Wednesday, July 07, 2021

This Is Going To Get Much Worse

Take a pandemic, mix in an overreaction with excessive lock downs and reduction in medical and mental health services and availability,  and add in social isolation and you get a perfect storm for a major increase in mental health issues: 

The Detroit Free Press: Mental health crisis: Children at breaking point during COVID-19 pandemic

It's not like there were plenty of beds available for mental health treatment before the lock downs hit, and now there's a skyrocketing demand and not nearly enough facilities. 

Expect more violence from the untreated mentally ill, especially from those who should have been in in-facility treatment but are not and are going about untreated and unsupervised.

Add in all those teetering on the brink of needing in-patient treatment due to the anxiety, lack of access to care and the associated problems caused by the lock down polices in terms of unemployment, unavailable medical procedures, and social isolation and the problem gets even worse, especially for teens and adolescents. 

Teen suicides are way up in this state since Covid and Whitmer struck, which is frightening.

Add moronic requirements like Whitmer forcing 2-year-olds to wear masks and we're now raising a whole new generation on social anxiety.

This crisis is not going to be solved anytime soon.

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Old NFO said...

And when it DOES end, it's not going to end well...