Thursday, July 15, 2021

Ghosting Your Attorney Is Never A Good Idea

It's an even worse idea in the middle of litigation.

Representing some commercial tenants in a landlord-tenant dispute.  In short, landlord  didn't keep up his end of the bargain and made it impossible for them to do business at the location, they stopped paying rent.  We sued the landlord, landlord sued them back.  Lots of fun complication 'cause its a crappy lease. th

Of course they didn't bother having an attorney look over before signing - because why spend a few hundred having an attorney check it when you can instead spend thousands in litigation?

Other side makes a settlement offer as they can see from initial discovery that both sides have produced so far that this case is going to be a complete s-show.  

My this time my clients are now 90 days behind on paying my bill.  Hate when that happens. Oh and they;re not responding to my communications re not just paying the bills but deciding on settlement, further discovery that has to be done etc.  Emails and phone calls go unanswered.

Rather frustrating.  In short wither they take the settlement or pay my bills and pay me to fight it out, ignoring this will not make it go away especially as they have some decent claims and a decent shot at winning but they apparently can't go the distance. No response for a good long time and multiple emails that they really need to respond to me.

Since I've now been ghosted, the only thing left to do is perform an exorcism.

I filed a withdrawal from the case accordingly.

They are so going to mess up their case.



drjim said...

That's a shame, Aaron. I hate to see somebody spend a lot of time on something and then get stiffed by their client.

Now watch them start responding once they realize you've withdrawn....

Old NFO said...

You do what you gotta... sigh