Thursday, July 15, 2021

More Unemployment Fraud Uncovered In Michigan

The Detroit News: Investigators: State worker got unemployment while still employed, hijacked other legitimate accounts

Federal authorities believe thousands of dollars in fraudulent pandemic unemployment assistance was processed through the scheme, including nearly $15,000 under Mims' own name and about $40,000 under the names of two legitimate claimants who knew nothing of the scheme.

Mims was collecting unemployment before she started working for the state in August, investigators said, but continued to collect it "while gainfully employed by the very agency responsible for administering the benefit."

Federal and state investigators began looking into Mims' activity in June and issued a search warrant on June 30 at a Birmingham home where they seized "significant evidence of UI fraud." At the time of the July 1 complaint, Mims was still employed by the agency. 

Fraud is always easier when it's an inside job.

The agency said Thursday that Mims is no longer employed by the state.

Well, that's a relief.  

One would hope she is not now collecting unemployment  .  .  .  .

In another case, using an insider yet again, criminals took Michigan's UIA for at least $2.5 Million.

The Detroit News: Detroit man pleads guilty in COVID-19 unemployment fraud scheme

Unemployment Fraud during Covid in the USA has been estimated to be between $63 billion dollars and $400 Billion Dollars - half of all UI money distributed.

$400 Billion dollars lost due to fraud and lack of adequate anti-fraud measures and indeed complete disregard for fraud prevention in an attempt to shovel money out into the economy with no accountability - with predictable results and it is pretty much assured no bureaucrats' head will roll for this massive malfeasance.

Let's put it this way - that $400 Billion fraudulently taken could have funded an entire new round of $1,400 checks going out to every legitimate American rather than to fraudsters.

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