Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Aside From Instigating And Assisting Plots They Later Break Up - What Is The FBI Good For, Exactly?

The FBI has certainly declined from the reputation it used to have, and sadly it is for good reason.

Let's see,  for example they are not good at stopping serious inter-state crimes - their Indianapolis office ignored the reported depredations of  Dr. Nasser, a serial child rapist for years, allowing him to continue his crimes.

The Detroit Free Press: 'FBI failed survivors': Massive systematic failures uncovered in DOJ's Larry Nassar report

To be fair, they were not the only ones to either aid, abet, ignore, or sweep his crimes under the rug, but that they did is rather telling.  That likely no one at the FBI will be sanctioned for this appalling failure is also telling.

Stopping terrorism or mass killing?  Not so much. The number of killers "known to the FBI"  but not interdicted before they commit their crimes is rather lengthy.   Think Parkland, the Pulse Nightclub, the recent Boulder supermarket killer and the list goes on and on and on.

They are however rather good at plotting against sitting presidents and using knowingly false information to do so.

They are also rather good at inducing idiots to participate in harebrained plots, where it seems the FBI agents and informants outnumber the non-FBI participants by a considerable margin and potentially the FBI were the ones doing the plotting.  Note this is still likely not entrapment, but it is interesting that they put in the resources to potentially manufacture such a scheme, potentially for political gains to get heat off Whitmer while she was being criticized for her heavy-handedness and ineptness at the time.  While another example of the FBI making the plot up to later arrest the plotters it draws in, it is however not actual entrapment if you're a willing participant and stupid enough to participate in such a plot.

Apparently, they're also great at manufacturing cases against undocumented tourists at our nation's capitol.  Against Antifa, well, not so much.

It's not surprising that the FBI has now been accused of becoming the law enforcement arm of the Democrat party, they certainly seem to be living up to that moniker and failing at their other duties.

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