'm rolling with Will:

 I can often hold him off and defend and fend off a lot of his attacks, I can stalemate him in a roll and stop him from tapping me out, and even sometimes get a submission if I can exploit a mistake, but I often just get crushed even if it ends in a stalemate.  

Doubly unfortunately, he tends to be a little overenthusiastic and loses a bit of control. This happened on our last roll Monday night and sadly I got a good whack to my left eye.  Ouch.

Woke up the next day and the eye was still hurting and it has caused some floaters and the eye doc has said no jitsu for me for awhile due to the accidental hit to let it heal up, and also no contact lenses, which sucks as that means no flying either.

So unfortunately no jitsu for me until this heals up a bit.

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Old NFO said...

Size and age DO make a difference...