Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Another Neat Archaeological Find In Israel

The Jerusalem Post:  2,000-year-old ‘Freedom to Zion’ coins found in biblical heartland   

The two coins, one from the First Jewish Revolt and the other from the Second Jewish Revolt against Rome were found during archeological exploration in the northern Judaean dessert.

The coins were found in two separate locations in the region.

Finding the Bar Kochba coin in the northern Judaea is significant.  It;s apparently the first time such a coin has been found in the northern region that used to be the 11th District in Judaea.

Back then, the area constituted the 11th district of the province of Judea. Its capital city was Aqrabat; a modern Arab village with the same name still stands on the same spot.
“The coin from Wadi Rashash indicates the presence of a Jewish population in the area until the end of the Bar Kochba revolt, in contrast to what was previously believed by researchers: that the Jewish settlements north of Jerusalem were all destroyed during the Great Revolt and the area not resettled afterward,” Raviv said.
“This coin is in fact the first proof that the Akrabat region, the northernmost of the Judean districts during the Roman period, was controlled by Bar Kochba’s administration,” he noted.

 A very neat find that's going to change our understanding of history in the region, at least a little bit.

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